October 11th 2019

Nature Walk with a Buddy...

The beautiful Autumn weather that greeted us this morning was perfect for a nature walk. And what better way to enjoy a nature walk than with a buddy from sixth class! So shortly after first break the boys and girls from Ms Kelly's Junior Infant Class partnered up with the students from Ms Murphy's Sixth Class. After the inital introductions were completed, the older students took the junior infants around the grass area and pointed out all the wonderful signs of Nature and helped them to collect leaves of many colours, conkers and acorns to take back to class for their nature table.

nature walk with a buddy

nature walk with a buddy b


October 9th 2019

Plants and Flowers


The boys and girls in Ms Hamill's Senior Infant Class are learning all about plants and flowers and they're loving every minute. Student teacher, Ms Allan, first introduced the subject during their Science lesson. She told them exactly what a plant needs to grow ie: sunlight, air, water and soil containing nutrients. She also explained the structure of a plant. Above ground, there is a stem, leaves and a bud which blossoms into a flower. Below ground, there are the roots.

Ms Allan also got the children to decorate yogurt pots and they planted cress seeds in them. Over the coming weeks, the children will water their plants when needed and will watch the seeds grow into a hairy plant! What better way to learn about nature, than to see it happen before your eyes. To complement all this learning, every morning during Aistear, the subject continues. At the creative table, the boys and girls designed and made the most beautiful flowers, which now decorate their classroom. Over in the role play section, they are running their very own flower shop, all the while sharing all the information they have learned.

plants and flowers


October 4th 2019

Houdini Visits First Class!

Over the last few weeks, the boys and girls in Mrs Gavin's First Class have been learning about and researching 'the war on plastic'. They learned that plastic waste is a major problem in our oceans and seas. Turtles often eat plastic waste and the simple reason for this is because plastic bags floating in water can look like jelly fish or algae, which makes up for a large part of a turtle's diet. It can make the turtles very sick or even kill them.

One of the students, Lexcy Connolly Kavanagh, told the class that although she hasn't seen a turtle, she has seen a tortoise that belongs to her Grandad, Mr George Connolly. Turtles and tortoises are closely related. They are both reptiles from the same family and the main difference between them is that turtles are water-dwellers, while tortoises are land-dwellers. This morning, the children were so excited to welcome George and his tortoise Houdini into the class. Harry Houdini was a famous escape artist who had the ability to escape from chains, handcuffs or straitjackets. George thought Houdini was an apt name for his tortoise who constantly tried to escape when he first got him!

Houdini is a Hermann's tortoise. He is an endangered species and George bought him from a known breeder in Germany. George was given photos of when Houdini hatched and all the necessary documents to prove that everything is above board. Houdini eats vegetation, which includes carrots and lettuce or dandelions and clover from the garden. They have claws to help them dig. Tortoises are cold blooded so they need sun and when that's not available, a basking light can be used. You need to be careful not to overheat them though or they could begin foaming at the mouth. George explained that the hard shell is used for protection and if you count the ring marks on the shell, it will tell you the age of the tortoise. Houdini is around 8 years old and Hermann's tortoises have the potential to live until they are 80 or 90 years old. The children used Houdini as inspiration for their art lesson this week and created some beautiful pictures.

A huge thank you to George for visiting with Houdini and for passing on his extensive knowledge to the children.

houdini visits first class

houdini visits first class b


October 3rd 2019

Preparation for First Holy Communion Begins...


This morning, the pupils from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's and Mr O'Reilly's Second Classes attended 9.15am Mass in St Paul's Church, officiated by Fr Joe Campbell. This is in preparation for their First Holy Communion which will take place next May. Of course the children have been learning all their prayers and Mass responses since September, but today, the preparations began in earnest when they attended Mass and said the prayers and responses at the correct time and with a loud clear voice. They will attend Mass weekly for the rest of the school year.

After Mass finished, Fr Joe very kindly spoke to the children. He pointed out many important items in the church, for example: the altar, ambo, sacristy, tabernacle, crucifix and pews. There are many more important aspects of the church that the children will learn about over the coming months. Before he left, Fr Joe said a prayer with everyone.

The children would like to thank Fr Joe for taking time out of his busy day to share his knowledge with them.

preparation for first holy communion begins


September 27th 2019

Summer Stars Programme

summer starsThe importance of reading can never be underestimated. Reading develops the imagination and it's how we discover new things. Reading for pleasure is well known to have long term benefits and children who read regularly have been found to have greater self-esteem and are better at social interaction. 

The Summer Stars reading programme ran in libraries all across the country over the Summer months. The programme encouraged children to keep reading during July and August and to take time to find books that they really enjoy and experience reading as an activity which is fun and a source of entertainment. I'm happy to say that many of our students took part in the Summer Stars programme this year. They all developed a love of reading and last night in Mullingar Library, they received medals to mark their participation. Well done all of you and remember to KEEP READING!

20190927 100639 - copy


Cillian Deane from Ms Hamill's Senior Infants and Odhran Meally from Mr O'Reilly's Second Class, who both received medals last night!


September 25th 2019

Westmeath Schools Cross Country Run



Huge congratulations to all the boys and girls from St Colman's who took part in the Westmeath Schools Cross Country run. This annual event took place in Belvedere House and Gardens today and was attended by schools from all over the county. After initial heats took place in the school, St Colman's was very well represented by a terrific group of boys and girls from second to sixth class. As always, all our runners performed well and did us proud, with many bringing home medals. Well done to you all.


