March 24th 2017

'Turn Your School Yellow'


Today we held our annual 'Turn Your School Yellow' charity fundraiser to coincide with the Irish Cancer Society's 'Daffodil Day'. Unfortunately, many families in the St Colman's community have been affected by cancer and so today was the perfect opportunity to support this worthy cause. We asked the children to wear any yellow or green clothes they may have in their wardrobe and to make a small donation for 'Daffodil Day'. Bunches of fresh daffodils and daffodil pins were on sale for pupils, parents and guardians before and after school. As always, we had a great response and we would like to thank everyone for being so generous.

turn your school yellow 2017

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turn your school yellow 2017 c

turn your school yellow 2017 b


March 16th 2017

Tráth na gCeist


The Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations continued this afternoon, with a table quiz as Gaeilge, in the school hall. Our fifth and sixth classes took part and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

trath na gceist 2017


March 16th 2017

Seachtain na Gaeilge



It was ceol agus craic all the way this week in St Colman's, where Seachtain na Gaeilge was celebrated with a jig in our step and a twinkle in our Irish eyes. Yesterday and today, students from first to fifth class presented a series of performances ranging from Irish dancing, a cups performance, role playing, speeches and singing out some very cool Irish tunes.

p1080191 - copyProceedings kicked off with the Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms Skelly, welcoming everyone with a big céad mile fáilte. Mark Tunney from Ms Skelly's Fifth Class explained why Seachtain na Gaeilge is such an important part of Irish heritage and culture. His classmate Daniel Connaughton ably provided a similar explanation as Gaeilge, with a fluency and a blas of a natural Gaeilgóir. Mr Geraghty as usual did his p1080216 - copymagic on sound, creating an effortless flow. Ms Brennan (or DJ Hat as she is known locally) hit the decks with her fourth class performing a role play of Ed Sheeran's 'Nancy Mulligan'. The song describes how a Protestant Northern Irish boy fell in love with a Catholic Wexford cailín and how their love transcended religious boundaries. There was lots of foot tapping and hand clapping during that performance.

img 1434 - copyNext up was our very talented rinceoirs, who danced their way up the aisle. Amy Devaney from Mr Boyle's Senior Infant Class, Holly Martin from Mrs Fagan's/Mrs Brennan's First Class, Molly O'Donnell from Mrs Farrell's First Class and Katie Martin & Rania Connell from Ms Skelly's Fifth Class gave an Irish dancing performance that would give Riverdance a run for their money. Ms Brennan's dancers were up next with a performance of 'Bi id thost is damhsa liom' (previously performed during their Christmas play).

p1080210 - copyThen, Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class took centre stage with the 'Cups'. They displayed some amazing dexterity using cups, not for making a 'cupán tae', but illustrating that a cup can have a whole lot of other uses. Who knew? Their performance was met with rapturous applause. Ms Skelly's class followed with a rousing rendition of Avici's 'Lig Mé Saor'. The audience were line dancing experts at the end of that performance. Two rinceoirs, Seoidín Thornton and Livia D'eaguiar, from Ms Healy's Third Class, were next to have their moment in the spotlight. They gave an p1080221 - copyoutstanding performance of a 2 hand reel, which was met with an enthusiastic applause.

As was befitting, to wrap up the performance, everyone stood up and, with an air of gravity, entered into a solemn rendition of Amhrán Na bhFiann. The entire show has set everyone up nicely for the St Patrick's Day celebrations tomorrow.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!


March 15th 2017

Walk a Mile with a Smile


Spring was in the air this morning and wasting the glorious sunshine would have been such a shame! What better way to enjoy the weather than to take a 'Walk a Mile with a Smile' walk along the canal line. The children from Ms Healy's Third Class and Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class partnered up with the children from Ms Kiernan's Second Class and Mrs Shiel's First Class and together they began the walk.

As the children walked, they looked for the signs of Spring all around them. Unfortunately, there were no flowers to be seen but there were many trees and bushes with budding branches. Due to the unseasonably dry weather we've been having over the last few weeks, the water levels in the canal were very low. All the rushes at the canal edge were fully visible and were brown and dried out. Markings on the walls at cerain parts clearly showed the previously higher level. As always, a couple of swans were slowly gliding along the water. There were a number of workers out today keeping this wonderful amenity looking great. A member of Westmeath County Council was cutting the grass and members of Waterways Ireland were dredging the canal and clearing away any waste they found.   

We are very lucky in St Colman's to be so close to the canal line and I'm sure this will be just the first of many 'Walk a Mile with a Smile' walks that will take place this year.

walk a mile with a smile 2017

walk a mile with a smile 2017 b


March 10th 2017

Grandparents Day



happy grandparents day 2017The St Colman's Calendar of events is certainly a very busy one! One of the most special and enjoyable events has to be Grandparents Day. For a number of weeks now, Ms Healy has been busy organising this wonderful occasion. Prayers were written, children were chosen to represent every class in the school, phone calls were made to willing grandparents and much more besides. Today, the culmination of all Ms Healy's hard work came to fruition.

At 11am, all children and staff, grandparents, parents and friends gathered in St Paul's Church. Fr Paul began by inviting four students to the altar. Zoe, Dunni, Alfonzo and Lucas welcomed everyone in Irish, Nigerian, Portuguese and Spanish, reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the school. During the Procession of Symbols, pupils accompanied by their grandparent brought symbols of our faith, our time in school and the love we have for each other, to the altar. Students from third to sixth class brought candles to the altar in the Procession of Light. Seventeen candles were brought, one for each class, to remind us of God's light and presence in our lives. Each part of the service was interspersed with beautiful hymns sung by the school choir.

