November 25th 2015

Save the Date!


save the date 2Yes, it's that time of the year again! The St Colman's Parents' Association are holding their annual Christmas Fair in the school hall on Sunday December 6th 2015 from 11.15am onwards. This is always a popular and happy event and one not to be missed!

As in previous years you will christmas-decorating-cupcakeshave the opportunity to buy home-made cakes, buns and treats. There will be tea and coffee on sale and plenty of activities to enjoy. The annual Christmas Raffle Draw will also take place on the day.

christmas fair

Please come along and enjoy this fun family day and encourage family and friends to come also. We look forward to seeing you all on the day.


November 24th 2015

New to Boxing


p1040180 - copy

Oliver Dinnegan from Mr Smyth's Fifth Class began boxing just three months ago. He is a member of Elite Boxing Club, Robinstown and trains every Wednesday and Friday. Last Sunday, Oliver took part in his first competition and won his first medal! Well done Oliver, I'm sure it's the first of many.


November 24th 2015

Irish Dancing Winner


irish dancing winner

Amy Devaney from Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class loves Irish Dancing! She attends dance classes in Rochfortbridge on Tuesday nights. Last Friday, she took part in the Irish Open Championships 2015 in Ashbourne and came away with a trophy and five medals. Congratulations Amy!


November 23rd 2015

We're Going on a Bear Hunt....


were-going-on-a-bear-huntWe all love a good story book and Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class found a great one last week! Student teacher Ms Kiernan introduced them to the wonderful 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' written by Michael Rosen. In the early part of the week, the children read the book, using their best reading voices, of course. When Ms Kiernan played a video of Michael Rosen performing his book, the boys and girls joined in with gusto! During their Geography and Science lessons, bearthey learned about different species of animals and the bear was a popular topic of investigation. The drama lesson last week was also based on the story and the children loved acting it out. Ms Kiernan also asked the children to use their imaginations and come up with different locations they could travel through to find a bear. The boys and girls were certainly up for the task and came up with some great ideas - a desert, over a mountain, a tornado and a sandstorm to name just a few!. Continuing with the theme, the children made their own bear during their Art lesson, using rolled up pieces of crepe paper and created an art board with long wavy grass, mud, trees and lots of colourful bears.

So, if anyone out there is going on a bear hunt and needs some experienced bear hunters, look no further than Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class!

were going on a bear hunt


November 20th 2015

Basketball Tournament


A group of boys and girls from our fourth, fifth and sixth classes attended a basketball tournament in Streete today. After some very competitive matches and a few close encounters with Moyvore N.S. and Mullingar Educate Together, St Colman's are now top of the leaderboard! The children really enjoyed themselves today and are looking forward to their next tournament in February.

basketball tournament


November 16th 2015

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


Christmas shoeboxes have been gathering in the school over the last few weeks. Today, representatives from 'Team Hope' came to the school to collect the boxes and were delighted with the amount that greeted them. This year, Christmas shoeboxes from Ireland will go to street children, orphans, children in hospital, poor families and victims of war or other needy situations in Africa, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Thank you to everyone who donated!

christmas shoebox appeal 2015


November 13th 2015

Choose Time


p1040103 - copyFriday the thirteenth may be unlucky for some but not for Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class! The excitement was palpable as the children arrived in school this morning. They had collected the required number of stamps for good behaviour and hard work and were rewarded with 'Choose Time'. Many of the children brought in DVDs and after selecting the favourite, the lights were turned off, the chairs moved into better positions and the movie began. Then, as if the wonderful movie, 'Despicable Me 2', was not enough, the arrival of freshly made popcorn, hot from the microwave sent the excitement to fever pitch! There were a lot of happy faces leaving Mrs Slevin's class today and I'm sure it won't be long until they achieve their next 'Choose Time'.

choose time


November 11th 2015

Electric Quiz


Science Week Ireland runs from November 8th - 15th this year. With that in mind, Mrs Deane's Sixth Class got to work on an 'Electric Quiz'.