Siblings, Conor and Lily Walsh from Mrs Lyons' Fourth Class and Mrs Healy-Donoghues's Second Class both won medals on the day.


September 17th 2019

An Autumn Nature Walk


The weather has been quite changeable since we came back to school, so, with a forecast for good weather this week, it was time for a nature walk. And that's exactly what the boys and girls from Ms Nugent's First class and Mr O'Reilly's Second Class did yesterday. They set off in pairs armed with a list of items to look out for. They saw many birds and found many insects. They collected leaves, berries and acorns. They were fascinated to see a spider right in the middle of the web he had just woven and a snail hiding under the sill of a wall. There was plenty to see and find and the children had no problems ticking off each item on their list.

 an autumn nature walk 2019


September 13th 2019

Settling in Well

The first two weeks of school have passed very quickly and by now, everyone has settled into their new routine. Our junior infants are really enjoying their new experience in 'Big School'. Although their days have ended at noon so far, they have still managed to pack plenty of work, play and fun into each day! From Monday, they will begin their longer days, ending at 1.30pm, but I don't think that this will be a problem for this hard working group. Pictured below are some of the students from Ms Kelly's and Ms Mc Laughlin's Junior Infant Classes.

settling in well 2019


September 11th 2019

All-Ireland Camogie Champions Visit


We were delighted to welcome three of the winning Westmeath intermediate camogie team to the school today. As you will all know, the Westmeath ladies played Galway on Sunday last in Croke Park. Despite being seven points behind at half time, the team produced a marvellous display in the second half and won by two points becoming All-Ireland Intermediate Champions for the first time.

Captain, Mairead Mc Cormack, goalkeeper, Fiona Keating and defender, Amy Cully were welcomed with huge cheers as they entered the school hall with the Jack Mc Grath cup in tow. Mr Beehan congratulated the camogie players and introduced them to the children. A Q&A followed with no shortage of questions from the avid fans. Many of our young camogie players were inspired by past pupil Fiona and live in hope that they too might be part of a winning Westmeath team in the future.

all-ireland camogie champions visit


September 9th 2019

Cup Winners


20190909 131939 - copy

A group of our fourth class boys, Evin Smyth from Mrs Lyons' Class and Riley Thornton, Andy Sinnott, Cian Matthews, Jack Connaughton, Cillian Breslin and Mark Gallagher from Mrs Maloney's Class, are members of St Loman's U10 football team. Last Saturday, they took part in a tournament in St Mary's GFC, Rochfortbridge. After many hard fought games, they were delighted to finish as the winners. Well done boys! 


August 22nd 2019

Welcome Back

St Colman's will re-open on Monday September 2nd at 8.50am. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and will return rested and refreshed and ready for the new school year. We look forward to welcoming the boys and girls of our new Junior Infant Classes.

Junior Infants will go home at 12 noon from Monday September 2nd until Friday September 13th. They will go home at 1.30pm from Monday September 16th onwards.

We would like to wish all students and staff a very successful school year.

welcome back 2016

School Phone Number - 044 9340901

email address -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



heres wishing your summer 2016


June 28th 2019

Excellent Attendance


Congratulations to the students pictured below, who were awarded certificates this morning in recognition of their excellent attendance in St Colman's, in the last school year. For many, this was not their first time to receive this award. Well done guys!

20190628 115958 - copy


June 21st 2019

Penalties against the Principal


Unfortunately the weather was not on our side last week during Active School Week. Some of our usual activities had to be called off, one of which was 'Penalties against the Principal', but if Mrs Garvey thought she was getting off the hook she was sadly mistaken! Throughout this week, many of our classes have tried their goal scoring skills against Mrs Garvey. It has to be said that Mrs Garvey did herself proud!  Or in the words of one of our second class students - As a goalie she's a legend!

penalties against the principal 2019


June 19th 2019

Walk a mile with a Smile... and a Buddy!


With only a week left in primary school, the students from Mrs Walters'/Mrs Slevin's Sixth Class decided to make the most of the dry weather today and 'walk a mile with a smile'. They invited along the boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class and after partnering up with a 'Buddy' they walked along the canal in the sunshine.

walk a mile with a smile and a buddy 2019


June 18th 2019

Sports Day



There were plenty of smiling faces coming through the doors of St Colman's this morning with everyone looking forward to Sports Day. Thankfully the weather was smiling down on us too! 

As in previous years, the children from third to sixth class, walked to St Loman's G.F.C. grounds where all the usual events took place. Once again, the children were divided into four teams; blue, white, green and red.  Soccer, benchball, no man's land and Gaelic football were just some of the events enjoyed by the children. The red team were the winners this year so congratulations to all red team members.

The children from junior infants to second class remained in the school grounds. Basketball, football skills, sack race, a bouncy castle and a bouncy obstacle course kept all the children very busy. On the junior corridor, it wasn't so much about winning and losing but more about having fun and yes, they definitely had FUN!

There were plenty of smiling faces leaving school this afternoon too so it's safe to say - A good day was had by all!

sports day 2019 jnr cor

sports day 2019 jnr cor b


June 16th 2019

5k Family Fun Run/Walk


It was with a sigh of relief that we greeted the dry, bright day this morning. The annual St Colman's 5k Family Fun Run/Walk was scheduled for 1.30pm. We thought the showery weather we've been having this last week might turn people off, but we were wrong! Once again, there was a huge turnout. Registration was at the school and the race began just outside the gates of Shamrocks G.F.C. grounds. Mrs Skittles was on hand to get the race started. The serious runners were up at the front and everyone else followed at their own pace. All ages took part - from the very young in prams, to the not so young, and everyone in between - there were even a few family pets! Afterwards, many returned to the school for refreshments and a chance to chat with friends. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way and of course to all those who took part. A fitting end to our 'Active School Week', a great success and one we hope to repeat again next year.

