October 24th 2014

Halloween Games


ghost cartoon

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class had lots of fun today as they played some Halloween games. It certainly got them in the Halloween Spirit.


ms healys class halloween games


October 24th 2014

A Busy Term


img 1069

Mrs Farrell's Second Class have been working hard all term and speaking to some of the children this week, I learned a little about what they did.

They completed many pieces of art which they really enjoyed. They were very happy with how their still life and castle pictures turned out and they loved all the spooky Halloween art they produced this week.


img 1063


They were very proud of the many projects that were completed. They've turned into quite the detectives! Some of the topics they investigated were, Thomas Edison, volcanoes, swallows, hedgehogs, leaves and last but not least, Halloween and Jack o'Lanterns. Seasonal cobwebs were added to the Halloween project to very good effect.

img 1078

The children enjoyed digging into their past starting when they were babies. A couple of baskets hold cute cuddly toys they've owned for quite some time. 


                                    img 1074

They have a very impressive Nature table in their class. They've been gathering items for some time and this week they enjoyed a Nature walk where they saw many of the leaves they studied earlier in the month. There was some rather large and quite possibly poisonous mushrooms and something that doesn't grow in the fields - BANGERS! Unfortunately, these dangerous Halloween hazards were littering the field beside the school.  

Thank you to Mrs Farrell and her class for giving us an insight into their first term.

mrs farrells first term 


October 23rd 2014

Children Helping Children Fundraiser


hat 1St Colman's have a longstanding tradition of fundraising for many different charities. hat 2We encourage the children of St Colman's to help other children in need, both at home and abroad. Tomorrow we are having a Mad Hat/Non Uniform Day in the school. We hope to see everyone dressed in their casual clothes and wearing a hat of any description. All donations will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to worthy children's charities.


October 23rd 2014

Belvedere Scarecrow Festival


The fifth annual Scarecrow Festival is taking place in Belvedere from October 24th to November 1st and our sixth class students have entered five fabulous scarecrows. The theme they chose was Star Wars and the students have been collecting everything from plastic bags and straw to boots and handbags over the past few weeks. They have worked tirelessly with their teachers, Mrs Deane and Mr Beehan and have produced five characters from Star Wars that you will all recognise. Their attention to detail is excellent and we have no doubt that their scarecrows will be admired by many over the next week. One of the categories in the competition is the 'People's Choice Award', so please pay a visit to Belvedere during the Mid Term Break and give them your vote.


img 6184 - copy


img 6196


October 22nd 2014

Crunchy Critters


The Crunchy Critters are back! Ms Costelloe's and Ms Morris' Senior Infants Classes collected lots of crispy Autumn leaves of many colours to create their lovely Crunchy Critters characters.

crunchy critters - 2014


October 22nd 2014

Autumn Art


Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class had great fun finger painting these wonderful Autumn trees in the many colours we see at this time of the year. Well done to you all!


autumn art


October 21st 2014

Monday's Child


mondays childThis morning, our senior infants and first classes were treated to a trip to the Mullingar Arts Centre where they saw a wonderful play entitled 'Monday's Child'. This sensitive and funny play written by award winning writer, Brendan Murray, tells the story of the unique bond between an old woman and a little girl. Incorporating song and dance and dress up, the children were thoroughly entertained and arrived back in school with smiles on their faces. 


October 21st 2014

Favourite Building in Mullingar


The children from Ms Costelloe's Senior Infant's Class talked about all the distinctive and interesting buildings in Mullingar yesterday in class. Later, in after school club, two budding young artists drew a picture of their favourite building 'The Cathedral'. Pictured below is Daniel Maslin and Maddie Mulderry with their wonderful drawing of the Cathedral. Well done guys.

favourite building in mullingar - snr infs


October 20th 2014

Torn Paper Portraits


Just as the title suggests, Ms Costelloe's Senior Infants Class created portraits using torn paper of different colours. Didn't they do a great job!

torn paper portraits


October 17th 2014

Maths Week

October 11th - 19th 2014


mathsbookThe school has been buzzing this week with all things Mathematical. Today, as Maths Week comes to an end, Mrs Walters rewarded her Fourth Class with a very special Maths lesson. Working in pairs, the children played Maths games on the school laptops. The games all focused on angles which was the topic they studied this week.The children competed against themselves and each other as the search began to find the Maths 'Champion of Champions'. The boys and girls loved this fun way to learn Maths and thought it was a great way to end the week!