During previous Science lessons, the students had already covered basic circuits. This project would take their knowledge one step further. They created a quiz game using a battery and bulb circuit. Each time the student gives a correct answer, the bulb lights up.The children really enjoyed this Science project as you can see from the photos below.

CLICK HERE if you would like to learn more about making an electric quiz.

electric quiz 


November 9th 2015

Team Hope Shoebox Appeal


christmas shoebox appeal 2014

St Colman's have supported the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal for many years and this year is no exception. If you would like to fill a box, items such as hats, gloves, pens & pencils, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and small toys are all suitable. Team Hope request that if possible, four euro for transport costs should go into each box. Single items are also welcome and can be added to a box on your behalf. The last day for accepting boxes is Friday 13th November.

team hope - shoebox


November 6th 2015

Parachute Fun


Ms Hamill's Second Class took advantage of the mild weather today and enjoyed some exercise in the playground. They had great fun too as you can see from the photos below!

 parachute fun


November 4th 2015

StreetSmart Kids


p1040015 - copyThe Road Safety Authority (R.S.A.) has devised an exciting new initiative called StreetSmart, which aims to teach young school children about the importance of road safety. This week 'StreetSmart' came to St Colman's. On Monday morning, R.S.A. representatives, Laura Tully and Leona Mulvihill set up their streetscape map in the school hall. Class groups from junior infants to fourth class visited the hall over three days and learned about road safety, as a pedestrian, a cyclist and as a passenger in a car. They watched a short video on cycling, listened to stories and discussed the important points to remember when venturing outside. The children then had the opportunity to put their new found knowledge into practice by entering the 'Safety Village'. Using safety jackets, they adopted various roles such as walker, cyclist, nurse, doctor, p1040063 - copyfire officer or ambulance driver and moved around the village remembering to look left, look right and listen before they crossed each road. Before the children returned to class, they each received their very own 'safety licence' which made them proud and very happy!

streetsmart 1 

streetsmart 2


happy halloween 2

October 22nd 2015

Spooky Silhouettes


spooky silhouettes 1There's nothing quite like the glorious palettes of autumn colours. As the days grow shorter, the skies at sunset glow with the beautiful hues of pinks, reds and oranges. With Hallowe'en almost upon us and with autumn sunsets in  mind, Ms Brennan's Fourth Class created wonderful spooky silhouettes. They look great! Well done everyone!

spooky silhouettes 2


October 21st 2015

Senior Hurling Champions

On Sunday last, Clonkill GAA became Westmeath Senior Hurling Champions for the 14th time in Cusack Park, Mullingar. Today we had a visit from some of the winning team. They chatted to the students about Sunday's match and encouraged the boys to join a hurling club if they're not already in one!

p1030997 - copy 


October 20th 2015

Safety at Hallowe'en


Garda Dave Hannon, from Mullingar Garda Station, paid a visit to our sixth classes to advise them on how to keep themselves and the more vunerable members of society safe during the Hallowe'en festivities. The children and their teachers are very grateful to Garda Hannon and appreciate his valuable advice.

For information on Hallowe'en Safety please CLICK HERE

img 4796


October 14th 2015

Friendship Tree


Friends are so important and there's no shortage of friends in Ms Mulcair's Senior Infant Class! When I visited today, it was plain to see that the friendships forged last year in junior infants are still present and stronger than ever. The children even made their very own 'Autumn Friendship Tree' during their art lesson, using their hand prints in autumnal colours.

friendship tree  


October 9th 2015

Making Lighthouses


During their Science lesson, Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been learning about electricity and basic circuits. They finished off this topic by building their own functioning lighthouses and had plenty of fun along the way!

making lighthouses


October 8th 2015

Cute Halloween Spiders


Mrs Slevins' Junior Infant Class began their Halloween art this week and created these very cute Halloween spiders.

cute halloween spiders


October 1st 2015

A Good Start!