5k ready set go 2019

5k family fun run-walk 2019

5k family fun run-walk 2019 b

5k family fun run-walk 2019 c


June 14th 2019


Some of our classes walked to Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club this week and enjoyed learning the basic rules of badminton. Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class are pictured below trying out the game.



June 13th 2019

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Our indoor obstacle course has been in use throughout the week, but today the children from Ms Clarke's Junior Infant Class had the opportunity to try out an outdoor obstacle course on the green in front of the school. The obstacle course was assembled by Ms Campbell's Sixth Class students, who were on hand to help the junior infants and encourage them as they worked their way through the course. Team work at it's best!

outdoor obstacle course


June 13th 2019

Circuit Training


The boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class got the day off to a great start with circuit training in the lower playground. They completed a number of different exercises - star jumps, squats, jogging on the spot and lunge jumps to name but a few. Despite the cooler temperatures this morning, it wasn't long before the children warmed up!

circuit training


June 12th 2019

Farewell Fr Paul

It was with a heavy heart that we welcomed Fr Paul Crosby to the school today, because it was time to say goodbye. Fr Paul has been a familiar face around St Colman's for eight years. He always had a smile on his face and loved nothing more than chatting to the children. He officiated at First Holy Communion, our annual Carol Service, the annual Grandparents' Day celebrations and many more religious occasions held in St Paul's Church or in the school. Sadly, Fr Paul is moving away from Mullingar Parish, but it is for a good reason. Bishop Deenihan has appointed him as Parish Priest of Trim and we congratulate him.

We would like to sincerely thank Fr Paul for all the time he devoted to the school community and for his help and guidance over the years. We wish him good health and happiness and every success in his new role. We hope he will not be a stranger and will come and visit us often!

Fr Paul is pictured below with the students from Ms Gilligan's Fourth Class who presented him with a poem that they wrote especially for him.

farewell fr paul


June 12th 2019

Indoor Obstacle Course

Unfortunately the inclement weather forced us to cancel Sports Day today, but that didn't stop us from exercising! Many classes made use of the indoor obstacle course which was set up in the school hall. Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class are pictured below really going for it!

indoor obstacle course 2019


June 12th 2019



At one time, if you entered any housing estate anywhere in Ireland, you would find children skipping away happily. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore. Sadly skipping is a lost art! This year, during Active School Week, we have decided to bring skipping back. Aideen Kevlihan, mother to Aisling in Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class and Caoimhe from Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class, took many of our classes for lessons in the lower playground. Everyone got the chance to skip alone or in pairs. They also used long ropes and with two twirling the rope, one or two got to jump in. Mr Boyle's Second Class are pictured below practising their skipping skills.



June 11th 2019 

Staff V's Sixth Class Boys

Football Match

Thankfully the weather stayed fine today and the eagerly awaited staff v's sixth class boys football match went ahead. Staff and  all students made their way to Shamrocks G.F.C. at 1.30pm. Both teams were definitely playing to win. When the final whistle blew, it was the staff who won by a narrow margin.

staff vs sixth class boys 2019


June 11th 2019

Tag Rugby


Tag rugby is a non contact team game. Each player wears a belt that has two velcro tags attached to it. Attacking players attempt to dodge and pass a rugby ball, while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by 'tagging' which is pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier. The students from Mr O'Reilly's Third Class enjoyed learning and playing tag rugby this morning and are pictured below.

tag rugby 2019


June 11th 2019



Orienteering is a competitive international sport. It is a timed race which combines running with navigation. Participants can race as individuals or as part of a team. A map and compass is used to navigate from point to point across unfamilar terrain.

Eoghan Kevlihan, father of Aisling from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class and Caoimhe from Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class, very kindly offered to give the students of St Colman's an introduction to orienteering during Active School Week. Today, the boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class got to try out this sport for the first time. After splitting into teams of three, they took off on their navigational adventure and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



June 10th 2019

Tug of War


The boys and girls from Ms Clarke's and Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Classes enjoyed learning a new non contact sport this morning. Cathy Sheerin returned to the school once again, to impart some of her extensive knowledge of the sport with us.

Tug of war teams consist of eight members. The person at the back is called the anchor. To begin, you should grip the rope, keep your arms and body straight and lean backwards with your upper body. The winning team is the one that pulls the other team past a predetermined point.

tug of war 2019


June 10th 2019



Our Active School Week got off to a great start this morning with our first M.I.M. (Move in the morning) of the week. Parents and younger brothers and sisters joined students and staff as we walked around the green and playground in front of the school. A great way to shift the Monday morning cobwebs!