To read about this special Maths Lesson in the children's own words CLICK HERE

maths week 2014 


October 17th 2014

GAA News


cumann na bunscoil logo - copyThe Cumann na mBunscol season has begun and St Colman's are off to a great start. The Girls Football team has played two games to date and were victorious in both! The first game was against Rathwire NS and yesterday they played Gainstown NS. Our Boys Football team had their first game yesterday against Coosan NS., Athlone and they too were victorious. Congratulations to everyone involved. We are extremely proud of their win and more importantly of their attitude and behaviour. Keep up the good work and best of luck in future games.  


October 16th 2014

Our Family Trees


family tree blue heartsLast week, Mrs Walter's Fourth Class completed a study on their families. This included researching their family crests, the meaning of their family names and creating their family trees. The students took a great interest in these topics and spent hours digging through family photo albums and chatting to their parents and grandparents so they could learn a little more about themselves and their ancestors. Some of the children even took to the internet! When all this wonderful information was collected, the children produced beautiful projects and displayed them on their class art boards both on the corridor and inside their classroom.

To read a small selection of the exciting facts the children discovered about their families, please CLICK HERE

 our family trees


Click on a photo below to see some photos of the children working on their projects



October 13th 2014

Guess Who?

During a recent art lesson, the children in Mrs Fagan/Mrs Brennan's Third Class created some self potraits and what a great job they did! They displayed the portraits on the art board outside their class for everyone to see and asked the question 'Guess Who?'. So have a look at their portraits below and see if you recognise anyone.

guess who 1

guess who 2


October 6th 2014

Road Safety Week 2014

rsa safety week 2014The seventh annual 'Irish Road Safety Week' runs from Monday 6th - Sunday 12th October 2014. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is urging people to get involved in this national drive to save lives. They have produced a leaflet 'Going to School' which is a guide for parents to help get their children to school safely. CLICK HERE to read this leaflet.


October 4th 2014

Learning About Electricity


Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been busy this week learning about electricity and how to construct some basic circuits. To test their new found knowledge, they were tasked with designing and building their own working lighthouses. As you can see these worked out very well indeed. There are definitely a few budding scientists/architects in this class.

electricity - making lighthouses

Making Circuits

electricity - finished lighthouses

The Finished Lighthouses with working Lights


October 3rd 2014

Children Helping Children

thank you 052Last December, St Colman's held a 'Mad Hair Day' fundraiser to help people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The event, organised by Ms Healy was a huge success and we raised €1,100. During the summer, Sr Evelyn Flanagan, a Presentation sister who is working with the Badjao Tribal Project in Cebu, in the Philippines came home to Ireland on holidays. Ms Healy met up with Sr Evelyn and passed on the cheque, much to the delight of Sr Evelyn. Last week, we received a Thank You card from Sr Evelyn giving us some information as to how the money will be spent.

To read Sr Evelyn's card please CLICK HERE

dscn3558 - copy

Ms Healy and Sr Evelyn when they met a few years ago in Cebu

Ms Healy has very kindly shared with us some photos she took while she was in Cebu. Click on a photo below to view them


October 2nd 2014

Team Winners

team winners - cross country 2014

Last month, sixty five students from St Colman's took part in the annual Westmeath Cross Country Run in Belvedere. On the day eighteen of our young runners won medals. This week we were delighted to hear from the organisers that two of our teams have also won medals. Congratulations to the teams from fourth and fifth Classes.



October 1st 2014

Enjoying School


It's hard to believe that just over four weeks ago our Junior Infants had their first day at school. To see them walk confidently and relaxed into class each morning you would think they were seasoned school goers! Ms Hamill, Ms Healy and Mrs Slevin are delighted with how well the children have settled in. We wish you all success in the coming years in St Colman's.

ms hamills jun inf class at playtime

morning playtime ms hamills class

Ms Hamill's Class enjoying playtime this morning


September 26th 2014

School Orchestra


music notes 2The hall was alive with music this morning as the school orchestra had their first rehearsal of the school year. Ms Morris welcomed almost 90 eager students playing a host of instruments - recorders, tenor recorders, violins, trumpets, saxophones and flutes. They got off to a flying start and we look forward to hearing their first performance. We wish them a successful year!

orchestra 2014-2015


Septenber 24th 2014




Nut Allergy Alert


nut free

There are a number of children in St Colman's who are allergic to nuts. In the interest of the health and safety of these children, we ask Parents/Guardians not to include nuts or foods containing nuts eg: Nutella in their child's lunchbox. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



September 18th 2014

Westmeath Schools Cross Country


cross country runnersThe annual Westmeath Schools Cross Country run took place in Belvedere yesterday. The event was organised by Mullingar Harriers and schools from all over the county attended. Sixty five children from St Colman's took part. All our runners performed well and we congratulate them all.

cross country 2014


September 8th 2014

Jubilee Celebrations


A very special Jubilee Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral of Christ the King yesterday to mark the 75th anniversary of the consecration of the Cathedral of the Diocese of Meath. The chief celebrant was Bishop Michael Smith and the guest of honour was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York. The beautiful music throughout the Mass was performed by the Cathedral Choir and the Mullingar Choral Society. Before the Mass, a tree planting ceremony was held to mark this special occasion.