Food Dudes got off to a good start this morning with a delivery of cucumber and mandarin oranges. For most children, it was not their first time to taste these and many lunchboxes contain them daily. For some children though, it was their first time and although they were hesitant, I'm delighted to say everyone tasted the fruit and vegetables provided today. Even visitors to the school, Fr Paul and Fr Luke had some cucumber!

food dudes - a good start


October 1st 2015

Westmeath Schools Cross Country Run


i heart cross country runningCongratulations to the fifty one children from St Colman's N.S., who took part in the annual Westmeath Schools Cross Country run yesterday, in Belvedere House and Gardens. The event was organised by Mullingar Harriers and schools from all over the county attended. All our runners performed well. Well done to you all!

wmeath schools cross country run 2015


September 30th 2015

Food Dudes


fooddudesWe like to encourage healthy eating habits in St Colman's and starting tomorrow we are participating in the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme. The programme is managed by Bord Bia and is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the European Union through the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme.fruit-and-veg

Health experts recommend that we eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. The aim of the Food Dudes programme is to encourage children to repeatedly try fruit and vegetables so that they can learn to like them. Four types of fruit and four types of vegetables will be provided and repeated four times over the next sixteen day period.

For more information on the programme please go to


September 29th 2015

GAA Blitz Winner

p1030801 - copy

Ellie May Murtagh from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class plays Gaelic with the Downs GFC. Last week her team played in an U10 blitz and Ellie May was delighted to win a medal! 


September 28th 2015

Torn Paper Portraits


Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class have been learning 'All About Me'. During their art lesson last week, they used torn pieces of paper of many different colours to create portraits of themselves. They did a great job as you can see from the photos below.

torn paper portraits 2015


September 28th 2015

'Super Blood Moon'


lunar eclipseA rare total lunar eclipse with a supermoon took place in the early hours of this morning. The last total eclipse was in December 2010, but the combination with a supermoon has not been seen since 1982. The moon turned a blood red colour and appeared bigger and brighter than usual as it was at its closest point to the earth. David Moore from Astronomy Ireland said that the moon was lit by all of the earth's sunsets and sunrises.

For those of you, (like me!) who didn't get up in the early hours to see this very rare event, the photograph below was taken by a photographer in Dundalk, Co Louth and gives us an idea of what we missed. This supermoon will not occur again until 2033.

super blood moon


September 22nd 2015

2016 Centenary Celebrations


centenary symbol 2016At 1pm today, the children and teachers from first to sixth class, gathered in the upper playground to welcome some very important visitors to the school. Lieutenant Sarah Donnelly and Gunner Peter Scally, who are members of the 2 Artillery Regiment, Athlone, were asked by the government to visit schools in Westmeath as part of the '2016 Centenary Programme'.p1030715 - copy

Lieutenant Donnelly spoke to the children about the significance of 2016, which will mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. She explained that the purpose of their visit today was to deliver a copy of the 1916 Proclamation and an Irish flag to St Colman's. She mentioned many of the important words and phrases that are included in the proclamation. Many of these words were featured in banners, specially made by our sixth class students. She invited the children, over the coming months, to write a proclamation of their own. She hoped that all children and staff would work together to come up with a new proclamation for St Colman's. Isabelle Tunney from Mr Beehan's Sixth Class then came forward to read an extract from the 1916 Proclamation.

irish flagThe Irish flag, which was first raised in 1848 by Thomas Frances Meagher and came to be accepted as the National Flag in 1916 is often called the Tricolour. Lieutenant Donnelly gave the children some information on flag Protocol eg: The flag should never be dragged on the ground, one should never write on the flag and the Irish flag should always be the highest flag if raised with other school or club flags. One rule that surprised the children was that the flag should not be raised at night unless there is a light shining on it! 

Gunner Scally then presented Mrs Garvey with the National Flag and a copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

As part of the centenary celebrations, March 15th 2016 will be Proclamation Day. Schools around the country are invited to read their newly created proclamation while raising the National Flag on that day.

