April 22nd 2015

Fun in the Sun


What is it about a sunny day that puts a smile on your face? From old to young we all feel better when the sun shines. The boys and girls in Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class are no exception as you can see from the photos below.

fun in the sun


April 22nd 2015

Teddy Bears Picnic

The boys and girls in Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class had a very special treat today. They brought their favourite teddy bears to school for a Teddy Bears Picnic. There were many different types of teddies - Tatty Teddy, Paddington Bear, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Care Bears, Monkey and Dog Teddies to name but a few. Each bear is much loved and well cared for and together with their owners, they walked to the Bishop's Field for their party. After enjoying some ice pops, the children had great fun playing with a parachute. They even found time to practice the wheel barrow race! As you can see from the photos below, a great time was had by all!

teddy bears picnic


April 21st 2015

Enjoying the Sunshine


Our outdoor classroom got plenty of use today as many teachers took their classes ouside to enjoy the glorious sunshine. Below is Ms Healy's Junior Infant class listening attentively to 'Storytime'. Today's story was 'Marley goes to school'.



April 17th 2015

Cherry Blossom Beauty


When trying to come up with ideas for their art lesson this week, the children from Mrs Connaughton's First Class didn't have to think too hard. They turned to nature and looked at the wonderful Cherry Blossom Trees which are in full bloom and can be seen all around the school and Mullingar. Although the Cherry Blossom Tree is speculated to be native to the Himalayas, it is successfully grown in the Northern Hemisphere and we are very lucky to witness their beauty here in Ireland. Well done to all the boys and girls in Mrs Connaughton's class. You certainly captured these beautiful trees in your paintings.

cherry blossom beauty



March 27th 2015

'Turn Your School Yellow'

Last year's 'Turn Your School Yellow' was such a huge success that we decided to turn it into an annual event. Coinciding with the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day, we asked everyone to come to school dressed in the yellow or green of the 'Daffodil' and to make a small donation to the Irish Cancer Society. Bunches of cut daffodils were on sale for parents/guardians and students in front of the school before and after school.

 turn your school yellow 1

turn your school yellow 2


March 27th 2015

Easter Raffle

Our annual Easter raffle was a great success and there were plenty of happy children leaving the school today with an Easter egg in their hands.

easter raffle 2015


March 27th 2015

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


The West Midlands' Touring Children's Theatre paid a visit to the school today and staged two performances of the 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' in the school hall. At 9.15am, the hall began filling up with the children from our junior corridor and very soon after that the show began. The excitement was plain to see on the children's faces and they were not disappointed. There was fun and laughter and audience participation as some children were invited to the stage to join the cast. No sooner was the first show over than the hall filled again with the children from our senior corridor and the fun continued. It was a great end to the term!

the sorcerers apprentice


March 26th 2015

Musical Performance


dsc 0341 - copyToday, we were treated to a musical extravaganza in St Paul's Church. The Garda Band, took time out of their busy schedule to pay us a visit. Under the direction of Inspector Pat Kenny, they played a number of pieces to the delight of their audience. At intervals throughout the performance, our school orchestra, choir and three class groups learning the recorder had the privilege to perform alongside the professional Garda Band. Many familiar pieces were played and were recognised by the children. We were introduced to all the instruments in the band from the smallest, the piccalo to the largest which was the tuba. The children really enjoyed taking part in the theme song from the much loved cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, but the loudest cheers came when all the teaching staff were asked to join the band on the altar to sing along and perform the actions to 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'. We are very grateful to the Garda Band for performing and entertaining us so well today. Thanks also to Ms Emer Morris, Mrs Helen Hassett, Mr Bob Batty, Mr Gerry Lacey and Mr Lorcan Daly for preparing the children for this performance.

garada band 1

garda band 2


March 25th 2015

Cermony of Light

p1020259 - copyOur second class students are deep in preparations for their upcoming First Holy Communion. As part of these preparations, a 'Ceremony of Light' was held in the school hall tonight for the students and their parents. Fr Paul Crosbie spoke about the history behind the Paschal candle and the signifance of light in the Catholic religion. He told the children that at their Baptism, a candle was lit from the Paschal candle to represent the light of Christ and this light will guide them through life. He then invited them to light their baptismal candle once again. We wish the children well in their ongoing preparations for their special day.

ceremony of light


March 24th 2015

Active School Committee


active-schools-flagThe Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community by awarding them the Active School Flag (ASF). St Colman's has recently entered the process towards obtaining this award and we are planning to hold our first Active School Week (ASW) from April 27th to May 1st 2015. The ASW initiative is about providing fun and inclusive physical activity opportunities for all members of the school community. Our first Active School Committee has been elected and they are eager to get started on this new venture. Keep an eye on the school notice board and here on the school website for regular updates over the coming months.

img 0039 - copy

Active School Committee

L-R Niamh Mc Kenna, Ava Donoghue, Ben Mc Grath, Áine Mc Kenna, Brock Igbomma and Matthew Clinton 


March 23rd 2015

Easter Treat


easter bunnyThe boys and girls in Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class had an early Easter treat when they made some Chocolate Krispie Buns - two buns for every child. They really enjoyed their first taste of cooking, but they enjoyed the buns even more!

easter treats


March 21st 2015



confirmation 2015

Congratulations to the 44 boys and girls from St Colman's who were confirmed in the Cathedral today. We hope you all had an enjoyable day with your family.