Afterwards, more than 2,500 parishioners took part in a street party which was organised by parish volunteers. There were many activities to keep everyone busy and the lovely weather ensured that no-one was in a hurry to leave. Congratulations to everyone who organised this wonderful event.

jubilee celebrations - copy


September 4th 2014

Storytime in the Sun


Isn't it lovely having sunshine in September? Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class made the most of today's sunshine by having storytime in the outdoor classroom. What a great way to end the day!

p1010786 - copy 2


August 25th 2014

Welcome Back

welcome back 2014


St Colman's will re-open next Monday September 1st at 8.50am. We hope you all enjoyed the wonderful summer break and return rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year. We look forward to welcoming the boys and girls of our new Junior Infants Classes. 

Junior Infants will go home at 12 noon from Monday September 1st until Friday September 12th. They will go home at 1.30pm from Monday September 15th onwards.

We would like to wish all students and staff a very successful school year.



have a great summer         sun 2

June 27th 2014

School's Out For Summer

schools out for summerThe excitement was palpable along the corridors of St Colman's today. With just over three hours to go before the Summer Holidays, the children and staff were looking forward to the summer days ahead. Most classes had parties and games which helped pass the time!

Congratulations to the children who received certificates for their excellent attendance. For some of you, this is not your first time to receive this certificate, so well done and keep up the good work.

We hope you all have a relaxing, happy and healthy summer and we look forward to welcoming you all back again on September 1st. 


June 26th 2014

Flash Dance

When the parents of our senior infants came to collect their children from school today, they were in for quite a surprise. As the children came through the door, they lined themselves up in rows. The parents were a little bewildered. 'What's going on?' one man said. Then the music started and the boys and girls began their very well rehearsed dance to the delight and amusement of their parents. There were two performances, one from each class. Ms Costelloe's Class danced to 'Fixer Upper' from the much loved movie Frozen and Ms Morris' Class danced to the catchy tune 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. The children learned the dances with their dance teacher, Mrs Siobhan Moore and continued to rehearse with their class teachers until they were ready to perform for their parents. The children danced their socks off and their very proud parents were thrilled with this impromptu flash dance.




June 26th 2014

Tile Art


Recently, local artist Andrina Finch, came in to work with our fourth classes. The theme for the art lesson was 'School Life' and the medium was tile painting. After discussing all aspects of school life and ideas on how best to paint them, the children began to design their tile. The finished tiles were then displayed decoratively on two boards. The boards are hanging on the senior corridor for all to see and admire. The children are very proud of the finished products and would like to thank Andrina for her help and guidance.

4th class art with andrina finch


June 25th 2014

Beside The Seaside


To get into the 'summer holiday' spirit, the boys and girls in Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class put on a play for their family and friends yesterday. The children acted out all the characters and creatures you might see on the beach. They rehearsed every song until they were perfect. The toe-tapping melodies had everyone humming along and leaving with smiles on their faces. Great job!


beside the seaside


June 25th 2014

Third Class Projects


The children in Ms Skelly's Third Class have been very busy recently. They divided into groups and completed projects on many different topics. Some of the topics include domestic animals, wild animals, snakes, reptiles as well as the doll/movie Monster High and the video game Minecraft. One group completed their project on the very popular Looms. The boys and girls worked very hard researching the various topics and were very proud of the finished work. Well done guys!

ms skellys class projects


June 24th 2014

Sports Blitz

Mrs Connaughton's Fourth Class were invited to Gaelscoil an Choillín today to participate in a sports blitz. The events included soccer, Gaelic, wall ball, mini basketball, handball and unihoc. The emphasis was on enjoyment and not competitiveness. The children certainly enjoyed themselves and after all those games will probably sleep well tonight! Thanks to the parents and staff of Gaelscoil an Choillín for the invitation and welcome we received.

fourth class blitz - cullion   


June 24th 2014

Farewell To Sixth Class


Today we bid a fond farewell to the children in sixth class. Most of the children have been with us in St Colman's for the past eight years and now they are moving on to secondary school and new adventures.

Yesterday, at 1.00pm a special football match was held in Shamrock's Grounds. Sixth class against the teachers aided by Fr Paul Crosbie! It was a hard fought game but the teachers won out in the end. Thankfully the teachers were all fit for work today, although maybe a little tired!!

teachers v 6th class

Yesterday evening, family and friends were invited to an end of year Mass in St Paul's Church, officiated by a relieved Fr Paul. Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school hall for refreshments. The hall was decorated by some wonderful project work and art work created by our talented sixth class children.