m.i.m. asw 2019


June 7th 2019

Maths Trip Down Town


The magic of Maths is all around us if we take the time to look! Yesterday, Ms Skelly and Ms Brennan donned their detective hats and with their team of private eyes and clipboards in tow, strode down the town for examples of where Maths can be seen around us. Shape was an important item on the agenda with squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals and circles featuring in many of the buildings, road signs, vehicles and walls. Their 3D cousins of cubes, cuboids, spheres and half-spheres (on a church light) prompted much discussion also. Parallel and perpendicular lines appeared regularly in, for example, car park lines, gates, railings and even blinds. This sparked a discussion on tessellation (as you do!) and the reason why we especially need tessellation in the surrounding brickwork. Kayla thought she spotted a rhombus on a railing but on closer inspection its sides were curved and not straight as a rhombus should be. The next stop was the train station, where timetables were inspected. The 24-hour clock was displayed and explained, the concept already familiar to the fifth class children. The team pretended to get a take-out treat from Apache, discussing what notes and coins would be needed and what amount of change they would get. This activity made the team hungry so sustenance was provided with a pitstop to Dealz. The children had €3 to spend and carefully made their purchase, calculating their totals and expected change. All in all, the team had a successful Maths snoop around the town, with their clipboards packed full of information about where Maths is featured around them. Well done detectives!

maths trip down town


June 4th 2019

Standardised Test Results


standardised test results photoSt Colman's N.S. has decided to administer the recently updated Drumcondra standardised tests in English and Maths. To learn more about the new tests and what to expect for your child please CLICK HERE


June 4th 2019

Midland Kidathon

20190604 130425 - copyYesterday, the Midland Triathlon Club held a fun event in the Mullingar Town Park for children aged 7 and up. The kidathon is a great introduction to triathlon and is perfect for newcomers to the sport. Shannon Breslin and Conor Casey from Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class took part. They each swam 6 lengths of the pool which is 150 meters followed by twice around the park which is 1,600 meters. Conor won a trophy for coming in 3rd place and Shannon won a medal for 5th place. Well done guys - a great performance!


May 30th 2019

Street League Tournament


Many of our young footballers from first, second, third and fourth classes are members of St Loman's GFC. Last night, as the end of the football season draws near, they took part in a street league tournament. The boys and girls who play U8,U10 and U12, divided up into mixed teams and each team was given a county name. After some great games and a lot of fun, the Offaly team emerged victorious. All the footballers received medals and some received certificates for the most improved players on the night. Well done to you all and best of luck with the next season!

20190530 125354 - copy

20190530 131424 - copy

20190530 132030 - copy


May 28th 2019

An Evening of Music


music note mixed upYesterday evening at 6.30pm, parents/guardians and friends of St Colman's gathered in St Paul's Church for an evening of music performed by the talented musicians of the school.

The senior choir started proceedings with three songs - 'The cat came back, Riversong and This is me'. This was followed by our guitar players. The beginners and intermediate groups played three pieces each.

The children studying flute and saxaphone were up next followed by the children from our second, third and fourth class who are learning to play the recorder. Then it was the turn of our violin players from second and third class who played four pieces.

musical instrumentsThe trumpet players continued with four tunes and then our junior choir sang a medley from the Jungle Book. To close the concert our school orchestra played three familiar pieces that had everyone swaying to the beat!

A huge thank you must go to all the music teachers involved in last nights performance - Ms Rachel Nugent, Ms Helen Hassett, Mr Justin Ryan, Mr Bob Batty, Ms Maedhbh Hughes, Ms Francesca White, Mr Gerry Lacey, Ms Aisling Mulcair, Ms Sinead Duffy and Ms Emer Morris.

The musical talent in St Colman's is without doubt outstanding and in abundance. Congratulations to all involved in this entertaining end of year performance!

an evening of music 2019


May 22nd 2019

St Colman's New School App


aladdin logo - appWe are now ready to launch our new school App. A text message has been sent to each family with a link to download. This will be our main portal for information between school and home from now on. CLICK HERE for a quick set-up guide. Once downloaded, please check the App frequently.


May 21st 2019


invitation to evening of music 2019 b

Each year, we like to celebrate the wonderful musical talent that we have here in St Colman's. To that end, we would like to invite all parents/guardians, extended family and friends to attend a very special night of music and song in St Paul's Church at 6.30pm on Tuesday May 28th 2019. Our school choir and orchestra and all students who receive music lessons during the school year will perform on the night. This promises to be a wonderful entertaining evening and certainly one not to be missed!


May 20th 2019

Aviva Minis National Festival


20190520 114317 - copyIt's every young rugby player's dream to one day play in the Aviva Stadium. Well that dream came true yesterday for Jack Conlon from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class. Jack plays for Mullingar Rugby Club's u10 team and he was chosen as one of 17 players to travel to Dublin to take part in the Aviva Minis National Festival. The Aviva hosts this festival every year bringing the rugby season to a close. Hundreds of boys and girls from twenty clubs all over Ireland participated and they had the opportunity to play on the pitch that is normally reserved for their Ireland and provincial heroes. One of the big treats during the Aviva Minis is the appearance of Ireland rugby stars. This year, Jack Conan, Josh van der Flier and Sene Naoupu showed up and were happy to sign jerseys and balls for the young rugby players. Jack had a wonderful day in the Aviva and hopefully it was just the first of many times he'll play there.


May 18th 2019

Exhibition Game


The St Colman's Hurling Team played an exhibition game today in Cusack Park at half time, during the Westmeath and Offaly hurling match. The game was against Gaelscoil an Choillín and was enjoyed by all the spectators. Congratulations to all involved and thank you to Cullion Hurling Club for providing refreshments afterwards for all the players. 

exhibition game


May 17th 2019

Karate Demonstration


Karate is a martial art which originated in Japan. It deals with attacks through evasive body movements and blocking. It counter attacks by using kicks, punches and strikes. It is a form of self-defence and a great way of keeping fit and healthy.