March 20th 2015

Solar Eclipse


wp 20150320 09 32 38 pro - copyAt approximately 9.30am this morning, many of our classes went outside to witness the first near-total solar eclipse of this millennium.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. Although they happen quite regularly around the world, solar eclipses are quite rare in Ireland.wp 20150320 09 32 49 pro - copy The last one was in August 1999 and the next one is not due until 2026. This morning a total solar eclipse was visible over the Northern Hemisphere at the Faroe Islands, Norway and a rare 92% partial eclipse was visible in Ireland. The eclipse began at around 8.30am, peaking at about 9.30am and was complete by 10.40am. It was noticeably darker and colder as the eclipse began. Clouds almost spoiled the fun in most areas but luckily for us, the overcast skies parted and the eclipse was visible over St Colman's. Of course, the children were warned of the dangers of looking at the sun before they went outside but one young sixth class student, Jack Kenny from Mr Beehan's class, who has a keen interest in photography, brought his camera from home and managed to capture some shots of the eclipse as it happened.

solar eclipse


March 19th 2015

Spring has Arrived


p1030583 - copyThe signs of Spring are evident all around the school. The buds are appearing on the trees and despite the frost we've seen over the past few weeks, the hardy daffodils and narcissus are pushing their way through the earth and are standing tall and proud in our school garden. Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class took advantage of the sunshine today and enjoyed Storytime in the beautiful surroundings of our outdoor classroom.

spring has arrived


March 17th 2015

St Patrick's Day

happy-st.-patricks-day 2015

Over the past week, the students from all classes in St Colman's have been preparing for St Patrick's Day. They began the week by learning about the Saint's life and during their art lesson, they created art work to decorate their classrooms and homes. Many of our boys and girls marched in the Mullingar Parade today, representing the various clubs they are involved in outside the school. I hope you all enjoyed your St Patrick's Day.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

p1030524 - copy

st patricks day art

Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class were very proud of their art work


March 15th 2015

Happy Mother's Day

motherchild holding hands

happy mothers day 2015This is a very special day for mothers all over the country and I'm sure there were lots of treats awaiting them this morning when they woke up. The boys and girls in our Junior Infant Classes had a special surprise in store for their mums today. Not only did they create beautiful cards during their art lesson but they also walked to the post box across from the school to post them. I'm sure these cards made with love will be treasured and kept for years to come.

posting mothers day cards 2015 


March 14th 2015

Table Quiz Night

quiz-nightLast night, the St Colman's N.S. Parents Association held their annual 'Table Quiz' in the Greville Arms Hotel and were delighted with the great turnout of almost 30 tables. Mr Willie Geraghty, our Deputy Principal, compiled 10 rounds of 10 questions and was once again quiz master on the night, challenging everyone on a wide variety of topics. There was an exciting finish to the quiz, with a tie break between the two top teams. Most of the prize money was very generously returned to the school, so thanks to everyone who supported this worthy cause. Thanks also to Mr Geraghty and the St Colman's N.S. Parents Association for organising this very enjoyable event.

table quiz 2015


March 13th 2015

Grandparents' Day


happy grandparents day 3After the heavy showers of rain yesterday, it was a wonderful surprise this morning to wake up to a clear day with bright sunshine. Today was a special day in St Colman's N.S. as we were having a day to celebrate 'Grandparents'. For the past few weeks, Ms Healy has been very busy organising p1030568 - copythe event and yesterday our school hall was transformed into an attractive old-fashioned 'Tea Room'.

The choir and orchestra were first to make their way to St Paul's Church, followed in turn by each class group and their teachers. Very soon, the school was empty and the church was filling up. At 11.15am, Mrs Garvey welcomed everyone and invited them back to the school for refreshments when p1080540 - copythe Service was over. The Service began and Fr Paul Crosbie made his way to the altar while the choir sang the entrance hymn. He expressed how happy he was that so many Grandparents could be with us on this special day. He invited four of our sixth class children to the altar who also said words of welcome in Irish, French, German and Afrikaans. We then had a 'Procession of Symbols' where students and their Grandparents walked together to the altar. Fr Paul reminded us of those Grandparents who couldn't be with us today and Mrs Garvey led the 'Service of Light'. Sixteen children from our senior classes together with Mrs Garvey carried candles to the altar to represent Grandparents who have died.p1080533 - copy Children were also invited to put leaves on our 'Tree of Remembrance'. We then had a very moving moment when four children from Mrs Walters' Fourth Class read self penned personal letters to their Grandparents in Heaven. There was quite a few teary eyed in the congregation at this point. We moved swiftly on to readings, prayers of the faithful and singing from the choir. Before the Service concluded, ten boys and girls gathered on the altar with their grandparents. It was heart warming to hear the children tells us just how much they loved their Grandparents. 

It was great to see so many return to the school afterwards. The children were so excited to show their Grandparents around the school.

CLICK HERE to read the 'Letters to Heaven'

grandparents day 2015

grandparents day 2015 b


March 12th 2015

Seachtain na Gaeilge


'Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam'


seachtain na gaeilge 2015

Céiliraimid Seachtain na Gaeilge ar an 1ú go dtí an 17ú de mí Márta. I rith an ama sin, bhí Múinteoir Ní Dhéin agus na páistí as rang a sé an gnóthach ag canadh amhráin Gaelach, ag damhsa agus ag foghlaim faoi saol a bhí ag Naomh Pádraig nuair a bhí sé ina óige.