The children arrived in bright and early this morning wearing their school shirts ready to be decorated by 'well wishes' of teachers and students. They went to lunch in town before saying their goodbyes. They're heading off to pastures new and we wish them the very best of luck in everthing they do.

Go n-éirí an bóthar libh.

sixth class leaving art

A selection of sixth class work displayed in the hall



June 23rd 2014

Paisean Faisean


p1060488 - copyThe boys and girls in Ms Brennan's First Class have taken to the catwalk! Today at 1.30pm, they put on a fashion show 'As Gaeilge' in the school hall for family and friends. Many of the models were familiar to us here in St Colman's. Mrs Garvey, Ms Morris, Ms Murphy, Kevin our caretaker and Ms Brennan to name just a few, were all there modeling the latest fashion. The wonderful show was written by Ms Brennan and each child took a turn as narrator. There were coyboys, rappers, army, school inspectors and rock stars. The well chosen music kept us all tapping our feet and clapping our hands as the models performed line-dancing, ballet and brush dancing. The applause throughout the show and at the end was testiment to the terrific acting and dancing and just how much everyone enjoyed themselves. Well done everyone!

p1060545 - copy


June 22nd 2014

Summer Has Arrived!!


The weather in Ireland is nothing if not temperamental, so when we have some sunshine we have to make the most ot it! This past week everyone at St Colman's was making the most of the glorious sunshine. During our breaks, which went on a little longer some days, the green areas and playgrounds were awash with activity. Lets hope this is a sign of the weather to come during the summer holidays but either way that old saying 'Make hay when the sun shines' springs to mind. Enjoy the good weather when we get it!

beautiful weather 1 

beautiful weather 2

Click on a photo below to see some more photos in the sunshine


June 20th 2014


duathlon 2Ten of our sixth class children took part in the Waterways Ireland Bridge to Bridge Duathlon today, which was hosted by Westmeath Sports Partnership & Midland Tri Club and was part of the National Bike Week celebrations. They began by cycling 2km along the Royal Canal towpath before running two laps of the Harbour Field sports pitch. The children all performed well and received a medal to acknowledge their participation.

June 19th 2014

Sports Awards


The entire school gathered in the lower playground today to see our some of young sports stars collect their awards. Mr Geraghty was M.C. and past pupil Fiona Keating very kindly came back to St Colman's to present the awards. Fiona is the goal-keeper on the Westmeath Ladies Senior Camogie Team.

First up were the winners of the I.N.T.O. Mini Sevens which was held in Caulry GAA grounds, Moate. Then we had the runners up in the Cumann na mBunscoil Boys' Football Division 1 final. Last but not not least were the winners of the Cumann na mBunscoil Camogie Division 2 final. Congratulations to all the players and their coaches.

sports awards


June 18th 2014

Bike to School Day 2014

Schools around the country were asked to cycle to school today, as part of National Bike week. Children from St Colman's met at the cinema in Lakepoint at 8.30am and travelled in convoy to the school accompanied by Gardaí, Community Wardens and school staff. The cyclists were greeted at the school by a rousing round of applause and much cheering. Well done to everyone who took part. You were all helping Green Schools Ireland reach a target of 5,000 people cycling to school in Ireland today. I wonder did they reach their target?


bike to school 2014


June 18th 2014

Cinema Treat


choirAs a reward for their hard work and commitment over the past year, the members of our school choir and orchestra were taken to theorchestra cinema today. The children really enjoyed the movie, Maleficent and didn't complain at all about missing their lessons!   


June 17th 2014

Young Reporter


p1060418 - copy

One budding young reporter, Danagh Nagle, has started her career in journalism and she's only in fourth class. A short time ago, Danagh from Mr Geraghty's Class, noticed an aeroplane flying low in the sky and was worried that it might crash. With her dad's help, Danagh looked up an app called Flightrader Pro and was able find the plane and follow the flight path. Not content to leave it there, Danagh approached the Westmeath Examiner and told her story which was published in the May 31st edition. Keep up the good work Danagh, we look forward to seeing more of your work in print.

To read Danagh's report CLICK HERE


June 16th 2014

Texaco Art Competition

texaco art comp 2014 - merit

Congratulations to Caoilinn Behan who received a Special Merit Certificate in this year's Texaco Art Competition. Caoilinn from Mr Beehan's Sixth Class told me that she loves art and definitely wants to study art in college, following in the footsteps of her mum who is an animator.