There were some funny moments when some of our younger students spoke of their love for their grandparents and told of the things Granny or Grandad let them do that perhaps Mum and Dad might not know about! There was also a very poignant time when four of our third class students read self penned letters to their grandparents in Heaven. The letters were well written and beautifully read and brought a tear to many eyes. To close the service, the boys and girls from our junior and senior infant classes gathered on the altar to sing a surprise song for all the grandparents present! Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments and a chat. Thanks to Ms Healy for organising this very special event and thanks also to all staff and parents who helped out with teas/coffees, baking and of course the cleaning up. A truly joyous occasion that was enjoyed by all!

grandparents day 2017

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March 8th 2017

Basketball Coaching


This morning, the students from our fourth and sixth classes began basketball lessons with their new coach Christina. Today's lesson was all about passing and shooting. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to next week already!

basketball coaching


March 8th 2017

Heart and Lungs


Our third class students have been learning all about the heart and lungs in their Science lessons. Where are they positioned in the body, what are their jobs and how do they work, were just some of the questions that needed answering.

p1080060 - copyAfter initial investigations, the students were very happy to invite a guest speaker and expert on the subject into their class. Dr Mark Sheehy, father of Anna Sheehy from Mrs Walters' Class, is a respiratory physician in the Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar. Mark brought some equipment with him to show the children. A lifesized skeleton, which the children named 'Billybob', was used to show the position of all the bones in the body and Mark explained the importance of the ribcage and diaphragm in protecting the internal organs. He also brought a model of the heart which could be taken apart to show the veins and arteries. p1080040 - copyVolunteers were selected to practice CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on a CPR training 'Manikin'. As you can imagine, the boys and girls had many questions and Mark answered every one with ease and great patience. He was very impressed with their knowledge and well thought out questions. Two subjects that kept cropping up were asthma and smoking. All of the students knew someone in their immediate or extended family that suffered with asthma. Mark was able to give helpful advice on how to live healthily and manage your asthma. The children asked many questions on smoking which Mark carefully answered. The main message was to try to abstain from smoking as it is addictive and can cause many health problems.

Mrs Walters, Ms Healy and the children would like to thank Mark for spending time with them this morning and for such a wonderful educational talk. The children are looking forward to more indepth Science lessons in secondary school and there might just be a few budding doctors in their midst.

heart and lungs

p1080062 - copy  


March 7th 2017

First Confession

first confession

Congratulations to the 68 boys and girls from First Class and the 3 boys and 1 girl from Second Class who made their First Confession tonight in St Paul's Church. I'm sure they're all pleased to have taken the first step on the road to making their First Holy Communion.


March 6th 2017

Gymnastics Win

gymnasticsEmily Moore from Ms Skelly's Fifth Class, Ciara Moore, Niamh Mc Kenna, Dunni Ayorinde, Rachel Mc Kenna & Niamh Cassidy from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class and Aisling Granahan & Eve Hickey from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class are all members of Bounce Gymnastics Club in Mullingar. Yesterday, they all took part in p1080065 - copya gymnastics competition in Loreto School Gym, Mullingar. Gymnasts from Mullingar, Navan and Trim participated. Each gymnast learned a particular routine and were required to perform the routine independently. Roundoff, straight jump, stag jump, handstand, forward rolls and pike rolls were just some of the moves that they carried out. All of our young gymnasts performed well and walked away with medals. Well done girls. Keep up the good work!

p1080066 - copy


March 2nd 2017

World Book Day



world book day 2017 logoTo celebrate the 20th annual World Book Day which takes place today, every student in St Colman's received a book token. The token can be exchanged in bookshops for one of eleven exclusive new books or €1.50 off a full priced book. Numerous book related activities took place around the school and time was set aside for D.E.A.R. time, which is Drop Everything And Read.

Have fun searching for a special book this weekend!


March 1st 2017

Children Helping Animals

donationThere was great excitement this morning in Ms Kiernan's Second Class when they had two very special visitors! Last week, Ms Kiernan's class held a bake sale and raised €360 for the ISPCA and today, Kelley Hynes, a representative from the ISPCA called to collect the cheque. Kelley brought her dog Lucy with her and spent over an hour talking to the children about the work of the ISPCA and answering many questions.

p1080016 - copyThe ISPCA has two main centres. The ISPCA National Animal Centre is situated on 88 acres of land in Co Longford and the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre which is based in Mallow, Co Cork. They are also affiliated with 20 local animal welfare organisations. Kelley, who has been working with the ISPCA for 12 years, is one of roughly 20 staff who man the main centres together with 8 inspectors. Kelley's job is animal care assistant but she is also a home visitor who will come to your house to see if you are suitable to care for a rescue animal. Some of the most important factors that she looks for is - space, fencing and time. To be a responsible animal owner you need adequate space for the animal to exercise and be housed, you also need fencing to keep the animal safe on your property and last but not least, you need time available to feed, exercise and generally care for your animal. Unfortunately Kelly was sad to tell us that she has come across quite a lot of animal abuse in her work and many people have been prosecuted, but the upside to this is that the ISPCA will never turn any animal away and will go to great lengths to fully rehabilate and rehouse the animals in their care.

Ms Kiernan and the children would like to thank Kelley for spending time with them today, for answering all their questions and also for taking Lucy in to see them. Lucy is a rescue dog. She is a mongrel terrier and is 16 years old. She was calm and comfortable having lots of excited children around her.

children helping animals

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February 28th 2017

Shrove Tuesday


p1070952 - copyThe delicious aroma of freshly cooked pancakes wafted along the corridors of St Colman's today as everyone celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday as it is more commonly known. Traditionally, today is the day we indulge our sweet tooth before Lent begins tomorrow.

p1070938 - copyThe boys and girls in our third classes enjoyed an extra special treat today. One student, Jakub Nowak from Mrs Walter's Class, enlisted the help of his dad Sebastian to surprise everyone with a cookery demonstration. Sebastian, who is a chef in the Annebrook House Hotel, was very happy to share his knowledge of pancake cooking with the children. While Sebastian was hard at work preparing and cooking the pancakes, the third class students took the opportunity to revise their procedural writing. Each student wrote out the p1080003 - copyingredients needed and the instructions on how to make pancakes. I think their parents might be in for a surprise tonight when the children show their new knowledge of pancake cooking! 

p1070996 - copyBefore he finished up, Sebastian's youngest son Philip from Ms Hamill's Senior Infant Class, together with his classmates came along to sample some of the tasty pancakes. Thanks so much to Sebastian for slaving over the hot pans this morning and cooking all the delicious pancakes.

shrove tuesday 2017

shrove tuesday 2017 b


February 28th 2017

Art Week


p1070824 - copyWe had the pleasure of welcoming back local artist Kevin Flood to the school over the past five school days to give art tuition to the students in our fifth and sixth classes. The theme - 'How a painting tells a story'.

This year, the children were asked to create a painting and afterwards to write a story around it. Kevin discussed the many reasons for being in a forest - having a picnic, walks with animals, enjoying the wildlife etc. A beautiful woodland scene was arranged in the school hall to give some inspiration and Kevin read a Robert Frost poem called 'The road not taken' to get the children thinking.