Naomh Pádraig


Bhí cónaí ar bhuachaill darbh ainm Pádraig sa Bhreatain Bheag fadó. Ghabh saighdiúirí é lá amháin agus thug siad go hÉirinn é. Cheannaigh feirmeoir Phádraig aire a thabairt dá chaoirigh agus dá mhuca. Chaith Pádraig sé bliana ar an bhfeirm. Bhí sé an uaigneach. D'éalaigh sé ar long agus chuaigh sé abhaile. Tháinig Pádraig ar ais go hÉirinn mar easpag tar éis roinnt blianta. D'inis sé do na daoinne faoi Íosa Críost. Is lá speisialta é lá Fhéile Pádraig. Caithimid seamróg agus téimid chúig an bparáid.

seachtain na gaeilge - mrs deanes class

Seo píosa sliocht faoi agus pictiúir a tharraingt na páistí chun a shaol a chur in iúil


March 12th 2015

First Confession

first confession

Congratulations to the 50 boys and girls from First Class and the 3 boys and 1 girl from Second Class who made their First Confession last night in St Paul's Church. I'm sure they're all pleased to have taken the first step on the road to making their First Holy Communion.


March 11th 2015

RMS Titanic Art


Just last week, we learned that Mrs Farrell's Second Class have been learning all about the RMS Titanic and we saw the painting on canvas that Megan Brock created of this famous ship. Today, we have two more pupils from Mrs Farrell's class who have produced their own piece of art based on the ship. Oisín O'Hara, coloured a picture of the ship as it sank. Using polystyrene and tape, Justin Haugh, created his own model of the ship in all it's glory. Well done boys. Mrs Farrell must be very happy with her creative and hardworking class!

 p1030506 - copy


March 10th 2015

Feeding Time on the Perch

eating from the bird feeders

Mrs Walters' was quick off the mark when she captured this wonderful photo of a little bird feeding from one of the homemade birdfeeders made by her fourth class in January. The various bird feeders around the school are being topped up with food on a regular basis, so, they are keeping the bird population around St Colman's well fed and happy. 


March 6th 2015

Confirmation Memento


photo 2 7Sixth Class have been very busy in recent weeks preparing for their Confirmation. Today, local artist Andrina Finch and her daughter Claire, visited our sixth classes and helped them create a painted ceramic tile, using acrylic paints, to keep as a memento of their special day. The scene they painted was of a church with stained glass windows and the surrounding greenery. A dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, was then painted in the sky. Some students are non Catholic, so they choose to put a crescent moon in the sky. The finished products were beautiful and definitely something the children will treasure.

confirmation memento


March 6th 2015

Make Your Own Pizza


Today, our school hall was turned into a pizza parlour and all thanks to Kelly Flynn from Ms Skelly's Third Class and Sadhbh O'Brien from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class. Before Christmas, both girls took part in a Supermacs-Papa John's Pizza colouring competition and were absolutely delighted to hear that they won. The fabulous prize was a 'Make Your Own Pizza Party', not just for the winners but for their entire classes. First thing this morning, three staff members Rathnait, Carol and Leon, from Supermacs-Papa John's Pizza arrived at the school with many crates full of the ingredients and equipment. Ms Skelly's Class were first up and the excitement was palpable as they put on aprons and cleaned their hands in preparation for the pizza making. Each student was given dough and under the expert guidance of Rathnait, Carol and Leo, they made their own personal pizza with the toppings of their choice. Ms Mc Laughlin's Class had their turn after first break and they were no less excited. When all the pizzas were made, they were taken back to the pizza parlour to be cooked. Very soon, the freshly cooked pizzas arrived back in the school and it wasn't long before the classes tucked in with relish. The children would like to thank Supermacs-Papa John's Pizza and especially Rathnait, Carol and Leon for this wonderful treat.

To see how the children made the pizzas CLICK HERE

 make your own pizza 1

make your own pizza 2



March 5th 2015

Féis Baile Átha Cliath


Yesterday, our choir and orchestra travelled with their teachers Ms Morris and Mrs Hassett, to the Basketball Arena in Tallaght to take part in 'Féis Baile Átha Cliath'.

kids in orchestra

The 83 strong orchestra were first to perform. They played three pieces - the theme music from the ballet, 'Swan Lake', then the rock 'n' roll classic, 'Rock around the Clock' and lastly a traditional piece by Irish composer Turlough O'Carolan entitled 'Fanny Power'.

The choir of 52 were up next. They began with a traditionalchildrens choir Irish folk song, 'Túirne Mháire', then a song from the 'Billy Elliot' musical called 'Electricity' and they finished with 'Tomorrow' from the musical 'Annie'. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they are looking forward to their next performance.

feis 2015


March 4th 2015

RMS Titanic 


The children in Mrs Farrell's Second Classp1030426 - copy have been learning all about the RMS Titanic. On April 15th 1912, the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic, a British passenger liner, sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southhampton, England to New York City, America. As part of their investigations, the children studied many photos of this famous ship. One student, Megan Brock continued her investigations at home and decided to paint the RMS Titanic on canvas. She did a wonderful job as you can see from the photo. Well done Megan.

paint brushes and palette


March 3rd 2015

Equestrian Win


p1030422 - copy

Chloe Crowley-Lyons from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class, representing St Colman's, recently came second in an Interschools Horse Riding Competition on her horse 'Buttons'. Well done Chloe.

horse rider


March 2nd 2015

Credit Union Quiz

Second Stage

creditunionlogoLast month, four teams from St Colman's entered the first stage of the Credit Union Quiz. Our Junior Team came first in their age group and made it through to the second stage of the competition, which was held in the Athlone Springs Hotel last Friday night. Once again our team - Áine Mc Kenna, Keelie Mulderry, Shane Callaghan and Nangyal Nasir did us proud and came first in their section. They each received certificates and trophies and together they won the 'Chapter 15 U11 Quiz Perpetual Shield' which will remain in the school for the coming year. They are now through to the All Ireland Competition and we wish them the very best of luck.