June 15th 2014

Happy Father's Day


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! The photos below show the boys and girls in Ms Healy's Junior Infants who were very excited leaving the school on Friday with their Father's Day art work.

happy fathers day 2014


June 14th 2014

School Tours

Our school tours were a great success this year. The children from senior infants, second class, fourth class and sixth class all enjoyed busy, fun-filled activity day trips.

liliput adventure centre

Our sixth class students paid a visit to Lilliput Adventure Centre which is in the scenic Lough Ennell area of Mullingar. They took part in a number of outdoor activities and were given an insight into environmental awareness and the importance of safety. This was the last tour they will all spend together, so it was extra special and a great day was had by all.

Fourth classes travelled to Tayto Park in County Meath. They were given a tour of thetayto park Tayto factory and saw how the potato ends up as a bag of crisps. They also saw many animals large and small in a guided tour of the animal park. After lunch they were kept busy in the outdoor activity area which included a zip-line and climbing Wall. They had a wonderful time and although they were very tired on the way home, they still had the energy to sing!

lullymore heritage parkThe second class boys and girls visited Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park in County Kildare. They enjoyed a trip on the road train, a guided tour of the pet farm and a special visit to the fairy village where they could make a wish. Finally they tired themselves out in the indoor and outdoor activity areas.

Senior Infants travelled to Athlone to visit Glendeer Pet farm. They were taken on a glendeer pet farmnature walk and had an opportunity to interact with both farm and exotic animals. Bags of food were provided to feed the goats, sheep, donkeys and many more animals. They had great fun playing in the suspended play area.    


June 13th 2014

Sports Day 2014

Our annual sports day was held today. Apart from one shower, the weather held and a good time was had by all. The children from the senior corridor walked to St Loman's grounds, where the events were marked out ready to start. Soccer, Gaelic football, wellie throw, obstacle course and sack race were just some of the events enjoyed by the children. Each class was divided into four teams - white, green, blue and red. Every team performed well but the winners on the day were the green team, who were delighted to collect their medals before heading back to the school.

snr sports day 2014


The children from the junior corridor stayed on the school grounds. They had a busy day full of events - sack race, racing with a teddy on your head, egg and spoon race, parachute fun, piggy back and wheel barrow races and the bouncy castles. Mrs Skittles and Smarties also paid a visit. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were exhausted but happy leaving the school. I think they'll sleep well tonight!

jnr sports day 2014


June 13th 2013

Our Class Community

The children in Ms Murphy's First Class learned the importance of being part of a community when studying religion with student teacher Ms Healy recently. Of course we are all part of a wider community - family, friends, neighbours and church, but Ms Healy pointed out that the children also have their class community. The children cut out their own handprints and decorated them, before displaying them in their class to symbolise their own class community. Ms Healy is pictured below with Ms Murphy and her class. Today is Ms Healy's last day and Ms Murphy and the children would like to thank her and wish her every success in her future career.

 class community


June 12th 2014

Evening Music Recital

music notes 2Family and friends of the children involved in our school choir and orchestra were invited to an evening recital in St Paul's Church yesterday evening. The children practised every week over the past school year and have performed many times at Mass, First Communion and at our annual Christmas Carol Service. The evening was a celebration of the wonderfulmusic notes 3 musical achievements of our choir and orchestra and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

music recital


June 11th 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk


jack and the beanstalk

The children from junior infants to fourth class were invited to a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk in the Arts Centre today. Thankfully the weather was in our favour as we walked to the Arts Centre and the excitement was clear to see on the children's faces. The 'One Man Show' presented by Lyngo Theatre had lots of surprises and entertained the children from beginning to end. There was an enormous shoe, a tiny house, showers of silver and gold and a big leafy explosion! Thank you to Sean and the staff of Mullingar Arts Centre and to the Lyngo theatre for this wonderful treat!




June 6th 2014

The Highway Rat

the highway rat -bookOver four English lessons, student teacher Ms Healy delighted the children from Ms Murphy's First Class with the wonderful story 'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson. When they knew the story well and had discussed the characters at length, the boys and girls completed character profiles on each character in the story. Then the 'Hot Seating' began. Each child had the opportunity to sit in the 'Hot Seat' and pretend to be a character in the story and answer questions from the other children. Later in the week, during Art, the children painted their favourite character or scene and the results are quite impressive as you can see below.

the highway rat


June 5th 2014

Swallows Return

In April, Birdwatch Ireland reported that the Irish Swallow is on the decline. The Sahara desert is getting wider each year and more arid and fewer swallows can survive the crossing. They also said that the estimated swallow population is half a million and on average, a pair that nests successfully raise 100 chicks but 98 will die.

