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May 7th 2018

Party Time

The children from our second classes had a very busy day yesterday as they celebrated their First Holy Communion with their families, but there was still plenty in store for them today! They arrived in school this morning in all their finery. They attended Mass in St Paul's Church and received Communion for the second time. When they returned to the school, it was time for the official photographs to be taken. Afterwards, the boys and girls changed into their party clothes and headed to the school hall, where food and drinks awaited them. As you would expect, they had no trouble devouring it all! The children really enjoyed themselves and it was a fitting end to their First Holy Communion celebrations!

party time - communion 2019 

party time - communion 2019 b


May 5th 2019

First Holy Communion

communion 2017

Congratulations to the 53 boys and girls from Mr Boyle's and Mrs Lyons' Second Classes who received their First Holy Communion today in St Paul's Church. We hope you all had a lovely day with your family.



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April 10th 2019

Fun Day Out!


A special invitation arrived in the school recently from the students of the Mullingar Community College PLC Childcare Course. They asked the boys and girls from Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class to visit them for a fun day out. This morning, bright and early, the childcare students arrived in St Colman's to escort the children to the Community College. On arrival, the children were greeted with activities galore. Everything from face painting, colouring, making Easter cards, games and story time in the cosy corner. To finish up, there were treats for all - a great end to a great fun day!. A huge thank you to the childcare students and staff of the Community College.

fun day out 2019


April 11th 2019



Bee-Bot is an exciting programmable floor robot. It's easy to use and is the perfect tool for teaching counting, sequencing, estimation, directional language and problem solving. The boys and girls in Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class had Bee-Bots in their class today. The divided up into small groups and tested each other at giving and taking instructions. They had great fun and look forward to working with Bee-Bots again very soon!



March 29th 2019

Choose Time

The boys and girls in Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class have been working very hard this term and earning stamps for work well done and good behaviour. They filled their stamp chart and chose a trip to the park as their reward. The weather was perfect today for their trip and as you can see from the photos, a good day was had by all!

choose time - mrs gilligans

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