February 28th 2015

Budding Young Author



While most of us were relaxing during our Mid Term Break, Keelin Burke from Mrs Connaughton's First Class was quite busy doing what she loves best - writing. Keelin read the story 'The Ugly Duckling' and decided she would write her own version of the story. After she wrote her story entitled 'A New Life', she typed it up and added pictures. When I spoke to Keelin today, I asked her what she would like to be when she grows up . There was no surprise when she answered 'a writer of long stories' like her favourite author Roald Dahl. 

CLICK HERE to read Keelin's Story


February 27th 2015

Spelling Bee


Our fifth and sixth class students have been working very hard on their spellings over the last few weeks in preparation for the Westmeath Eason Spelling Bee. Each class have undergone many tests given by their individual teachers until they were whittled down to three representatives from each class. Today in the school hall, Mr Beehan put the remaining twelve children to the test and after intense competition, Nangyal Nasir from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class was the last person standing. Nangyal will represent St Colman's in the Westmeath County final which will take place in Gaelscoil an Choillin on Tuesday March 10th at 11am and we wish him the very best of luck.

in school spelling bee


February 27th 2015


Sacrament of Reconciliation


first confessionConfessions took place in the school hall today for the children from third to fifth class. Thank you to Fr Padraig, Fr Michael, Fr Joseph and Fr Paul. Thanks also to Ms Healy for organising everything so well.


February 26th 2015

A Date to Remember!


screenshot 2015-03-08 17.45.21The St Colman's Parents Association are having their annual Table Quiz on Friday March 13th in the Greville Arms Hotel. This is a perfect opportunity for parents, teachers and friends of St Colman's to meet up for an enjoyable night out without the kids and raise money for the school at the same the date

Mr Geraghty is once again compiling the questions and he promises to have something to suit everyone covering a wide range of topics including music, sport, current affairs, general knowledge, history, geography and many more. So please keep the date in your diary and spread the word - friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues - everyone is welcome. 


February 24th 2015

Engineers Week


engineers week 2015 logoEngineers Week ran from February 8th - 14th 2015. The theme for the week was 'Engineering is for Everyone' highlighting how engineering touches the lives of every citizen and also reflects the message that a career in engineering is accessible to all students.

To that end, local Civil Engineer Graham Niven from Westmeath County Council, came to the school today to speak to the children from our fifth and sixth classes about the wonders of engineering. Graham gave a very informative and enjoyable talk about his life as an engineer and the many projects that he has been involved in both locally and further afield. The children learned a great deal about the role an engineer plays in the world around us, from designing and building bridges to the construction of water treatment plants, roads and railways. There was also lots of fun exploring the array of materials that Graham brought with him. 

Graham's children are past pupils of St Colman's and he is currently an active member of the schools Board of Management. We are very appreciative of the time he has freely given to promoting an awareness of Science and Engineering in the school.

engineers week 2015


February 23rd 2015

Enjoying Science


In the weeks leading up to the Mid Term Break, Mrs Deane's Sixth Class covered the subject of 'Light' in their Science lessons. They investigated a range of topics and conducted some experiments. Below is just some of the information they gathered.


Rainbow Spinners

Isaac Newtown was the first person to show that light could be split up into seven different colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. To prove this fact, the children made rainbow spinners. They used card, markers in each of the rainbow colours and an electric motor. They found that when you spin the disk quickly, the eye sees all the colours together and so the disc appears to be white, proving that not only can light be broken up into seven different colours but also that rainbow colours can be brought together to produce white light.

rainbow spinners

Mirror Writing


13 - copyThe children enjoyed writing secret messages to their friends using 'Mirror Writing'. After writing some words down, the children carefully studied their image in the mirror. Then they wrote words so that the image in the mirror appeared correct. Their friends will need a mirror to de-code the message.

How do Periscopes Work?

To finish up their investigations, the boys and girls made periscopes using card and mirrors. A periscope allows you to see something that is at a higher level than you. It can be used to look over high walls and is often used in submarines to see what is above the water. The children found that light reflects from a mirror at the same angle as it hits the mirror. They set both mirrors at a 45 degree angle. The light will bounce from the object you are viewing at the top of the periscope, hitting the first mirror and then the second mirror before bouncing into your eye.



February 20th 2015

Cash For Clobber


cash for clobber'Cash for Clobber' is a nationwide scheme that generates funds for schools and raises awareness of recycling. On Wednesday February 25th, 'Cash for Clobber' will visit our school. All types of clothing, bags and shoes, hats and belts, towels, curtains and bedlinen are suitable to donate. Please look around your house in the next few days and fill as many bags as possible. Due to lack of storage space, bags can only be left in the school on Wednesday 25th.