Well two of those nesting swallows chose St Colman's School grounds to nest. Recently we noticed a nest above the entrance door beside Kevin's shed and this week we saw chicks raising their heads. There seems to be five chicks and two adult swallows. The children love watching nature at work and there is plenty to see as the adults come and go to get food supplies for their young. Lets hope these five chicks survive and return to St Colman's in the future.

swallows return


June 4th 2014

Under The Sea

The children from Ms Murphy's First Class really enjoyed a recent lesson they studied with student teacher Ms Healy, about creatures from 'Under the Sea'. After discussing the many sea creatures that can be found under the sea, Ms Healy showed the class numerous pictures, pointing out the many different colours and shapes. Then, using paper plates, coloured paper, glue and googly eyes, the boys and girls created their own 'Under the Sea' creatures and displayed them in the class. Well done everyone!

under the sea


June 3rd 2014

Here Comes The Summer

If I wasn't thinking of summer holidays before I went into Ms Brennan's first class today, I certainly was when I left. During a recent art lesson, the children painted buckets and spades, sea shells, star fish, flamingoes, palm trees, deck chairs, sun umbrellas, butterflies and birds using Pointillism. They decorated their classroom and created a wonderful beach scene on their art board outside the class.


p1060092 p1060095

Ms Brennan's Class looking forward to summer


Please click on Pupils Work - First/Second Classes to see the Pointillism art work


May 29th 2014

One Direction Fans

One Direction Mania hit Ireland in force last weekend when the band played three concerts in Croke Park, Dublin. Many of our students travelled to Dublin to attend the concerts and from speaking to them this week, the overall consensus was that One Direction were BRILLIANT!! Of course the favourite band member is Niall and when he sang, the crowd went wild and chanted for him. One girl was very proud to tell me that the Friday night concert made One Direction history, as the largest crowd the band ever played for. Lauren Kennedy from Mr Geraghty's fourth class, had a very special night. Not only did she attend the concert but she also had a VIP pass which allowed her to go backstage after the concert. Lauren is a cousin of Niall's, so she and her family met all the band members and got their photo taken with the Mullingar man!

one direction fans

A small group of St Colman's One Direction fans with Lauren


May 23rd 2014

Boys' Football Division 1 Final

The Cumann na mBunscoil Boys' Football Division 1 final was held yesterday in Cusack Park. St Colman's got off to a slow start after early scores from Kinnegad. We battled relentlessly against a tough Kinnegad side who had a ten point lead at half time. Our boys never gave up though and showed tremendous team work and spirit but could not bridge the ten point gap. The final score was St Colman's 3-4 Kinnegad 2-17. Kinnegad were the better team on a wet evening and congratulations to them. St Colman's are a young team and we are very proud of their valiant efforts. Better luck next year.

boys football team for final


May 21st 2014

Summer Sunshine

Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class took advantage of the beautiful sunshine today and enjoyed 'Storytime' in our outdoor classroom.



May 21st 2014

Scratch Awards


scratch logoEarlier this year, Mr Beehan's Sixth Class completed a ten week on-line computer course called Scratch. They learned basic computer programming and coding which integrated many parts of the curriculum including Maths, Science and English. Today they received Scratch Completion Certificates.


Nine children from Mr Beehan's class entered the National Scratch Computer Programming Competition 2014 on completion of the on-line course. This involved a considerable amount of work both in school and at home. Today they were awarded Scratch Participation Certificates in recognition of their hard work.


Missing from photo Conor Feeney


May 20th 2014

Camogie Division 2 Final


The Cumann na mBunscoil Camogie Division 2 final was held in Cusack Park yesterday. It was a hard fought game with St Colman's leading at half time. Rathwire scored 2 goals in the opening ten minutes of the second half and this led to a heart stopping final ten minutes. St Colman's were unbelievable fighters and they scored 2 goals and 1 point in those final ten minutes which was enough to secure victory. Great scenes of celebration followed as the pitch was invaded with delighted supportors. The final score was St Colman's 6-1 Rathwire 5-0. Congratulations to all the girls and their coaches!

girls winning camogie team


May 20th 2014

Love of LEGO

LEGO is loved by young and old, male and female. Recently three boys in the school spoke to me about this much loved construction toy. Niall Milmoe from sixth class showed me the helicopter he made with Mrs Riordan. He loves making things and really enjoys the challenge of constructing a new piece. He tries to work without the instructions but can check them if it becomes complicated. David Marshall and Andrew Donoghue from fourth class showed me a project they completed with Mrs Riordan about LEGO. They told me that LEGO was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen from Denmark. The modern LEGO brick has been around since the 1960's and the name LEGO means 'Play Well'. The boys enjoyed writing the project and like Niall they love constructing LEGO sets!