Kacey Cleary from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class began attending karate lessons recently. Today, she changed into her karate uniform and demonstrated the moves she has learned so far to her classmates. Kacey thoroughly enjoys her karate lessons and I'm sure she has inspired many of her classmates to take up the sport themselves.

karate demonstration


May 14th 2019

Acro Dance Competition

acro dance competition

Acro dance combines classical dance and acrobatic elements. Katie Devanney Reidy from Mrs Healy Donoghue's Third Class takes lessons in acro dance in Elevate Academy of Dance. Katie travelled to Limerick recently to participate in an acro dance competition. She was part of a group and was delighted when they came in third place. Congratulations Katie!


May 14th 2019

Rugby Blitz Wins

Eoghan Mc Namara, Jack Conlon and Aoife Murphy from Mrs Healy Donoghue's Third Class and Hannah Andrews from Ms Murphy's Third Class enjoy playing rugby and are all members of Mullingar Rugby Club.


rugby blitz wins a

Eoghan and Jack recently took part in an U10 All Ireland Rugby Blitz and received medals for finishing in first place.


rugby blitz wins b

Aoife and Hannah recently took part in a Leinster Rugby Blitz. They both played very well and received medals.


May 13th 2019

Fit Kids/Fit Teens



Evelina Zarebska from Mr Boyle's Second Class is a member of Fit Kids/Fit Teens dance club. Yesterday, she took part in the FKFT Challenge. As a member of a trio, she performed breaking, popping and locking and was delighted when they came in second place, winning a trophy. Later she took part in a solo freestyle dance and luck was still on her side when she came first, winning another trophy. Well done Evelina!


May 9th 2019

1Km Run

20190509 120541 - copyAs an 'Active School' we promote health and fitness, both in school and at home, at every opportunity. One great way to keep fit is running. Conor Walsh, Ella May Ferris and Lisa O'Brien from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class, are all members of Mullingar Harriers Athletics and enjoy running in competitions and for pleasure. Last night, the club held a fundraiser. 20190509 120813 - copyAdult and child members alike were asked to pay a small fee before participating in a run. The adults ran 5Km and the children ran 1Km. Conor, Ella May and Lisa took part and they each won medals. Well done guys. What a great way to spend a Wednesday evening!.


May 7th 2018

Party Time

The children from our second classes had a very busy day yesterday as they celebrated their First Holy Communion with their families, but there was still plenty in store for them today! They arrived in school this morning in all their finery. They attended Mass in St Paul's Church and received Communion for the second time. When they returned to the school, it was time for the official photographs to be taken. Afterwards, the boys and girls changed into their party clothes and headed to the school hall, where food and drinks awaited them. As you would expect, they had no trouble devouring it all! The children really enjoyed themselves and it was a fitting end to their First Holy Communion celebrations!

party time - communion 2019 

party time - communion 2019 b


May 5th 2019

First Holy Communion

communion 2017

Congratulations to the 53 boys and girls from Mr Boyle's and Mrs Lyons' Second Classes who received their First Holy Communion today in St Paul's Church. We hope you all had a lovely day with your family.


May 2nd 2019



Today, the students from third to sixth class welcomed a visitor, Sophie Deegan from the charity Trócaire, to the school. Sophie, who is the Trócaire Fundraising and Events Officer, spoke to the children about the tremendous work that the charity undertakes on an ongonig basis.

Trócaire, meaning 'Compassion', is the official overseas agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It was established in 1973. Trócaire's headquarters is in Maynooth, Co Kildare. Their work is to support the most vulnerable people in the developing world and also to raise awareness of injustice and global poverty. Every year in Ireland, Trócaire hold the 'Trócaire Lenten Campaign' during the season of Lent. Sophie thanked the children for their support of the campaign. This support helps children like Maria, Maya and Patricia and their families, who are pictured on the 2019 Trócaire box.

The children and their teachers would like to thank Sophie for taking the time to visit us and for telling us all about the essential work that Trócaire do.



April 29th 2019

World & International Irish Dancing Championships



Huge congratulations to Amy Devanney from Mrs Lyons' Second Class, who took part in the World and International Irish Dancing Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands last week. Amy is no stranger to the website as she is regularly featured with medals and trophys from various Irish Dancing competitions. During the championships last week, Amy came first in the treble, becoming a World Champion. She didn't stop there. She came second in the reel and second in the St Patricks Day Dance, which consists of three dances - the reel, the treble and the jig. Once again, congratulations Amy on a wonderful achievement!

world  international irish dancing championships 2019


April 6th 2019


confirmation 2015

Congratulations to the 51 boys and girls from St Colman's who were confirmed in the Cathedral today. We hope you all had an enjoyable day with your family.


April 3rd 2019

Student Council

student councilThe first St Colman's N.S. Student Council has been established. Representatives from third to six class were chosen and together with teaching representatives, they will endeavour to improve school life for everyone. They will meet every second Thursday at 8.45am. The  student reps. hope to give a voice to all our students. They will consult with their classmates to ensure that every point of view is heard and will bring forward any fresh ideas that will benefit the school community. They have already made a difference by getting involved with the organisation of Grandparents' Day and are at the moment helping with the Book Fair which is being held in the school this week. We wish the Student Council every success in this new venture! 

Click here to view the list of teaching and students representatives.

20190403 110446 - copy


March 27th 2019

Unusual Visitor!!