February 19th 2015

Swimming Gala


p1010437 - copy

The NAC Charity Short Course Gala was held in the National Aquatic Centre on Sunday last. John Casey from Mrs Farrell's Second Class, who is a member of the Mullingar Jets Swimming Club, took part in the U10 Relay and was delighted when his team came in second place. Well done John - Great result!


February 18th 2015

Giraffes Can't Dance


The current 'Book of the Fortnight' for infants is 'Giraffes Can't Dance' giraffes cant danceby Giles Andreae. 

This is a delightful rhyming book about Gerald the giraffe, who is laughed out of the Jungle Dance because he can't dance. At the dance, the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha and the lions tango and they all jeer when it's Gerald's turn to prance. But when Gerald meets a violin-playing cricket, his world is twisted, twirled and turned upside down.

All the classes thoroughly enjoyed reading about Gerald and some based their Art lesson on the story. Below is a small selection of the dancing Geralds painted by Ms Costelloe's Senior Infant Class.

giraffes cant dance - ms costelloes class


February 18th 2015

Something Fishy


Back in December, we learned about a 'Mini Fish Farm Project' undertaken by our Sixth Classes. Over the past few weeks, the children have kept a close eye on the fish tank, making sure the temperature was just right and the tank was kept in the dark, in Kevin's shed.Today saw the final chapter in the project. The trout eggs have hatched and grown from alevin to young fry and are now ready to release back into their natural environment. Our sixth class children with their teachers travelled to Ballinafid Lake and Fen at Portnashangan in Multyfarnham. The children carried out a kick test to check the quality of the water and then there was great excitement as the moment arrived when the young fry were released to go on their merry way! A huge thank you to Dermot Brohan of Inland Fisheries Ireland for all his help and expertise.

something fishy


sixth class release young fry

Dermot Brohan with our sixth class students (and Mr Beehan!!)


Many classes took the opportunity today, to look at the young fry before they were taken to Multyfarnham to be released into their natural environment. The boys and girls from Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class waited in line patiently for their chance to look at the fry and were very impressed with what they saw.

ms hamills class look at the fish


February 17th 2015

Shrove Tuesday


pancakesThe delicious aroma of freshly cooked pancakes wafted through the school today as everyone celebrated 'Shrove Tuesday', more commonly known of course as 'Pancake Tuesday'. Traditionally, today is the day that we indulge our sweet tooth before Lent begins tomorrow. The range of fillings varied from class to class - sugar and lemon, jam, butter, maple syrup, fresh fruit and of course chocolate spread. So, whatever filling you choose for your pancakes tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

mrs farrells pancakes

Mrs Farrell's Class really enjoyed becoming chefs for the day!

ms hamills pancakes

Ms Hamill's Class enjoying their pancakes!


February 14th 2015

Happy Valentine's Day


happy valentines dayLove was in the air, Art was on the agenda and pink and red were the colours of the day in all classes yesterday as the children prepared for Valentine's Day. Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class had a wonderful time creating their heart shaped cards for someone special in their lives.

valentines day

Ms Costelloe's Senior Infant Class were very proud of their pink and red Valentine Cards.

ms costelloes class valentine cards

Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class made a bouquet of Valentine flowers for their Mums. They used old egg cartons, paint, glitter and pipe cleaners. After cutting up the egg cartons, they painted them and decorated them with glitter. They used the pipe cleaners to make the stems. Then they tied together their six flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

ms morris valentine flowers  


February 13th 2015

Spacesuit Fun

Today was Ms Owens last day in Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class and what a fun day it was! We heard yesterday about the wonderful projects the children produced on the topic of space. During their investigations they learned about Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova, who were the first man and woman in space and Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon. In their Art lesson this week, the children worked together in groups to create their very own spacesuits, using recyclable materials. The results were terrific and there was great excitement today when the children wore their amazing spacesuits during a drama activity.

spacesuit fun


February 12th 2015

Space Investigations


img 1358 - copyThe pupils from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class have been learning all about space over the last five weeks with student teacher Ms Owens. They carried out their research using books, magazines and the internet. The children were divided into groups and each group was given a different topic. They compiled the information into projects which they presented to Mrs Garvey today. The projects were presented in different formats - on paper, using PowerPoint and some inventive children even made cakes of the planets - Mars and the Moon. Mrs Garvey was very impressed with the standard of work and congratulated the children on their excellent achievements.

space investigations


February 11th 2015

Boxing Coaches Visit


Three coaches from the Olympic Boxing Club, Derek Sheridan, John Joe Joyce and Davy Joyce visited the school today. They spoke to the classes about their club and the clubs recent wins in the Longford/Westmeath Championships. Five of our students, Oliver Mc Namara and Leah Mc Namee from Mrs Deane's Sixth Class, Jack O'Donnell and Oisin Sheridan from Mr Smyth's Fifth Class and Jack Geoghegan from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth class are members of the Olympic Boxing Club and represented their club in this competition. They all performed well in their individual bouts with Jack  being narrowly beaten in the final. Their club went on to win the  'Club of the Tournament' of which they were all very proud.