The young artists began by sketching the scene, using pencil shading techniques or charcoal to give definition and depth. The scenes were redrawn on special watercolour paper and watercolours were painted to add colour. Kevin gave tips on how to blend paints to create a new colour and on the best way to overlap the colours. The finished paintings were fantastic and the children would like to thank Kevin for his wonderful guidance and instruction.

art week 2017

art week 2017 b


February 22nd 2017

Bake Sale for ISPCA


p1070855 - copyThe ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is Ireland's largest animal welfare charity. Members help, rescue, treat and responsibly rehome tens of thousands of animals of all different species. Their role is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote animal welfare and to pro-actively relieve animal suffering in Ireland.

The students in Ms Kiernan's Second Class are self confessed animal lovers! Many of the children have family pets but their interest doesn't stop there. During their recent Science lessons the children have been learning about living things and caring for their locality. That old saying - 'A pet is for life and not just for Christmas' came up and many wondered where the pets would go when their owners no longer needed them? Animal welfare and the role of the ISPCA became an important topic of interest. The boys and girls were shocked to learn that the ISPCA rely on the generosity of the Irish public for 95% of their funding. Seeing the many worried faces in front of her, Ms Kiernan suggested having a bake sale to raise some much needed funds for the society. Needless to say the children fully backed this idea and immediately began planning what they would bake.

p1070876 - copyToday that idea became a reality and Ms Kiernan's classroom was transformed into a cake shop for the students on the junior corridor. The wonderful array of home-baked goodies was a sight to behold. The boys and girls practiced their social skills when selling the goods and their mathematical brains were tested when change was given. All in all, this was a wonderful success for them but the best news was the total raised - a whopping €360! Congratulations to Ms Kiernan and her caring second class on a very successful fundraising event for the ISPCA.

bake sale for ispca b

bake sale for ispca 


February 22nd 2017

Mullingar Town Band Visit


Our Junior and Senior Infants Classes receive a weekly introduction to music from visiting teacher Ms Kim Magee. Ms Magee works with Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath and she uses the Kodaly programme which is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing.

p1070900 - copyMs Magee is also Band Director with Mullingar Town Band and today she brought a small section of the Marching Band to St Colman's to give us a taster of what they are all about. All classes gathered in the upper playground. Ms Magee first told the children a little about the history of the band.

The Mullingar Town Band was officially founded in 1879 and they welcome children of p1070901 - copyall musical abilities to join. They have a marching band, the Celtic Crusaders and a concert band and have won many awards in Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. The band also have a dance corps/colour guard which perform as part of the marching element of the band. Ms Magee explained that when you join the marching band, you receive a uniform. The uniform is quite heavy and she gave two students, Ciaran Donoghue and Daragh Geoghegan, from Ms Kiernan's Second Class the opportunity to try a jacket for size!

The band then played a number of pieces for everyone, while two member of the colour guard performed synchronized movement of flags to the music. The instruments played today were tuba, french horn, euphonium, baritone sax, alto sax, trumpet, flute, clarinet and snare drum. p1070908 - copyOne student, Conor Walsh from Mrs Farrell's First Class was very proud to pose for a photo with his aunt who played flute today and Lavinia Matthews from Mrs Walters' p1070909 - copyThird Class gladly posed with her big sister and past pupil Niamh. 

Ms Magee finished up by telling all the children that on Wednesday March 1st the Mullingar Town Band are welcoming new members and invited everyone to come along. Judging by the response to the music, I think many of our students will take up the offer!

mullingar town band visit

mullingar town band visit b


February 21st 2017

Irish Dancing Sisters


p1070854 - copy

Sisters, Holly and Katie Martin from Mrs Fagan's/Mrs Brennan's First Class and Ms Skelly's Fifith Class respectively, are both Irish dancers with the Emerald Lakes School of Irish Dance. Recently, they took part in the WIDA (World Irish Dance Association) Mullingar Open Feis in the Mullingar Park Hotel and won trophies and medals for their performances. Well done girls!  


February 21st 2017

Indoor Hurling Blitz

St Colman's young hurlers took part in an indoor hurling blitz this afternoon in St Mary's gym. They played with growing confidence and skill as the tournament progressed and made it all the way through to the final. They were narrowly defeated in the end by a very good Ballymore side but it could easily have gone either way. Well done to all involved for representing your school so well.

indoor hurling blitz


February 15th 2017

Remembering World War 1

World War 1 (WW1), also known as the Great War or the First World War lasted from July 28th 1914 until November 11th 1918. The war which originated in Europe was fought by two large families of countries. The Allies - the British Empire, France, Belgium, Russia and later the USA were in one family and the Central Powers - Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey were in the other.

p1070817 - copyIt can be hard to relate to the subject of the war, as it happened a hundred years ago. One student, Paige Tyrrell, from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class brought the subject closer to home when she told us about her great-great-grandfather. Patrick Dooner who lived in England, joined the army and fought in the war. Unfortunately, Patrick never made it home, but his family received two medals on his behalf and a letter from King George, sent in 1918 when the war ended. A copy of the letter and the medals have been passed down from generation to generation and today Paige brought them into school to show all classes. 

Paige is pictured with her brother Cian from Mrs Fagan's/Mrs Brennan's First Class.


February 14th 2017

Valentine Butterflies


hearts sparklingTraditionally, St Valentine's Day is a time when we say 'I love you' to a special person in our lives. Gifts and cards are exchanged and kindness is shown. Needless to say, art lessons throughout the school today were based on Valentine's Day.

p1070798 - copyThe boys and girls in Mrs Shiel's First Class worked very hard on their Valentine's art. Under the guidance of student teacher, Ms Murphy, the children created 'Valentine Butterflies' using card, paper doilies, glue and colours. These wonderful butterflies were delivered to very happy parents and grandparents after school today and I'm sure there was plenty of hugs returned!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

valentine love bug



February 14th 2017

WIDA Mullingar Open

p1070809 - copy

Congratulations to Emily Mc Sherry from Ms Kiernan's Second Class who took part in the WIDA (World Irish Dance Association) Mullingar Open Feis in the Mullingar Park Hotel last Saturday. Emily is a member of the Emerald Lakes School of Irish Dance. She danced well and received three medals and a trophy. Well done Emily!


February 14th 2017

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as 'Spring Festival', is an important Chinese festival marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. In 2017, the first day of the Chinese New Year was on January 25th and will last until February 15th 2018, initiating the year of the rooster.