20190327 105855 - copyToday we had a very unusual but welcome visitor to the school. One of the four legged variety, that is! Ms Duffy lives on a farm and her father Kieran very kindly allowed her to take a lamb into school to see everyone. The children were so excited to have a real lamb in their classroom. For many, it was the first time they had ever seen a real lamb up close. We were allowed to give it a name and we weren't short of suggestions. Betty Boo was a hot favourite until Ms Duffy told us the lamb was a boy! Finally, the name chosen was Ned.

20190403 160240 - copyMs Duffy explained that Ned was one of triplets. His mother didn't have enough milk to feed all of her three babies so Kieran made the decision to leave the two weakest lambs with their mother and Ned was taken away to be fed powdered milk from a bottle.  He is one month old and because he has been bottle fed since birth, he is used to being around humans. Ned didn't mind the children petting him and having a 'good old look' at him.

Ned is a Suffolk Sheep breed. Suffolks are a common breed of domestic sheep. They are polled, which means they are hornless. They have black open faces along with black legs and white wooled bodies. 

thankyou1Ms Duffy brought Ned into school in a trolley with hay at the bottom. He became tired from all the excitement so he needed to rest in his bed of hay at regular intervals. Of course, the children would love to keep Ned in school full time but we had to send him back to his home with Kieran. A huge thank you to Ms Duffy and her father Kieran for allowing Ned to come and visit us and for making a very ordinary Wednesday, very special and exciting!

unusual visitor

unusual visitor. b


March 26th 2019

Inter Schools Show Jumping Event



On Sunday last, the Mullingar Equestrian Centre hosted the Inter Schools Showjumping Event 2019. St Colman's N.S. was represented very well by Adam Mc Namara from Mrs Walters'/Mrs Slevin's Sixth Class, Megan Crichton from Ms Scally's Fifth Class and Erin Murray from Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class, with Cathal Mc Namara as the team sub. In the first round, our team had a clear round on all ponies and this qualified them for the jump off. Erin was nominated by the team for the jump off and the St Colman's team ended up in third place. Adam then took part in an individual event and earned himself a rosette. Congratulations to you all!

inter schools show jumping event 2019


March 6th 2019

Table Quiz



The annual St Colman's N.S. Parents' Association Table Quiz took place in the Annebrook Hotel last Thursday February 28th. Quizmaster on the night was our former Vice Principal, Mr Willie Geraghty, who also compiled the quiz questions, challenging everyone on a wide variety of topics.Thanks to Mr Geraghty and St Colman's N.S. Parents' Association for organising such an enjoyable event.

table quiz 2019


February 18th 2019

Chinese New Year


20190218 114410 - copyThe Chinese New Year has more than 4,000 years of history. The national holiday begins on the first of the Lunar Calendar and lasts for fifteen days. This year the Chinese New Year began on February 5th and the festival celebrations will run until February 19th. 2019 is the year of the Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac.

The students in Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class have been studying everything relating to Chinese New Year. Today they invited our first class boys and girls to their classroom to pass on their newfound knowledge.

20190218 115155 - copyThe third class children divided into seven groups and each group researched a topic - History of China, Traditions, Tourist Attractions, Animals, Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Food and Facts about China. Each group displayed their projects and answered questions from the curious first class children. 20190218 115609 - copyThere were many traditional Chinese objects on display. Aisling brought in an oil-paper umbrella which she told us is used in sunshine rather than rain. Chinese people want to keep their skin pale so they always use umbrellas in sunshine. Molly brought in a dress and matching sun parasol that she wore at her Aunt's wedding in China. She also had her Aunt's wedding album which is quite different to Irish wedding albums but equally beautiful. Congratulations to all the students in Mrs Healy-Donoghue's class on all their hard work creating wonderful projects that will educate all that see them.

chinese new year 2019  


February 15th 2019

Grandparents' Day



Today was a very special day in the St Colman's calendar. All students and staff gathered with family and friends in St Paul's Church to celebrate Grandparents' Day. The church was filled to bursting and the excitement was palpable. Mrs Garvey began the service by welcoming everyone who travelled from near and far to celebrate with us.

gp day 2019Fr Paul also extended a warm welcome to everyone before inviting Max, Maria, Livia and Fatima to the altar. Each student welcomed the congregation in Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian and Syrian respectively. During the Procession of Symbols, pupils accompanied by their grandparents brought symbols of our faith, our time in school and the love we have for each other, to the altar. We were asked to remember those who could not be present today, in particular those who are ill or in heaven.

grandparents message 2019Some of our violin students played for us and our new third class choir sang beautifully throughout the service. The children from our first classes and junior infants also sang and they did a great job! As always there were many funny moments, including a poem entitled 'Grandma's off her rocker' and when Cian let it slip that grandad always gives him sweets! Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments. 

Thanks to Mrs Healy-Donoghue for organising this wonderful event and thanks also to all staff and parents who helped out with teas/coffees, baking and of course the cleaning up. A truly joyous occasion that was enjoyed by all!

grandparents day 2019

grandparents day 2019 b


February 11th 2019

What a Great Start!

We started collecting stickers for the 'Aldi 6 Nations Rugby Competition' just over a week ago and we've already filled one poster and we're well under way with the second. Well done to everyone who has brought in stickers so far and please keep them coming. The more posters we fill, the more chances we have of winning.

img 4144 - copy


February 8th 2019

A Date to Remember!


save the date f fThe St Colman's Parents Association are having their annual Table Quiz on Thursday February 28th 2019 in the Annebrook Hotel. This is a perfect opportunity for parents, teachers and friends of St Colman's to meet up for an enjoyable night out without the kids and raise money for the school at the same time. 