 p1010238 - copy


February 9th 2015

The Melting Process


Every solid melts if heated to a high enough temperature. This is just one of the facts that Ms Brennan's First Class learned last week in their Science lesson about melting. They performed some experiments to see if the solids they chose- ice, butter, an apple, chocolate, jelly and ice cream would change to liquid . They put the items in separate plastic cups and placed them in hot water for fifteen minutes and recorded the results. As a special treat for all their hard work, Ms Brennan brought the class to the staff room and using the microwave to melt chocolate, they added rice krispies and made some delicious buns. A great end to their investigations!

ms brennans melting


February 3rd 2015

St Brigid's Cloak


Mrs Walters' Fourth Class have been busy beavers recently. No sooner had they finished making bird feeders for the school grounds, than they started another rather large project. Last week they read the story of St Brigid's Cloak and decided to create their idea of what it might have looked like. They gathered together paper, felt, feathers and fabric of many different colours. Some very industrious pupils even knitted squares and decorated them with buttons. All the pieces were then carefully stuck and sewn together. The finished cloak is hanging on a board at the top of the junior corridor for all to see and admire.

st brigids cloak

Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class stopped to admire St Brigid's Cloak


February 2nd 2015

Credit Union Quiz



Four teams from St Colman's took part in the Annual Schools' Credit Union Quiz, which was held in Mullingar Arts Centre last Friday night. The teams were made up of students from our fourth, fifth and sixth classes. All our teams performed well. One of our senior teams came in second place while our junior team finished in first place. Well done everyone!

credit union quiz 2015


February 1st 2015

St Brigid's Day


st brigidToday is St Brigid's Feast Day, also known as Lá Fhéile Bhríde and it marks the first day of Spring. St Brigid was born at Faughart near Dundalk, Co Louth and is one of Ireland's patron saints, along with Patrick and Columba. Although St Brigid may not be as well known as St Patrick, she was one of the most powerful women in Ireland. After refusing an arranged marriage, she went on to found several convents whose schools provided an education for thousands of young women.copy of st.brigidcross.jpg 2

One of the traditions associated with St Brigid is to make a St Brigid's Cross from fresh rushes. Some believe that the crosses have the power to protect the owner's home from harm.

p1030334 - copy

Ella May Ferris from Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class proudly holding the St Brigid's Cross that she made.


January 29th 2015

Feed The Birds


Recent visitors to the school may have noticed the numerous bird feeders hanging from poles or trees around the school. These bird feeders are all thanks to Mrs Walters' Fourth Class. They have been learning about different types of weather and climate patterns around the world in their Geography/Science lessons. They went on to study the effects of weather on the local environment, plants and animals. While discussing the bad weather we've been having over the last number of weeks, the children became aware of the difficulties that birds experience finding food at this time of the year. They decided that they would like to tackle this problem by making their own bird feeders during their next Art lesson. After collecting the recyclable items needed the children got to work. The results of their hard work are now feeding the many species of birds that visit our area. Last Tuesday, as part of Catholic Schools Week, we were asked to do a random act of kindness. If that applies to birds as well as humans, Mrs Walters' Fourth Class has that covered.

CLICK HERE to learn how to make the bird feeders.

feed the birds


January 27th 2015

Catechists Visit


learn and grow together with jesusToday, the Parish Catechists Team, Mr David Gavin, Mrs Helen Kiernan and Mrs Antoinette Shaw visited all classes in the school. David, Helen and Antoinette enjoyed quite a few interesting conversations and listened to some of the children's favourite hymns from the Alive O programme. They really enjoyed their visit to St Colman's and before leaving they asked Mrs Garvey to give the children a night off homework. Anyone passing the school around two o'clock might have wondered what all the cheering was about - well now you know!!


January 27th 2015

Futsal Competition

Yesterday, Mr Smyth brought twenty of our fourth class students, ten boys and ten girls, to a Futsal competition in Loreto College. Futsal is a 5-a-side indoor soccer game mostly associated with Brazil and Spain but is growing in popularity here in Ireland. The name Futsal derives from the Spanish and Portuguese phrases for indoor soccer - Futbol Sala and Futebol de Salao. The event was organised by Paul Osam from the FAI. St Colman's entered the competition with teams from Educate Together, St Mary's CBS, The Downs and Gaelscoil An Mhuilin. Our teams performed well and really enjoyed their first experience of Futsal.

futsal competition


January 26th 2015

Catholic Schools Week

January 25th - 31st 2015


catholic schools week 2015

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015 is 'Catholic Schools: Called to Serve'. Love, Kindness, Joy, Truth and Justice are the reflections for each week day. Today and every day this week, children will read prayers over the intercom at a chosen time and the entire school will be joined together in prayer.


January 22nd 2015

Boxing Win


boxing glovesTwo of our fifth class students have been making a name for themselves in the boxing arena. Jack Geoghegan and Oisín Sheridan are members of the Olympic Boxing Club Mullingar, established in May 2014. Jack from Ms Mc Laughlin's Class and Oisín from Mr Smyth's Class, who have been boxing for three and five years respectively, recently entered the Michael Andrews Championships, Boy 1 category (11yrs of age). Jack fought well but was unlucky to be knocked out in the quarter final stage. Oisín made it all the way to the final in the National Stadium on January 18th and was victorious on the day. Well done boys and very best of luck in future competitions.