After reading about Chinese New Year, the students in Ms Healy's Third Class became so fascinated with the subject, that they undertook projects on different topics. Some of the topics were the history of Chinese New Year, traditions, Lantern Festival, lunar zodiac, Chinese alphabet & languages and the importance of the colour red & dragons in China. Each group presented their projects to the class, sharing the information they had collected. During their art lesson, the boys and girls created dragons using cupcake cases with great effect. The artwork and projects are on display in class and are well worth taking a look at! Well done to you all!

chinese new year 2017

chinese new year 2017 b


February 13th 2017

Irish Dancing Trio


Amy Devanney from Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class, Molly O'Donnell from Mrs Farrell's First Class and Rania Connell from Ms Skelly's Fifth Class are all members of the Emerald Lakes School of Irish Dance. The dancing trio took part in the WIDA (World Irish Dance Association) Mullingar Open Feis on Saturday last which was held in the Mullingar Park Hotel. The girls performed well and as you can see from the photo, they each took home a number of medals and a trophy. Congratulations girls!

p1070792 - copy


February 11th 2017

Table Quiz



There was a huge turnout at the St Colman's Parents Association annual Table Quiz which took place last night in the Annebrook Hotel. Once again, Mr Willie Geraghty compiled 10 rounds of 10 questions and as quiz master, he challenged everyone on a wide variety of topics. Thanks to Mr Geraghty and the St Colman's N.S. Parents Association for organising such an enjoyable event.

table quiz 2017


Februaury 10th 2017



The T.V. programme 'Operation Transformation' has been running for ten years. To celebrate, they have asked every primary school in Ireland to take part in an event called 10@10, where children from all over Ireland will get moving for 10 minutes of exercise at 10am on February 10th.

Mrs Walters' and Ms Healy's Third Classes participated this morning. They had many events organised  in the upper playground - obstacle course, races and basketball to name but a few. They enjoyed the exercises so much that they continued for forty minutes.

The children and their teachers thoroughly enjoyed being part of the largest junior group exercise session to ever take place in Ireland.



February 10th 2017

Farming Today and in the Past

The boys and girls in Ms Kiernan's Second Class had a very special visitor this morning. Classmate Nicole Pentony asked her grandmother, Mrs Breda Slattery, to call in and speak to the children about farming. Breda who lives in Cong, Co Mayo, has lived on a farm all her life. She spoke to the children about the busy life that farmers lead. Her farm has a 'Suckler Herd' which is when the calves run with the cows until they are about a year old and then they're sold for beef. Breda was also very proud to tell everyone about her nephew, Kevin Moran, who was awarded 'Young farmer of the year 2016' and currently runs a dairy farm. 

When asked about the difference between life on a farm now and in the past, Breda had no hesitation in saying 'Machinery'! Years ago, horses were used to pull ploughs and trailers and everyone on the farm had to help when planting seeds, weeding or harvesting crops. Today, tractors and combine harvesters reduce the workload for farmhands. Cows were once milked by hand which was a slow process, but of course nowadays milking parlours can accommodate up to 100 cows in a hour.

One subject that fascinated the children was de-horning bulls. Breda explained that bulls are de-horned when they are young by vets for safety. 

Before Breda finished up, she spoke to the children about the importance of safety on the farm. Farms can be a very dangerous place with huge machinery, slurry pits and animals that could attack children.

Although there are many dangers on a farm, Breda stressed that life on a farm is a very happy and healthy one and she would highly recommend it! Ms Kiernan and the children would like to extend a huge thank you to Breda for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit us. 

farming today and in the past


February 8th 2017

Our Local Area


Mrs Walters' Third Class has been learning all about their local area in their Geography lessons. Their learning took many different forms e.g. reading geography books, researching topics online, interviewing relevant people of interest and visiting their local community. The children were encouraged to choose an area in the town of Mullingar or a topic of interest to them to research. When the information was collected, the boys and girls divided into a number of groups and completed independent projects. The projects concluded with each group presenting their project to the class. For a lot of the children, this was their first experience of public speaking and they all did exceptionally well. Mrs Walters was super proud of the tremendous efforts made by the children and rewarded them with treats galore!

A highlight of the research was a trip to the Westmeath County Council buildings where they met Mayor of Mullingar,  Councillor John Shaw. Full report on this trip will follow next week.

our local area   


February 2nd 2017

St Brigid's Day Walk


Every year, students and staff of St Brigid's School go on an annual walk/pilgrimage to St Brigid's Well, near Cullion in Mullingar. Our sixth class students, along with students from Presentation N.S., St Mary's N.S., Gainstown N.S. and Gaelscoil an Mhuilinn, were invited to join them on the walk which was held yesterday. The bright, dry weather helped to make the occasion more enjoyable. On arriving at St Brigid's Well, a short prayer service, officiated by Fr Joseph Naikarakudy, was held for the assembled group. Everyone was invited back to St Brigid's School afterwards for some light refreshments. Thanks to all in St Brigid's School who organised this wonderful event, which was enjoyed by all!

st brigids day walk 2017


February 1st 2017

Design a T-Shirt


wp 20170201 09 15 20 pro - copy

Scott Sweeney from Mrs Fagan's & Mrs Brennan's First Class chose an inventive way to celebrate St Brigid on her feast day. wp 20170201 09 15 51 pro - copyUsing fabric gel pens that he received as a Christmas present and a white t-shirt, Scott designed a St Brigid's Day themed t-shirt complete with a St Brigid's Cross. Well done Scott!


February 1st 2017

St Brigid's Day 


st brigidToday is St Brigid's Feast Day, also known as Lá Fhéile Bhríde and it marks the first day of Spring. St Brigid was born at Faughart near Dundalk, Co Louth and is one of Ireland's patron saints, along with Patrick and Columba. Although St Brigid may not be as well known as St Patrick, she was one of the most powerful women in Ireland. After refusing an arranged marriage, she went on to found several convents whose schools provided an education for thousands of young women.copy of st.brigidcross.jpg 2



One of the traditions associated with St Brigid is to make a St Brigid's Cross from fresh rushes. Some believe that the crosses have the power to protect the owner's home from harm.

Ms Healy's Third Class are pictured below with the St Brigid's Day crosses they made today.

ms healys st brigids day crosses


January 30th 2017

Catholic Schools Week



catholic schools week 2017Catholic Schools Week 2017 takes place from January 29th - February 4th. The theme this year is 'Catholic schools: Learning with Pope Francis to care for our common home'. Today and every day this week, students will read prayers over the intercom at a chosen time and the entire school will be joined together in prayer.