lego project


May 16th 2014

Preparing For The Finals


The excitement is building around the school as we await the Cumann na mBunscoil finals which take place in Cusack Park next week. The St Colman's girls camogie team are playing on Monday and the boys football team play on Thursday. To show our support, the school corridors are decorated with art work and messages of Good Luck and we hope to see as many supporters as possible in Cusack Park next week to cheer on the teams. Below is a small selection of artwork from the school corridors.  

decorations for finals


Please come along and support our teams next week


Monday May 19th 2014 @ 4 p.m.: Camogie Division 2: St. Colman's v Rathwire

Thursday May 22nd 2014 @ 6 p.m.: Boys' Football Division 1: St. Colman's v Kinnegad



May 14th 2014

Martial Arts Demonstration

Kyoshi Martin O'Reilly and three sensei from paid another visit to the school today. They gave two 30 minute educational lessons  and a Martial Arts demonstration to the children from our third and fourth classes. Kyoshi Martin explained that this was the oldest Martial Art in the world and the most important lesson to learn is good manners. With good manners, you gain respect from others. When you learn basic techniques, you can defend yourself. It was stressed at all times that Japanese Martial Arts is not about fighting and instead it gives you the chance to escape attackers.

martial arts display - 3rd and 4th 


May 12th 2014

Party Time


The children from our second classes had a very busy day yesterday but there was still plenty in store for them today. They arrived in school this morning dressed in their Communion finery and after having their photos taken in St Paul's Church, they changed into their casual gear and got ready to party! There was food and drinks waiting for them in the school hall and the children had no problem devouring it all. They had a ball as you can see from the photos below.

communion party 1

communion party 2


May 11th 2014

First Holy Communion

first holy communion 1

Congratulations to the 56 boys and girls from Mrs Walters' and Mrs Farrell's Second Classes who received their First Holy Communion today in St Paul's Church. We hope you all had a lovely day.

img 0655

Mrs Farrell's Class

img 0540

Mrs Walters' Class


May 8th 2014

Girls Football Team Semi Final

The girls Division 1 football semi-final, St Colman's v Rathwire,  took place yesterday afternoon in St Loman's football grounds. St Colman's played a very strong match but unfortunately it didn't go our way and we lost by one point. Every girl had an excellent game and played their hearts out doing themselves, their school and their trainers, Ms Mc Cormack and Ms Mc Laughlin, proud. Well done girls!

Best of luck to Rathwire N.S. and Loughegar N.S. in the final.

copy of p1050879


May 1st 2014

Still Life

Before we broke for the Easter Holidays, our 5th and 6th Classes enjoyed Art Week. Local artist, Kevin Flood, worked with the children and shared his expertise with them. Over four days, Kevin taught the children in small groups. The theme was still life and the medium used were watercolours and pastels. The results were super as you can see from the photos below.

 k flood 2014

Please click on Pupils Work -Fifth/Sixth Classes to see more of the art work


April 29th 2014

Easter Draw Results

The St Colman's Parents Association Easter Draw was once again a resounding success. Thank you and well done to everyone for raising €9,000 which will be used for the development of sport and recreational facilities in the school.

The prize winners were as follows:

Holiday for four to the Algarve:        Derek Sheeran

Sellers:                                            Caoimhe and Isabelle Hunt


Family Weekend Away:                      Zoe Clayton

Mini iPod:                                          Jack and Roman Kenny

Mini Lap Top:                                    Conor Garvey

Easter Egg Basket:                            Lauren Butler

easter draw 2014


April 20th 2014


happy easter 2



April 2nd 2014

Jersey Draw


copy of p1050615

There was great excitement in the school hall today as the first of our Seller's Draws was held. The prize was a jersey of your choice or a sports voucher to the value of €70. The winners were the Vickery Family who have sold a whopping FIVE cards to date. As you can see from the photo, Darragh and Anna were thrilled to win the prize.

With just over a week to go to the main draw, there's still plenty of time to get those cards sold.

You know what they say 'if you're not in, you can't win!'   


March 31st 2014

Lenten Parish Mission


lenten parish mission 2014The Lenten Parish Mission takes place from Saturday March 29th until Wednesday April 2nd 2014. The mission is part of a series of events marking the 75th anniversary of the Cathedral's consecration. Today, children from our 3rd, 4th and 5th Classes were invited along to a short service at the Cathedral. Visiting Redemptorist priest Fr Denis Mc Bride officiated at the service called 'Mission Of Children'.