p1030143 - copy


January 19th 2015

Army Band Performance


musical instruments - copyToday, the children from our second, third & fourth classes and members of the school orchestra, walked to the Arts Centre to see a musical performance by the Army Band,  from the Athlone barracks. The children were introduced to the many and varied instruments from the woodwind, string, brass and percussion families. A number of teachers and children were invited up on stage to learn movement and dance while the band played. Some children had the opportunity to play some percussion instruments. One very lucky boy, Jack Gaudet from Mrs Walters Fourth Class', was chosen to take a turn at conducting the band! Not an easy task I'm sure you'll agree but one that Jack relished. There was also a wonderful rendition of 'New York, New York' from the 'Sweet Tunes' Active Retirement Choir. What a lovely start to the week! The children and their teachers would like to thank everyone involved in this very enjoyable musical treat.

army band performance


January 18th 2015

Sharing his Faith


The children from our sixth and second classes, who are preparing for their Confirmation and First Holy Communion, were invited to attend Mass in St Paul's Church this morning. All Ireland medallist Ger Brennan spoke to the children about his faith and the important role his parents played in passing on the gift of faith to him. Ger is a secondary school teacher and has won All Ireland medals with Dublin. Members of St Loman's and Shamrocks GAA club also took part in the Mass. Our sixth classes will receive their Confirmation on March 21st 2015 in the Cathedral and our second classes will receive their First Holy Communion on May 10th 2015 in St Paul's Church. We wish them every success with their preparations.

second class with ger brennan - copy

Some of our second class children with Ger Brennan and members of St Loman's GAA


January 16th 2015


Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class were sad to see the snow disapppear on Wednesday so they decided to create a snowman in today's art lesson that won't melt away! This familiar looking snowman is of course Olaf from the very popular movie 'Frozen'.

 p1030134 - copy


January 14th 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

(Part two)

For those of you who were disappointed that there wasn't much snow yesterday, you must have been very happy this morning to see the white blanket of snow covering everything. The early birds among you probably had a snowman built before you came to school. And for the rest of you, I hope you had some fun before the rain washed it all away.

do you want to build a snowman 2


January 13th 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

p1030074 - copyThere was great excitement among our students this morning when they woke to see that snow had fallen. That excitement reached fever pitch around midday when they looked out their classroom windows and saw a snow blizzard. Alas, the snow didn't last long and there may not have been enough to build a snowman, but there was plenty for a good snowball fight and lots of fun!

do you want to build a snowman

Ms Hamill's and Ms Healy's Junior Infant Classes having fun


January 8th 2015

Enrolment Week


     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2015 - 2016


Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2015 will take

place during the week of

26th January 2015 - 30th January 2015

Application forms will be available from the office during this time.

All completed applications for places in Junior Infants for September 2015,

together with the necessary documentation - birth cert, baptismal cert (if Catholic) and proof of address (recent/3mths - utility bill or bank statement etc.), must be returned to the school office by

4pm on Friday 30th January 2015


January 6th 2015

Nollaig na mBan


three wise menToday, all students and staff attended Mass in St Paul's Church at midday to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, Little Christmas and Nollaig na mBan. The feast celebrates the visit of the Three Wise Men, to worship the newborn baby Jesus. Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This marks the end of the Christmas Season.


January 5th 2015

Happy New Year


happy new year 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Welcome back after what I hope was a relaxing Christmas Holiday and best wishes for a successful term ahead.


December 24th 2014

my 3d christmas tree animated wallpaper

December 22nd 2014

Jingle all the Way...

During the month of December, Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class had a very special visitor come to stay. Jingle, one of Santa's elves, came all the way from the North Pole to live with the boys and girls in their classroom. Each day, Jingle sat quietly watching the children and took notes on all the kind and wonderful things the boys and girls did for one another. It was a totally different story at night though! Jingle would take off to the North Pole and give his report to Santa and on returning to the class, he got up to lots of mischief! He climbed up the side of the wardrobes, dressed himself in our Christmas play costumes, built a snowman, had a bath and even hid in our class Christmas tree. The children really enjoyed his antics and the first thing they did every morning was look for Jingle to see what he'd been up to the night before. Sadly on Friday morning, the children found a note from Jingle, telling them that he had to return to the North Pole to help Santa with his final preparations for Christmas Eve. But I have a feeling we might see him again next year!



December 21st 2014

A Busy Week!


Mr Beehan's Sixth Class had a very busy week in the lead up to the Christmas holidays and they enjoyed every minute of it. Read on and see what they did......

Mini Fish Farm Project


Earlier in the week the boys and girls embarked upon an exciting 'Mini Fish Farm' project with the expert guidance of Dermot Broughan from Inland Fisheries Ireland. Dermot supplied the children with over 100 newly spawned trout eggs which were stripped from Lough Owel. Over the coming months, the children will monitor the development of these eggs as they hatch and eventually they will release the young fry into the river Brosna.

mini fish farm project

The Chandler Shop


img 3940 - copyMr Beehan decided that the children's Christmas art lesson this week would be 'make a Christmas gift'. He chose Chandlery as  the topic. A chandler was the head of chandlery in medieval households and was responsible for wax, candles and soap. The term chandelier, at one time a ceiling fitting that held several candles together, is still used today and is not just the name of a song!! Today's chandeliers are ornamental electric light fittings. The boys and girls loved this idea and very quickly began making their own layered candles. The beautiful aroma filling the senior corridor added enormously to the festive spirit in the school. As you can see from the photos below, the candles turned out very well indeed!