January 27th 2017

Man of the Match


man of the match

Congratulations to Peter Finch from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class who was selected as 'Man of the Match' in his debut for the school hurling team when they played against St Mary's N.S. He had an outstanding game and looks to have a very bright future in hurling ahead of him.


January 26th 2017

World War 1 Trench Experience


Ms Skelly's Fifth Class has been learning all about World War 1 (WW1) in their History lessons. Today, Ms Skelly and her students took a trip to Cavan County Museum in Ballyjamesduff, to visit the largest outdoor WW1 replica trench in Ireland and the UK. The children walked through replica trenches that were built to the specifications and manuals of the Irish Guards and were used by the Royal Irish Fusiliers at the Battle of the Somme 1916. With sound and visual effects, the boys and girls were given a small insight into how the soldiers must have felt during the war. The many artefacts in the museum grabbed their attention. Replicas of the soldiers' uniforms were on display and some of the children were chosen to try on the soldiers' hats. They were able to read exact copies of postcards sent by soldiers who were at war. One poignant moment was when the group were shown 'Death Pennies' that were given to soldiers' families when their loved one was killed in action. This trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all and after speaking to some of the children today, I'm told it's a must see for all History enthusiasts!

world war 1 trench experience 


January 24th 2017

Back to Impress!


Today, we welcomed back four past pupils with some very impressive news to tell us! Jack Kenny, Conor Farrell, Seán Murphy and Andrew Sereda are second year students in Coláiste Mhuire, Mullingar. The students all have a keen interest in computer coding and are members of 'Coláiste Coding' club in their school. Their interest in coding began a number of years ago and when they were pupils in Mr Beehan's Sixth Class, they learned how to programme their own interactive stories, games and animations using Scratch.

p1070612 - copy

Andrew is currently part of a team of five who are working on a computer based project which they hope to enter in the 'School Digital Champion'. They hope to write a programme which will teach users everything they need to know when using Google docs, Google classroom and Google drive. Good luck with that Andrew. Andrew is pictured left with his teacher Ms Acton.

Jack, Conor and Seán took part in the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2017. There was a long selection process, where the students had to p1070609 - copywrite 5 x 600 character points and an essay of 500 words giving an outline of the project they wish to enter. Their teacher, Ms Eva Acton, also had to give a more detailed account of the project proving that it would hold up scientifically. The project was accepted and then, the hard work began.

p1070604 - copyThe students created a device which they called 'Alert-A-Buoy' which they hope would eventually be placed on buoys in the ocean. We have all read about the ships carrying refugees. Unfortunately, not all these ships make it to safety and dry land. For those ships that capsize in the ocean, it is hoped that the refugees would be able to swim to the buoys, where they would press a button that would then alert the coastguards and the navy. At the  moment, the device is not waterproof but the students are in contact with a local engineering company called TEG who may have the ability to make it waterproof. The project was very well received at the exhibition and since then, the students have been contacted by the Irish Coastguards and a division of the UN. This is not the first time the boys have entered the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. Last year, they entered a project called 'EYESPY' which was to help with the huge problem of cyberbullying. The project was highly commended.

Congratulations Jack, Conor and Seán on last year's award and on creating a wonderful device which will no doubt save countless lives. We wish you luck in developing this device further.

back to impress


January 19th 2017

Save the Date


st.-colmans-table-quizThe St Colman's Parents Association are having their annual Table Quiz on Friday, February 10th 2017 in the Annebrook Hotel. This is a perfect opportunity for parents, teachers and friends of St Colman's to meet up for an enjoyable night out without the kids and raise save the datemoney for the school at the same time.

Mr Geraghty is once again compiling the questions and he promises to have something to suit everyone, covering a wide range of topics including music, sport, current affairs, general knowledge, history, geography and many more. So please save the date in your diary and spread the word - friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues - everyone is welcome!


January 10th 2017

Enrolment Week

     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2017 - 2018


Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2017 will take

place during the week of

16th January 2017 - 20th January 2017

Application forms will be available from the office during this time.

All completed applications for places in Junior Infants for September 2017,

together with the necessary documentation - original birth cert, original baptismal cert (if Catholic) and proof of address (recent/3mths - utility bill or bank statement etc.), must be returned to the school office by

4pm on Friday 20th January 2017


christmas message 2016

December 22nd 2016

Winning St Loman's Players Visit


St Loman's G.F.C. have had a wonderful winning streak this year and today, members from the seven winning teams paid a visit to the school with the cups. All classes gathered in the school hall and Mr Geraghty introduced the players one by one. Many of the players present were past pupils of the school. Daire Smyth, Fionn O'Hara, David Winsor and past pupil and present teacher, Julie Mc Laughlin were all there. David is also father to Shane in Mrs Walters' Third Class. It's great to see so many of our past pupils doing well in the sporting arena and I'm sure they were an inspiration to our current pupils. The St Loman's teams won the U14 Premier Championship, U16 Premier Championship, Senior Ladies' Championship and Senior Ladies' League Division 1, Senior Men's Championship, Senior Men's Division 1 and Senior Men's Feis Cup. Congratulations to St Loman's G.F.C. and best of luck to you all in the future.

dsc 1157 - copy


December 21st 2016

Christmas Carol Service


The entire school body made their way to St Paul's Church this morning for our annual Christmas Carol Service which began at 11am and was officiated by Fr Paul Crosby. We were joined by parents/guardians and friends to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with music, song and prayer. Throughout the service, children representing every class group reminded us of the story of Jesus' birth while members of the living crib gathered on the altar. The readings were interspersed with Christmas hymns sung beautifully by our school choir. The children from our second classes, who will make their First Holy Communion next year, took part in The Procession of Light and decorated the Jessie Tree. The school orchestra also took to the altar to play for the audience. The service ended with the choir's rendition of 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree'.

christmas carols 2016 b

christmas carols 2016


December 20th 2016

Christmas Play Season


This year, we had ten classes perform plays for their family and friends. We began last Tuesday with Ms Geraghty's Junior Infant Class play and we finished up today with Ms Brennan's Fourth Class play. Throughout the week we've had crying babies, many wise men, countless shepherds, angels, stars that cannot shine, Cinderella, funky narrators, a very bossy king and of course the Baby Jesus. There are certainly plenty of budding actors and actresses in our midst who all performed brilliantly to packed appreciative audiences. Well done to all the children and their teachers. Great job everyone!

christmas plays 2016


December 20th 2016

Special Invitation



The boys and girls in Ms Mulcair's Junior Infant Class received a very special invitation to attend a fun Christmas Party in Mullingar Community College, hosted by the childcare students. The children were really excited as they left the school and walked the short distance to the Community College. On arrival at the college, the children were brought to a specially decorated party room, where they were entertained with arts and crafts, games and face painting. Tables covered in a wonderful array of goodies, prepared by the hosts, were ready for the hungry guests. And as if that wasn't enough, Santa took time out of his busy schedule and came to the party to speak to the children!