2016 centenary celebrations


September 21st 2015

Leinster GAA Winners


Congratulations to twin sisters, Kelly and Dánagh Nagle, from Mr Beehan's and Mrs Deane's Sixth Classes respectively, who won Leinster U12 Gaelic Football medals on Saturday last. The girls, who are members of Shandonagh GFC, travelled with the Westmeath U12 girls football team to Portlaoise to take part in a county blitz and were very proud to return home victorious.

leinster gaa winners


September 11th 2015

Settling in Well


The first two weeks of school have passed by very quickly and everyone has settled into their new routine. Our 58 junior infants are really enjoying their new experience in 'Big School'. Although their days ended at noon, they still managed to pack plenty of work, play and fun into each day! They will begin their longer days, ending at 1.30pm on Monday but I don't think that will be a problem for this hard working group.

mrs slevins class at work and play

ms healys class at work and play


August 25th 2015

Welcome Back

welcome back 2015


St Colman's will re-open next Tuesday September 1st at 8.50am. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and will return rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year. We look forward to welcoming the boys and girls of our new Junior Infants Classes.

Junior Infants will go home at 12 noon from Tuesday September 1st until Friday September 11th. They will go home at 1.30pm from Monday September 14th onwards.

We would like to wish all students and staff a very successful school year. 



June 26th 2015

Excellent Attendance


Mr Geraghty had a busy morning visiting every class to present certificates for excellent attendance. Thirty three children received 'Gold Star' certificates for 100% attendance while a further one hundred and five children received certificates for missing only five days or less. For many, this was not their first time to receive this award. Congratulations to you all!

excellent attendance


June 25th 2015

School Tours



Our school tours this year were once again a great success. The children from senior infants, second class, fourth class and sixth class all enjoyed busy, fun-filled activity day trips.


Senior Infants travelled to Athlone to visit Glendeer Pet Farm. They were taken on a glendeer pet farmnature walk and had an opportunity to interact with both farm and exotic animals. Bags of food were provided to feed the goats, sheep, donkeys and many more animals. They also had great fun playing in the suspended play area.

lullymore heritage parkThe second class boys and girls visited Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park in County Kildare. They enjoyed a trip on the road train, a guided tour of the pet farm and a special visit to the fairy village where they could make a wish. Finally they tired themselves out in the indoor and outdoor activity areas.


Fourth classes travelled to Tayto Park in County Meath. They were given a tour of thetayto park Tayto factory and saw how the potato ends up as a bag of crisps. They also saw many animals large and small in a guided tour of the animal park. After lunch they were kept busy in the outdoor activity area which included a zip-line and climbing Wall and  the brand new roller coaster called 'The Cú Chulainn Coaster'. They had a wonderful time and although they were very tired on the way home, they still had the energy to sing!


liliput adventure centre


Our sixth class students paid a visit to Lilliput Adventure Centre which is in the scenic Lough Ennell area of Mullingar. They took part in a number of outdoor activities and were given an insight into environmental awareness and the importance of safety. This was the last tour they will all spend together, so it was extra special and a great day was had by all.


June 24th 2015

Martial Arts Display

This morning, the entire school were treated to a Martial Arts display on the front green. Natalia Rittau and Philip Pietrzak Wotodko from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class took part with their teacher, Krzystof Duda and other members of their Martial Arts Class. Natalia and Philip attend classes twice a week and train for one and a half hours each night. Today the demonstration involved martial arts, dance and aerobics and was enjoyed by all.