20190208 193559 - copy

Mr Geraghty is once again compiling the questions and he promises to have something to suit everyone covering a wide range of topics including music, sport, current affairs, general knowledge, history, geography and many more. So please keep the date in your diary and spread the word - friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues - everyone is welcome.


February 4th 2019

Start Collecting.....


St Colman's is hoping to take part in the 'Aldi 6 Nations Rugby Competition' to be in with a chance of winning €50,000 to be used for sports facilities for the school. As you all know, we are trying to raise money for our new playing field and this prize would be a great addition. To enter the competition, we will need 300 stickers.

So to that end, we are asking everyone to collect as many stickers for the school as possible. All Aldi customers who spend €30 or more in one transaction will receive an Aldi Play Rugby sticker. Please ask family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to send their stickers into St Colman's. Fingers crossed for a good result!

20190201 093937 - copy 


February 1st 2019

St Brigid's Day

st brigidToday is St Brigid's Feast Day, also known as Lá Fhéile Bhríde and it marks the first day of Spring. St Brigid was born at Faughart near Dundalk, Co Louth and is one of Ireland's patron saints, along with Patrick and Columba. Although St Brigid may not be as well known as St Patrick, she was one of the most powerful women in Ireland. After refusing an arranged marriage, she went on to found several convents whose schools provided an education for thousands of young women.


January 30th 2019

Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week runs from January 27th to February 2nd 2019. This year the theme for Catholic Schools Week is ‘Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Own Catholic School’.

This morning, students from our first and fourth classes walked to the Cathedral of Christ the King, to attend 11am Mass. The Mass was to celebrate St Brigid who's feast day falls on February 1st.

catholic schools week 2019


January 9th 2019

Enrolment Week

     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2019 - 2020


Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2019 will take

place during the weeks of

14th January 2019 - 1st February 2019

Application forms will be available from the office during this time.

All completed applications for places in Junior Infants for September 2019,

together with the necessary documentation - birth cert and proof of address (recent/3mths - utility bill or bank statement etc.), must be returned to the school office by

4pm on Friday 1st February 2019


christmas message 2018

December 20th 2018

Christmas Plays



christmas play clip artThis year we had a total of twelve Christmas plays. The first play, 'Santa's Hat' by Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class, started the ball rolling on December 12th and today 'Away with the Manger' by Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class brought the entertainment to a close. Of course the baby Jesus featured in most plays, Santa lost his hat in one, inspectors came to St Colman's in another and even Bethlehem does Strictly. What a great variety we had. All classes put huge effort into their productions and it showed! Congratulations to everyone involved!


December 19th 2018

Christmas Carol Service



At approximately 11.15am this morning, all students and staff were joined by parents, guardians and friends in St Paul's Church to celebtrate our annual Christmas Carol Service. A hush fell over the congretation as the first hymn, 'Hallelujah' began.  Children from fourth to sixth clas reminded us of the story of Jesus' birth while members of the living crib gathered on the altar. The readings were interspersed with Christmas hymns sung beautifully by our school choir. The children from our second classes, who will make their First Holy Communion next year, took part in the Procession of Light and decorated the Christmas Tree with symbols of Christmas. 

At this time of the year, when one can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the materialistic side of Christmas, it's nice to slow down and take a quiet moment to reflect and remember the true meaning of Christmas. This morning's service gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that.

carol service 2018


December 17th 2018

Sporting Recognition


The founder of the Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, said 'The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not the winning but the taking part'. This phrase is echoed time and time again in homes, schools and sporting clubs all across the country. Having said that, it is nice to receive acknowledgement for all the time and effort that is put in.

20181217 114930 - copyOwen Maughan from Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class and sisters Arlene and Carley O'Herron from Ms Nugent's Fourth Class and Mr O'Reilly's Third Class respectively are members of Rochfortbridge Boxing Club. On Saturday last, they travelled to St Brigid's Boxing Club in Kildare Town to take part in a boxing exhibition. The young boxers took part in sparring test matches where there was no winners and no losers. They received trophies for their hard work.


20181217 115433 - copy

Julia Szyndzielorz from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class is a member of the Feely Bates Academy of Irish Dance. Yesterday, Julia was awarded a medal to acknowledge her attendance and hard work over the last year.


December 12th 2018

Greetings from the Badjao Tribe

20181212 202531Back in November 2013, St Colman's held a 'Mad Hair Day' fundraiser, to raise money for people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The money raised was sent to Sr Evelyn Flanagan, a friend of Mrs Healy-Donoghue's, who works with the Badjao Tribe in Cebu, the Philippines. Sr Evelyn was very grateful and regularly keeps in contact with Mrs Healy Donoghue to let her know how the people of the Badjao Tribe are doing now. 

Last week, Mrs Healy-Donoghue received a Christmas card and a booklet from Sr Evelyn. The booklet details the many changes that have happened from June - October 2018. Please take time to read the booklet to give you a small insight into the lives of these wonderful people.