Ms Mulcair and the children would like to thank the childcare students and staff of the Community College for the wonderful welcome they received and the hospitality shown to them.

special invitation 2016


December 20th 2016

Enrolment Week

     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2017 - 2018


Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2017 will take

place during the week of

16th January 2017 - 20th January 2017

Application forms will be available from the office during this time.

All completed applications for places in Junior Infants for September 2017,

together with the necessary documentation - original birth cert, original baptismal cert (if Catholic) and proof of address (recent/3mths - utility bill or bank statement etc.), must be returned to the school office by

4pm on Friday 20th January 2017


December 15th 2016

Special Christmas Wishes


The parents of the children in Ms Kiernan's Second Class received a nice surprise in the post this morning. Among all the usual unwelcome bills was a very special Christmas card!

Ms Kiernan's students are preparing for First Holy Communion which will take place next May. As part of their preparations they have been reminded of just how much their parents have done for them since they were born. They decided that Christmas would be the perfect time to say thank you! Yesterday, during their art lesson, the boys and girls each designed a Christmas card. Along with the usual 'Merry Christmas', the boys and girls wrote a special thank you message. Before school finished for the day, all the cards were posted and today, the surprise Christmas Card was on the doormat.

special christmas wishes


December 14th 2016

Karate Red Belt



Mrs Walters and her third class children are very proud of their classmate Oliver Szyndzielorz who was awarded his second red belt in Karate last Sunday. Oliver trains very hard and attends Karate class every Tuesday. There are ten coloured belts in Karate beginning with the white belt and finishing with the black belt signifing the highest rank of acquired skills. Next grading for Oliver is in June and we wish him the very best of luck with it. Keep up the good work Oliver!


December 12th 2016

Quite the Sportsman!

p1070533 - copyOne of our young fifth class students had a very busy weekend indeed. Tadhg Sheridan from Ms Skelly's Fifth Class is a member of the Olympic Boxing Club and on Saturday, he took part in the Longford/Westmeath Boxing Championships and made it through to the semi-finals winning his final bout. On Sunday morning, Tadhg, who is also a member of the Harriers Running Club, travelled to Omeath, Co Louth, to take part in the All Ireland Cross Country Run. Although Tadhg is just 11 years old, he ran in the under 13 age group and finished in a very credible 28th place. Later on Sunday afternoon, Tadhg boxed in the final of the Longford/Westmeath Championships and won his bout in the Boy1 - 31kg category. He also won a trophy for Best Male Boxer! Congratulations Tadhg on your fantastic sporting achievements.


December 11th 2016

Christmas Fair



The St Colman's annual Christmas Fair was held in the school today and once again it was a resounding success. By 11.30am, the school was full to bursting with excited friends of St Colman's. There was an abundance of activities to keep everyone happy. The festive crafts created by the students and the wonderful home-baked goodies donated by many of you sold out fast. The tasty freshly made crepes were truly scrumptious. Sand art was enjoyed by many and the face painting and nail painting section was kept busy. Thanks to everyone who supported this Christmas fundraiser.

christmas fair 2016 

christmas fair 2016 c

christmas fair 2016 b


December 9th 2016

Design A Christmas Jumper


The students from Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class held a fun art competition recently for all children in the school to get everybody into the Christmas Spirit - Design a Christmas Jumper! As you can imagine, the boys and girls loved this idea and came up with some inspired jumper designs. The task of picking winners was not an easy one as the standard was very high. Eventually a winner was chosen from every class and this afternoon, all of the seventeen winning artists were announced and each received a selection box. Congratulations to everyone who entered and to Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class on a great idea.

20161209 132837 - copy


December 9th 2016

Light the Lights!


At 1:20pm today, Mrs Garvey called all of our junior infant children to the front of the school beside the outdoor Christmas Tree. She had a very important job to do and she asked the children for assistance. She called the two youngest boys and girls to the front of the group. Ellen Gallagher & Dylan Doherty from Ms Mulcair's Junior Infant Class and Mia Clark & Ahmed Abdellatif from Ms Geraghty's Junior Infant Class were asked to officially switch on the colourful Christmas lights on the tree. The remaining children were then asked to countdown from ten and the lights were lit amidst cheers from everyone!

light the lights 2016


December 9th 2016

Christmas Jumper Day

The Christmas festivities got off to a flying start today when we had a no-uniform/Christmas Jumper Day. There was a huge variety of jumpers - santas, elves, reindeer, snowmen and penguins all made an appearance. We even had a few Santa lookalikes! What a great way to get us all in the Christmas spirit.

christmas jumper day

christmas jumper day c

christmas jumper day b


December 8th 2016

Just a Reminder..


just a reminder aSt Colman's Christmas Fair is on Sunday next, December 11th at 11.15am in the school hall. Today, I got a sneak preview of the wonderful Christmas Treat Plates designed by our sixth class students. No home should be without them! So if you're looking for a special plate to hold treats for Santa and the reindeer, look no further and get yourself down to the school on Sunday. The plates are just some of the many arts and crafts created by our students that will be on sale.

just a reminder


December 8th 2016

Christmas Starts Now......


christmas season


Christmas season in St Colman's officially starts today with Mass in St Paul's Church at 12 noon for all students to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. To see the full list of Christmas events please CLICK HERE


December 5th 2016

1916 Commemorative Award


Yesterday, President Michael D Higgins presented representatives of the Defence Forces and Reserve Defence Forces with specially commissioned medals to mark their role in the 2016 centenary year.

Today, seven of our sixth class students were very proud to receive a 'Commemorative Plate' to mark their role in the celebrations. Earlier this year on March 9th, the seven students took part in a special evening called 'Oiche Gaelach' which was organised by the Westmeath I.C.A. David Naughton, Rian Adamson, Adam Carballo, Daniel Byrne and Ciaran Gowran from Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class and Conor Garvey and Cormac Grimes from Mr Beehan's Sixth Class took on the roles of the seven signatories on the 1916 Proclamation. The beautifully crafted pewter 'Commemorative Plate', which has the faces and names of the seven signatories on it, will take pride of place in our History cabinet on the senior corridor for all to see and admire.