martial arts display

martial arts display 2


June 24th 2015

Wood Sculpture in the Park


Yesterday, the children from our third and fourth classes visited Mullingar Town Park to see a very special piece of wood sculpture in the making. This piece of art was commissioned by Westmeath County Council and is being carried out by local wood carver and carpenter, Mr Richie Clarke. Richie is father to Emily Rose from Mrs Fagan's/Mrs Brennan's Third Class and Anna from Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class and last year he made a carving of St Colman which he gifted to the school. The wood carving in the park is entitled 'The Norse and the Gael' and is based on the story of the viking chief Turgesius and high king of Ireland- King Malachy. Using an old ash tree which had to be cut down for safety reasons, Richie is carving the faces of Turgesius and King Malachy on either side of the tree. Above the two heads will be a Norse Dragon's head and an Irish Hound. Richie took time out from his hard work to speak to the children and answer any questions they had and we thank him for that. He has been working on the carving for five weeks now and hopes to be finished next week, so don't forget to visit the park over the holidays and see this marvellous piece of art.

wood sculpture in the park 


June 23rd 2015

Goodbye to Sixth Class

As the summer holidays approach, the time comes to say a fond farewell to our sixth class students, most of whom have been with us for the last eight years.

Yesterday evening, friends and family were invited to an end of year Mass in St Paul's Church to celebrate their lives thus far and to wish them well as they move on to secondary school and new adventures. Many of the pupils took part in the Mass and the music was supplied by the school choir. Everyone was then invited back to the school for refreshments and a chat!

This morning a very excited bunch arrived in school in their white shirts ready to be decorated with 'well wishes' from staff and students. After having lunch in town it came time to say their goodbyes. The children are moving on to pastures new and we wish them great success in everything they do.

Go n-éirí an bóthar libh.

goodbye to sixth class


June 22nd 2015

Staff Versus 6th Class


Shamrock's G.F.C. grounds was the venue today for the match of the season! (At least that's what the staff called it!) Of course it was the annual 'Staff versus 6th Class' Match. At 1pm, the children from 1st to 6th class walked to the football grounds to watch an exciting match where members of the staff, aided by Fr Paul Crosbie played football against our 6th class students. Like last year, it was another tough game with the staff emerging as the winners.

staff versus 6th class

June 21st 2015

Happy Father's Day

wonderful dads


June 19th 2015

Bridge to Bridge Duathlon


Waterways Ireland Bridge to Bridge Duathlon was held today as part of National Bike Week. Ten students from our sixth classes and eight students from our fifth classes took part. The participants began by cycling 2Km along the Royal Canal towpath from the Harbour Bridge to the Dublin Bridge and back to Harbour Field sports pitch, where thay ran 2 laps to complete their circuit. Congratulations to Fionn O'Hara and Ciaran Luby who came in first  and second place respectively in the sixth class boys race and to Emer Murphy who came in second place in the sixth class girls race. All our students performed well and received a medal to acknowledge their participation. Well done to you all.

bridge to bridge duathlon 2015


June 18th 2015

Trip to the Park


As an end of year treat, the boys and girls from Ms Hamill's Junior Infant class took a trip to the town park. As always they were very well behaved on the walk to and from the park and while there they enjoyed the swings, slides and see saw and some treats!

 trip to the park


June 17th 2015

Cycle on Wednesday


bikeweek 2015Green Schools Bike Week takes place from June 15th - 19th 2015. Today was National COW Day (Cycle on Wednesday) and schools around the country were asked to cycle to school to help Green Schools Ireland reach their target of 5,000 people cycling to school today. Children from St Colman's met at the cinema in Lakepoint at 8.30am, kitted out in their helmets and hi-vis vests and cycled to the school accompanied by Gardaí, Community Wardens, parents and school staff. In spite of the inclement weather, there was a great turnout. Well done to you all.

cycle on wednesday 2015


June 16th 2015

One Last Match

Mr Geraghty and Ms Healy brought our boys football team to Shamrocks G.F.C. after school today to have the final game of the season. The sixth class boys played against the boys from fifth, fourth and third classes. Even though it was a friendly match, it was very competitive with both sides playing their hearts out.

one last match


June 15th 2015

Look Who's Back...