March 28th 2014

'Turn Your School Yellow'


To coincide with the Irish Cancer Society's 'Daffodil Day', we decided to turn our school yellow today with a no uniform day. We asked the children to wear any yellow or green clothes they have in their wardrobe and encouraged as many as possible to make a small donation to 'Daffodil Day'. Daffodil pins and bunches of cut daffodils were on sale for parents/guardians before and after school. As always, when we ask for your support for a worthy cause we receive it in spades. Thank you once again for being so generous and for getting behind every venture we have. You all looked wonderful in your yellow clothes and well done for raising €1,060 for the Irish Cancer Society.

 st. colemans school 1.jpg - copy


March 27th 2014

Easter Draw


beachIt's that time of the year again when the St Colman's Parents Association hold their annual Easter Draw. Like before there are some great prizes up for grabs. First prize is a wonderful holiday for 2 adults and 2 children to the Algarve, 7 nights accommodation & kids club and all travel & transfers homework passare included.

Every child who sells a full card will receive the much coveted 'Homework Pass' and will then be entered into 'The Seller's Draw' and has the chance to win a family weekend away for 2 adults and 2 children in D Hotel in Drogheda with passes for Funtasia orTayto Park.

funtasia 5As an extra bonus this year, every child who sells 3 or more cards will be entered into yet another draw for a mini Laptop and mini iPod. As if that's not enough, there is also another draw on offer. At some point during the next two weeks in the run up to the main draw, as an added incentive, all those who have sold a full card will mini-laptop-computershave the chance to win a sports jersey of their choice or a sports voucher.

The class with the most cards sold will also be in for a treat. A trip to Rock n' rock n bowlBowl for the whole class!

This raffle has been very well supported in the past and we hope that this year will be no exception. Thank you to all the parents who sold lines in Buckleys last Friday. Parents are needed for slots in Dunnes Stores on Friday April 4th. If you think you can help out or if you would like a card to take into your workplace, please contact the office. All funds raised will be used for the development of sport and recreational facilities in the school.Thank you all for your support.


March 17th 2014

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

happy st patricks day 2


Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh



March 13th 2014

Happy Anniversary Pope Francis 


pope-francis-facebookOne year ago today white smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel announcing to the world that we have a new Pope. 76 year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Pontiff from Latin America and the first Jesuit Pope. Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name of Francis after his election as the 266th head of the Roman Catholic Church. A Prayer Service was held in the Cathedral today to mark the anniversary. The children from Mrs Walter's, Mrs Farrell's and Mrs Connaughton's classes attended the service.

To mark his first year anniversary Pope Francis' wrote a simple tweet - Please pray for me.

CLICK HERE for a Prayer for Pope Francis 


March 12th 2014

Taekwon-Do Championships


The 15th INTA Open Championships was held in the Watershed Sports Centre, Kilkenny recently. INTA stands for the Irish National Taekwon-do Association. Teams from all over the country, as well as visiting teams from Scotland and England took part. Two St Colman's students, brothers Cian and Adam Walsh participated also. Cian proudly sported two medals and Adam one medal as they told me about their exciting experience taking part in this international competition. We're all very proud of Cian and Adam and wish them luck in future competitions.

CLICK HERE to read the boys story in Cian own words.

When I was taking the photos of Cian and Adam, Ms Healy's Junior Infants came along the corridor. They were thrilled to see the boys in their Taekwon-Do uniforms. When asked by Ms Healy why he was dressed like he was, Cian explained the history of Taekwon-Do and told the children about the recent competition he participated in, like a seasoned speaker!

taekwon-do cships


March 12th 2014

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2014

seachtain na gaeilge 2014There are quite a few activities happening in the school this week, 'as Gaeilge', to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge 2014.

Our music teacher, Sinéad from Magic of Music visited classes today and after the usual recorder lessons, the children enjoyed singing Irish Songs, accompanied by Sinéad on the music

Rosario Clinton was also in school today teaching Sean-Nós dancing to our second, third and fourth classes. Ms Costelloe's Senior Infants Class were treated to a short performance by the boys and girls from Mrs Farrell's second class. If the smiles on their faces and the rousing applause was anything to go by, Ms Costelloe's class really enjoyed the performance and can't wait until they can learn Sean-Nós dances from Rosario.

sean-ns dancing 2


copy of p1050435 copy of p1050436 copy of p1050437

Ms Costelloe's Senior Infants really enjoyed the performance!


March 5th 2014

Ash Wednesday


ash wednesdayAsh Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. At Mass, the priest marks foreheads with black ashes, in the sign of the cross. The ashes used are typically made from the burning of blessed palms from the previous year's Palm Sunday Celebration. All classes from 3rd to 6th attended Mass today in St Paul's Church to receive their ashes.

Traditionally, we think of Lent as a time when we give up something, sweets, x-box etc but it can also be a time when we start something new. Why not make a special effort to keep your room tidy, help around the house, or do something kind for someone you meet during your day?  


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