1916 commemorative award 


December 3rd 2016

Christmas Cards for Schools


christmas cards for schools logoToday was a very exciting day as the children in St Colman's received their packs of self-designed Christmas cards!

Although Christmas seemed quite far away at the time, all children in the school designed their own Christmas card at the end of October. When we returned to school after the Halloween break, each child got a sample card and had the opportunity to order packs. Those packs were delivered today in plenty of time to include in the Christmas post. These beautiful unique cards will now be sent to all corners of the world. We are very proud of our many talented young artists!

This was a very successful fundraiser for the school raising a total of €1,400 and we would like to thank everyone who supported it.

christmas cards for schools


December 2nd 2016



In mathematical terms, capacity means the amount that something can hold. It can be measured in millilitres & litres or pints & gallons. The boys and girls in Ms Morris' Senior infant class have enjoyed learning all about capacity this week in their Maths lessons. They particularly enjoyed putting all the information they learned into practice, with a bucket of water and containers of many different sizes. As you can imagine things got a little bit wet, but good fun was had by all!



December 1st 2016

Save the Date


bridal-buzz-etiquette-expert-save-the-dates-holiday-cards-8iruxt-clipartDecember has arrived and with it brings the panic that surrounds Christmas shopping. But worry no more because the St Colman's Christmas Fair is just around the corner and with many Christmas gift ideas on sale, you'll be spoilt for choice!

The senior corridor is a hive of activity at the moment as the children create festive Christmas plates and plaques, pyramids, snow globes, candle holders and table centre pieces which will be on sale at the fair. As always there will be an array of homemade goodies on sale and tea & coffee to enjoy while you chat with friends. There will be plenty to keep the children busy and a new photo booth to try. Santa has promised to take time out of his busy schedule to come along too, so don't miss out! Hope to see you all on Sunday December 11th at 11.15am in the school hall.

save the date - christmas fair

save the date - christmas fair b

save the date - christmas fair c


November 25th 2016

Remembrance Sunday


p1070394 - copyOne day every year, on the second Sunday in November, British military and civilian servicemen and women are remembered for their contribution in the two World Wars. The ceremony is held on the Sunday nearest to November 11th, Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11am in 1918.

One of our students, Lavinia Matthews from Mrs Walters' Third Class, attended a Remembrance Service in All Saint's Church of Ireland Church in Mullingar on November 13th this year. She and her family were invited to the service to represent Lavinia's great great grandfather Dmr. F. Finch who fought in World War 1. Lavinia carried a framed painting of her great great grandfather to the altar, which included his medals and a poppy.

The remembrance poppy is an artificial flower, used since 1921 to commemorate military personnel who have died in war and represents a common or field poppy.

The service ended with Lavinia reciting a famous epitaph by English poet, John Maxwell Edmonds.

"When you go home, tell them of us and say 'For your tomorrow we gave our today'"


November 24th 2016

Recyclable Art


As a Green School, we like to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. The boys and girls in Mrs Farrell's First Class practice this every day and have created some wonderful pieces of art in the process. Their box of recyclable materials is in constant use and each day it's being emptied and then refilled, ready for the next group to use. Well done guys!

recyclable art


November 21st 2016

Early Morning Recital


First thing this morning, the children in Mrs Walters' Third Class were treated to an early morning piano recital in the school hall given by one of their classmates, Charlie Foy. Charlie was getting some practice in for his elementary piano exam which he will take tomorrow. We wish Charlie the very best of luck in his exam. Judging by his playing this morning, I am sure he will do very well indeed!

early morning recital


November 21st 2016

Irish Dancing Winners

Irish Dancing is very popular among the students in St Colman's. Two of our young dancers had a busy time last weekend attending competitions and today they showed me their winnings.

p1070382 - copy

Kaja Zboch from Ms Kiernan's Second Class attends Sarah Jane's School of Irish Dance in Tyrellspass. Yesterday she travelled to Dublin to take part in the Leinster Championships of Irish Dancing. She danced the reel, jig & hornpipe in the U8 section and came away with 8 medals, a sash and trophy.

p1070389 - copy


Amy Devanney from Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class is a member of the Emerald Lakes School of Irish Dance in Rochfortbridge. On Saturday she travelled all the way to Letterkenny in Co Donegal to participate in the Irish Open Premiership. She also danced the reel & jig and took part in a group dance, winning 6 medals, a sash and trophy.

p1090203 - copy

Molly O'Donnell from Mrs Farrell's First Class is a classmate of Amy's in the Emerald Lakes School of Irish Dance. She also made the long journey to Letterkenny in Co Donegal to take part in the Irish Open Premiership. She danced the reel and jig and win 3 medals and a trophy.

Congratulations girls. A great achievement by all of you. 


November 18th 2016

Science Party

Science Week

November 13th - 20th 2016


To celebrate Science Week 2016, Ms Kiernan's Second Class held a science party for their neighbours - Mrs Slevin's Second Class and guest of honour - Mrs Garvey.

Throughout Science Week, the boys and girls learned about many science experiments. They were divided into groups and each group was given an experiment to perfect. Every group created posters to explain their individual experiment. All the items needed to perform the experiments were gathered and the stage was set.

There were nine experiments in all. The Supermoon, Walking Water, Tornadoes, Magic Balloon, How Plants Grow, Floating and Sinking, The Five Senses and two different Volcano experiments. Many of the experiments were interactive and volunteers were required. Chemical reactions causing eruptions, testing the five senses, capillary action, tornadoes in a bottle and a balloon magically inflating kept the audience entertained at all times. Mrs Garvey was very impressed with the trojan amount of work and congratulated them on the wonderful display of fun scientific facts. A great finale to Science Week in St Colman's!

science party

science party 2

science party 3


November 18th 2016

Charcoal Art

During their art lesson today, the boys and girls in Mrs Walters' Third Class created some wonderful charcoal art. The theme today was winter and with the frost and snow we've had in the last few days, they only had to look out the classroom window for inspiration. Great work!

charcoal art

charcoal art 2


November 17th 2016

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


For many years now, St Colman's N.S. has supported the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. This year, Team Hope shoeboxes from Ireland will go to street children, orphans, children in hospital, poor families, victims of war and other needy situations in the poorest countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. The boxes filled with surprises will bring a little bit of joy and hope into their difficult lives.