Once again we have swallows nesting in the grounds of St Colman's! Above the entrance door beside Kevin's shed to be precise. We love to see nature in action and what better way than to see the mother swallow feed her baby chicks and the children get to see this every day as they enter the school.

We usually see the first swallows return to Ireland in April. Swallows travel in families, they pass over deserts and seas and fly through all sorts of weather to come here for the Irish Summer. It takes weeks for the birds to make their journey to Ireland. Their arrival signals good news for us on the weather front as they only return when it will be warm enough for them to find a plentiful supply of food - they eat hundreds of midges! What you may not realise is that swallows are a protected species and it is illegal to remove their nests from your property.

The five baby chicks are getting bigger by the day so they might fly the nest very soon, but hopefully we'll see them back again next year.

p1040651 - copy

look whos back - swallows


June 14th 2015

5K Family Fun Run/Walk

It was great to see so many turn up for the first St Colman's Family Fun Run/Walk. From the very young in their prams to the not so young - all ages took part! Registration was at the school and the race began at Shamrocks G.F.C. grounds. Serious runners were up at the front and everyone else followed at their own pace. There was a tremendous atmosphere and the glorious sunshine just added to the occasion. Some went back to the school for refreshments, while others stayed in the Shamrock's ground enjoying the sunshine and chatting to friends. This was a very enjoyable fundraiser for the school organised by the St Colman's N.S. Parents Association and will hopefully be an annual event!

5k fun run 1

5k fun run 2

5k fun run 3


June 12th 2015

Ice Cream Surprise

99 ice creamAs soon as the 'Presentation of Medals' ceremony was over, Mrs Garvey announced a surprise that had the children cheering and whooping for joy. Every child was to get an ice cream cone as a special treat. Just what you need on a sunny day like today. Thanks Mrs Garvey!

ice cream surprise 1

ice cream surprise 2


June 12th 2015

Presentation of Medals



p1040585 - copyAt 11.30am this morning, all staff and students gathered in the upper playground to see some of our young sports stars collect their Cumann na mBunscoil medals. This year, our Girls Football and Camogie teams and our Boys Football team all won their competitions. County footballer and past pupil, Shane Dempsey very kindly came back to St Colman's today to present the medals. Our Boys Hurling team was also acknowledged as they made it to the semi-final of the Division 1 Championship.

presentation of medals 2015

Pizza Party


pizza party

As a reward for their hard work and commitment over the past year, the winning camogie and football teams enjoyed a pizza party this afternoon in the school.


June 11th 2015

Well Deserved Treat


Our school choir and orchestra have had a busy year and as a reward for all their hard work and commitment, they were taken to the cinema today to see the movie 'Home'.




June 11th 2015

Making the Most of the Sunshine


We enjoyed Sports Day in the sun yesterday and today, many of our classes took advantage of the sunshine again and moved outside to work, eat and play. Our outdoor classroom was constantly in use for 'drop everything and read' time, the front field was a perfect spot for a lunchtime picnic and the upper and lower playgrounds were buzzing with fun and activity.

making the most of the sunshine 1

making the most of the sunshine 2


June 10th 2015

Evening Recital


At this time of the year, we like to acknowledge and celebrate the musical achievements of our students over the past year. To that end, family and friends were invited to a music recital this evening in St Paul's Church. The choir and orchestra have performed many times during the school year, at Mass, the Christmas Carol Service, the Garda Band performance etc but tonight they chose to sing and play the pieces that they performed at 'Féis Baile Átha Cliath'. Many of our students receive tuition in trumpet, saxaphone and flute and they also played pieces tonight. It was a very enjoyable night of music for the participants and of course the appreciative audience.

evening recital 2015


June 10th 2015

Sports Day



When I opened my curtains this morning and was greeted by a beautiful sunny day, I knew the right day was chosen for our annual Sports Day! As in previous years, the children from the senior corridor walked to St Loman's F.C. grounds and the children from the junior corridor stayed at the school. All the usual events took place - Soccer, Gaelic Football, obstacle course, sack race, egg and spoon race, bouncy castle fun and Mrs Skittles to name but a few. The smiles on the faces of our students as they headed home today told the story - A good day was had by all!