To read the booklet CLICK HERE

The Christmas card created by the Badjo Tribe had a beautiful Christmas message inside - 

May the spirit of Christmas bring you


The gladness of Christmas give you


and the warmth of Christmas grant you



December 12th 2018

Christmas Calendar of Events

Wed Dec 12th

‘Santa’s Hat

Mrs Granahan’s Senior Infant Class


Thurs Dec 13th

‘Nativity Rock’

Mrs Lyons’ Second Class



‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’

Ms Duffy’s Senior Infant Class



‘A Christmas Toy Story’

Ms Nugent’s Fourth Class


Fri Dec 14th

‘Shine Star Shine’

Ms Mulcair’s Senior Infant Class



‘Tinsel and Tea Towels’

Ms Mc Laughlin’s First Class


Sun Dec 16th

Cathedral Carol Service

St Colman’s Choir


Mon Dec 17th

‘A Special Present for the Baby’

Ms Healy-Donoghue’s Third Class


Tues Dec 18th

‘The Nativity’

Ms Clarke’s Junior Infant Class



‘Tinsel and Tea Towels’

Mr Boyle’s Second Class



‘Lights, Camel, Action’

Ms Murphy’s Third Class


Wed Dec 19th

Carol Service

St Paul’s Church


Thurs Dec 20th

‘A Christmas Sing Song’

Ms Hamill’s Junior Infant Class



‘Away With the Manger’

Mrs Gilligan’s Fourth Class



December 10th 2018

Christmas Fair



The place to be yesterday morning was definitely St Colman's N.S. and I'm glad to tell you that I wasn't the only one who thought that! Of course, it was the annual St Colman's Christmas Fair and Cake Sale and the school was filled to bursting. 

A fabulous array of home baked goodies, donated by many of you, were on sale and were snapped up by the appreciative crowd. A wide selection of crafts created by St Colman's students were also on sale. The hugely successful freshly made crepes were back again and new for this year was an ice cream parlour. As you can imagine, both of these stalls were kept busy throughout the morning. Lucky dip crackers and novelty guessing games were a huge hit. There was a also another new addition of a photo booth with exciting backdrops and festive props. Many families sat for their 2018 Christmas photo and were delighted with the result.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out in any way. This annual event was once again a resounding success and a great start to the festive season!


November 15th 2018

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


This morning, representatives from Team Hope called to the school and were delighted to collect a huge array of Christmas shoeboxes. They wish to extend their gratitude to everyone who supported the appeal.

christmas shoebox appeal 2018


November 8th 2018

Shamrocks Visit

On October 21st last, Mullingar Shamrocks GFC were crowned Westmeath senior football champions. After an absorbing 2-12 to 1-11 win over local rivals St. Loman's, they brought home the Flanagan Cup to the delight of all their supporters. This morning, we were delighted to welcome some of the players to the school with the treasured Flanagan Cup. Many of the players are past pupils of St Colman's including our very own Mr O'Reilly who is teaching third class this year. Congratulations to everyone in Mullingar Shamrocks on a fantastic win!

shamrocks visit 2018 


November 7th 2018

There's Still Time...


For many years now, St Colman's N.S. has supported the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. This year, Team Hope shoeboxes from Ireland will go to street children, orphans, children in hospital, poor families, victims of war and other needy situations in the poorest countries in Eastern Europe or Africa. The boxes filled with surprises will bring a little bit of joy and hope into their difficult lives.

Today we had a very special delivery from Mrs Clinton who currently has five grandchildren in St Colman's. Every year, Mrs Clinton begins gathering items for the boxes from early summer and fills quite a number of boxes by November. Today, Mrs Clinton with the help of her grandchildren brought 135 boxes to the school. This is a huge achievement by any standards and what a great example to us all.

The Closing date for donations is Friday November 9th so there is still time to get your box ready. All boxes can be left in the school.

20181107 100137 - copy  


happy halloween 2014

October 25th 2018

Halloween Games

The boys and girls in Ms Mc Laughlin's Second Class have worked very hard over the past eight weeks. So, as an end of term treat they enjoyed playing some Halloween games. The games included water, flour and fruit. It was wet and messy but also so much fun as you can see from the photos below.

halloween games 2018

halloween games 2018 b

The students in Mr Beehan's Fifth Class were also lucky enough to have a Halloween party to end the term. They played many games including 'dress the mummy races' and 'doughnut bobbing' and a good time was had by all.

halloween games  2018 c


October 11th 2018

Man's Best Friend


For the past few days we have had two very welcome visitors to the school. Mr Paul Cleary is the Midlands Education and Community officer with Dogs Trust and he very kindly visited every class in the school to speak with the students. He brought his lovely dog called Magic with him and as you can imagine she was a big hit with the children.

Paul had two main themes in his talks - Responsible dog ownership and Safety. To be a responsible dog owner, you must have time, money and space. Time to walk the dog, money to pay for food, vaccinations and vet fees and space to allow the dog to move around and be active. Paul was at pains to point out that you must think hard before you purchase a dog and that Christmas is definitely not the right time to consider getting a dog. Dogs trust received over 200 phone calls shortly after Christmas last year alone from owners who had decided that they could not manage and needed their new pet to be rehoused. Apart from the obvious safety measures for example, keeping your dog on a lead when walking to ensure it doesn't run on the road and making sure the area outside your house is safe for your dog to roam around, there are also events like Halloween that can result in a very stressful time for your dog. We would all like to thank Paul very much for visiting and passing on his valuable advice.

mans best friend


September 27th 2018

Westmeath Schools Cross Country Run



westmeath schools cross country run 2018

Huge congratulations to all the boys and girls from St Colman's who took part in the Westmeath Schools Cross Country run. This annual event took place in Belvedere House and Gardens last Wednesday and was attended by schools from all over the county. After initial heats took place in the school, St Colman's was very well represented by a terrific group of boys and girls from second to sixth class. As always, all our runners performed well and did us proud. Well done to you all.


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