Representatives from Team Hope called to the school today and were delighted to collect 212 Christmas shoeboxes. They wish to extend their gratitude to everyone who supported the appeal. Well done everyone!

christmas shoebox appeal 2016 


November 15th 2016

Supermoon Over Mullingar

Below are some photos of the Supermoon taken in Mullingar.

supermoon over mullingar


November 14th 2016


Tonight is a very special night in the world of astronomy, as the Supermoon will be on display. Millions of moon gazers will enjoy the moon at its brightest and biggest in almost 70 years. The Supermoon means that the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been since 1948. This 'once in a lifetime' sight makes it appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal. It won't happen again until November 25th 2034.

The moon is expected to rise over Ireland at around 17:04, so you can watch out for it any time after that. Tonight's weather conditions are forecast to be cloudy and breezy but the Supermoon should be easy to spot because it will be so large. This particular Supermoon has its own name - the Beaver Moon! This is because it falls at a time of year when American settlers trapped beavers ahead of the winter. It also has a scientific name which is Perigee Full Moon.

For anyone who misses out tonight, look out again tomorrow night when it will appear similarly large.



November 9th 2016

Lava Lamps


Science experiments are fun, or so the children in Ms Kiernan's Second Class told me today! Did you ever hear that oil and water don't mix? Well, the boys and girls found an exciting way to prove just that.

They gathered all the ingredients they needed for their experiment - clear plastic bottles, oil, water, food colouring, Alka Seltzer and paper to use as a funnel.

The plastic bottles were each filled with water to the half way mark. Oil was then added and very soon the children could see that the oil sat on top of the water because the oil is less dense than the water. A little food colouring was then added. It made its way through the oil and leaked into the water below. Broken pieces of Alka Seltzer were added and the lava lamp erupted into activity! The tablet sank to the bottom of the bottle and mixed with the water to create a gas. As the bubbles of gas rose, they collected the food colouring and slowly made their way to the top of the bottle. When the bubbles reached the top, the gas escaped and the water sank once more. The effect was thrilling for the children and had them mesmerised!

lava lamps

lava lamps 2


November 9th 2016

Torn Paper Portraits

The boys and girls in Ms Mulcair's Junior Infant Class really enjoyed their art lesson today. They used pieces of torn paper, of many different colours, to make self portraits. They turned out wonderfully, as you can see from the photos below.

torn paper portraits 2016 


happy halloween 3

October 28th 2016

Halloween Party


Over the last number of weeks, the students in Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class have spent some time with our junior infant students. They went on a nature walk together and spoke about all the signs of Autumn that they saw. Over many days the sixth class students also taught their new friends games to play in the playground. The younger students enjoyed learning from their new friends and the older students relished their newfound responsibilities.

Today, as a very special end of term treat, the boys and girls in sixth class held a Halloween party for all the junior infant students. Activities were set up at different stations - cupcake decorating, treasure hunt, halloween art and bobbing for apples. What a great way to end the first term!

happy halloween b

happy halloween


October 28th 2016

Chocolate Apples - Take Two!

Before they left school yesterday, the boys and girls in Ms Mulcair's Junior Infant Class received the last stamp they needed to be awarded 'Choose Time'. After seeing the fun their friends in Ms Geraghty's Junior Infant Class had making chocolate apples, the children decided to do the same. First thing this morning, Ms Mulcair and Mrs Mulcair helped the children decorate their apples with chocolate and sprinkles on top. As you can see from the photos, they really enjoyed their cookery lesson, but most of all they enjoyed eating their treat!

chocolate apples - take two


October 28th 2016

Disney Scarecrows


The students in Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been very busy over the last few weeks designing and building four scarecrows. The theme chosen was Disney characters. The children split into four groups and after each group chose their specific character, they set about collecting all the clothes, accessories and materials needed to complete their scarecrow. The four completed scarecrows, Maleficient, Wall-e, Baymax and Olaf were on display in the school hall today. Each class took it in turn to visit the hall and check out these wonderful creations.

disney scarecrows


October 27th 2016

Chocolate Apples


The boys and girls in Ms Geraghty's Junior Infant Class have been so good lately that they collected enough stamps to be awarded 'Choose Time'. As Halloween is just around the corner, Ms Geraghty suggested making chocolate apples as their treat and the children jumped at the chance. Everyone headed to the staff room bright and early this morning and had great fun making their chocolate treats!

chocolate apples


October 26th 2016

Camogie Training for Beginners


Every Monday during the month of October, Ms Murphy and Mrs Collins held camogie training for girls in first and second class. The girls all listened well to the instructions and performed well on the pitch. Perhaps we'll see them in years to come representing St Colman's in the Cumann na mBunscoil competition.

camogie training for beginners


October 25th 2016

It's Planting Time!

In January and February next year, when it seems like Winter will never end, those first signs of Spring cheer us up and promise better weather ahead. One sure sign of Spring is when the hardy crocus pushes its way up through the earth.

To ensure that we see some colour in our school garden next Spring, Mrs Farrell's First Class planted some crocus bulbs this morning. The best time to plant crocus bulbs is when the weather starts to get chillier in Autumn, so today was the ideal time. The children headed out to our outdoor classroom, where Ms O'Dowd gave them a few pointers on planting bulbs.

Crocus bulbs should be sown several inches apart and 2-3 inches deep. The bulbs are small and rounded with slightly pointed tops. Place the bulbs in the ground with the pointed tops facing upwards. Then cover with soil and press firmly. Gently water the soil and the job's done. The boys and girls will check the garden from time to time and they promise to let us know when their crocus bulbs bloom.

its planting time


October 24th 2016

Jack O'Lantern

p1070184 - copyA Jack O'Lantern is a carved pumpkin lantern associated with the holiday of Halloween. But the original Jack O'Lantern was actually a carved turnip! In the 19th and 20th centuries, as pumpkins did not exist in Ireland, people carved turnips on All Hallow's Eve (31st October) and placed an ember inside to ward off evil spirits. In recent years, supermarkets have begun to sell larger and easier to carve American pumpkins. Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America where it has become an integral part of the Halloween festivities.

Mrs Farrell had a lovely surprise this morning. One of her students in first class, Corey Barr, brought a fully carved pumpkin, complete with a candle, into class. Corey's mum Lisa helped with the carving and together they did a wonderful job!


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