the chandler shop

Christmas Talent Show

To finish off the week and term 1 in style, Mr Beehan held a mini talent show among his students. Great fun was had by all as the boys and girls strutted their stuff. Mrs Garvey got a treat when she popped in to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. There is quite a bit of talent in Mr Beehan's Sixth Class. X Factor eat your heart out!!

christmas talent show


December 19th 2014

The Adventures of........


three snowmenSally, Sammy and Snowy. And who are they, you might ask. Well, they are three snowmen who came to visit Ms Costelloe's Senior Infant Class to have some fun with the boys and girls. For eleven nights, Sally, Sammy and Snowy went home, each with a different child. All Ms Costelloe asked was that the children would record their adventures. Three special scrapbooks were sent home with the snowmen to keep all the different stories together. The children took the challenge that Ms Costelloe set and ran with it. They wrote about their fun evening with their snowmen and drew some pictures to add a bit of colour to the stories. Some children even took photos as a permanent reminder. Ms Costelloe was thrilled with the amount of effort each child put into their story.

The snowmen must return to the North Pole but the scrapbooks will always be in the class to remind the children of the adventures they had with a snowman called Sally, Sammy or Snowy.

p1020960 - copy 2


December 18th 2014

Christmas Play Time


Our school hall has been a very busy place this week. On Monday at 11.30am, Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class started the Christmas play season off with 'Present for the baby' and today straight after the Christmas Carol Service Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class performed the last play under the direction of Mr Farrell. Throughout the four days we've had crying babies, many wise men, countless shepherds, angels, stars that can't shine, Cinderella, Niall Horan, Simon Cowell and of course the baby Jesus. Everyone performed brilliantly to packed appreciative audiences. We have many budding actors and actresses in our midst and we certainly won't have any trouble getting children for the school choir in the future. Well done to all the children and their teachers. Great job everyone!

ms healys cmas play

Ms Healy's Senior Infant Class

ms costelloes christmas play

Ms Costelloe's Senior Infant Class

mrs walters christmas play

Mrs Walters' Fourth Class

ms hamills christmas play

Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class

mrs slevins christmas play

Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class

ms mc laughlins christmas play

Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class

ms morris christmas play

Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class


December 18th 2014

Christmas Carol Service


Silence reigned in the school today at 11am. All students and staff assembled in St Paul's Church for our annual Christmas Carol Service. This year's format was a little different from other years. Our service began with a song from the choir. Fr Paul welcomed everyone and introduced the first reader. Then the lights went down and Mrs Farrell's Second Class walked to the altar, each holding a lighted candle. We then heard the story of the birth of Jesus from members of the living crib, Joseph, the innkeepers wife, an angel from Heaven and finally the old shepherd. We had a beautiful rendition of 'Oh Holy Night' sung by Helen Hassett and accompanied by the choir. Mrs Shiel's Second Class decorated the tree on the Altar with special symbols of Christmas.

At this time of the year when one can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the materialistic side of Christmas, it's nice to take the time to slow down and remember the true meaning of Christmas. The Carol Service today gave us all that time. A huge thank you to everyone who helped in any way to make the service a truly beautiful occasion.

christmas carol service 2014


December 17th 2014

Christmas Art


It's not too long ago that the corridors of St Colman's were decorated with Halloween art. But the haunted houses, pumpkins, skeletons and witches are gone and in their place we now have Santas, snowmen, penguins, reindeer, Christmas trees, holly and of course Christmas Cribs! Enjoy a small selection of this wonderful Christmas art below.

christmas art 1

christmas art 2


December 16th 2014

Kits for the Boys


St Colman's boys football and hurling teams were presented with a full kit of jerseys, shorts and socks today in the school hall. The kit was sponsored by St Loman's and Mullingar Shamrocks Gaelic Football Clubs. Shane Dempsey, representing St Loman's G.F.C. and Denis Coroon , representing Shamrocks G.F.C. were there to hand over the kits. Let's hope we see the teams wearing the kits in the finals in Cusack Park next year!

 new kits for the boys


December 15th 2014

Food Appeal Success


thankyousomuchbunnybutterfliesThis year our Food Appeal was promoted by the children from Mrs Walters' Fourth Class. The children left boxes and posters which they designed themselves in every class and visited daily to give a gentle reminder to everyone. Their hard work paid off and no one was happier than Ms Mary Mc Knight, from the Mullingar Parish Centre, when she came to the school today to collect the numerous boxes of food.The children had an extra surprise in store for Ms Mc Knight. All the food was sorted into cereals, pasta, tins, jars, coffee and tea etc. Ms Mc Knight's car was full to bursting as she left. She expressed her thanks and assured the children that Sr Finbarr and her team will deliver the food to families in need in the Mullingar area. Thank you to everyone who supported this venture.

food appeal success 2014


December 13th 2014

Hand-Painted Plates

p1020664 - copyThe boys and girls in Mrs Farrell's Second Class had a very exciting surprise yesterday. Local artist Andrina Finch paid a visit to their class to teach a special Christmas Art lesson. No one was more surprised than Andrina's son Peter who joined Mrs Farrell's class last September. Using white dinner plates and ceramic paint, and Rudolph as a theme, Andrina instructed the childen in a step by step lesson on how to hand paint plates. The results were terrific!

andrina with mrs farrells class


December 12th 2014

Christmas Activities


We have only one week to go before the Christmas holidays begin and it's going to be a busy one! To view the list of activities please CLICK HERE

p1020648 - copy

Children from Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class beside the school crib


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