sports day 1

sports day 2

Junior Corridor 

sports day 3

sports day 4

Senior Corridor


June 9th 2015

Still Life Painting


Local artist, Kevin Flood, paid a visit to the school p1040411 - copyyesterday and today to impart some of his extensive artistic knowledge to our sixth class students. Kevin spoke to the children about 'Composition', a term p1040428 - copyused for the arrangement of objects in a painting or the subject matter of a painting. He chose oranges and three different wild flowers - daisy, poppy and buttercup. Kevin explained that they are all from the same colour family, so they will all complement each other. For balance, he chose items from the opposite colour family of blue, a jug, vases and a cup & saucer. The children sketched the scene, beginning with the simple shapes and remembering the size of each object to give proportion and then they drew the details. p1040394 - copyThe use of shading makes the objects look real and overlapping gives a sense of depth to the picture. When it came time for the children to begin painting, Kevin gave tips on how to blend paints to create a new colour and when overlapping the paints, you should always paint the lighter colour first. The results were fantastic and will take pride of place in many homes I'm sure!

still life painting 2015


June 8th 2015

Half-time Entertainment



Emer Murphy from Mrs Deane's Sixth Class responded to a special request yesterday. As captain of St Colman's Girls Camogie team, she was asked to play in a game of camogie during half-time of the Westmeath v Wexford match in Cusack Park, to entertain the crowd. Well done Emer! 


May 5th 2015

Community Games Win

p1040388 - copyFour of our students have recently taken part in the Community Games representing 'The Downs' and were very successful! Mark Tunney from Mrs Brennan's/Mrs Fagan's Third Class, Ruari Hickey and Matthew Clinton from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Class and Tom Hickey from Mr Smyth's Fifth Class played in the U12 soccer team and made it all the way to the county final and won. They brought home the Simon Henry Memorial Cup. Congratulations boys!


p1040386 - copy

Tom, Mark, Ruari and Matthew


June 3rd 2015

Greetings From Cebu


dscn3558 - copyIn November 2013 St Colman's held a 'Mad Hair Day' fundraiser, organised by Ms Healy, to raise much needed funds for the people of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Ms Healy passed on the €1,100 we raised to her friend Sr Evelyn Flanagan who works with the Badjao Tribe in Cebu, the Philippines. This week Ms Healy received a letter and booklet from Sr Evelyn, thanking us once again for our generous donation. The booklet details the many changes that have happened from October 2014 to date. There has been great progress made but also some sad events.

Pictured above is Ms Healy and Sr Evelyn in Cebu


Please take the time to read the booklet to give you a small insight into the lives of these wonderful people who are, in the words of Sr Evelyn - Rich in culture but poor in self confidence.

To read the booklet please CLICK HERE 


May 28th 2015

Teddy Bear Day


We all love 'Choose Time' and what better time to achieve it than right before a long weekend. Ms Brennan's First Class have been working really hard and gained enough stamps to be awarded 'Choose Time' today. They all brought in their favourite teddy bear and during circle time, every boy and girl stood up and using the microphone, they told the class all about their teddy bear. They told everyone their teddy's name, who gave it to them, where it lives and why it was so special to them. If they were tired, feeling sad or maybe unwell, they would just have to cuddle their teddy and they immediately felt better. During the afternoon, the children watched the Paddington Bear movie and were allowed to bring in a treat to enjoy during the movie. What a great end to their fun-filled 'Choose Time' day!

teddy bear day


May 27th 2015

Whatever the Weather....


Ms Healy's Junior Infants love gardening! A little drizzle of rain didn't stop the fun for them as they planted some potatoes.

whatever the weather


May 26th 2015

Design Your Dream Park

Not only did our 'Active School Week' encourage us to get active, but it also sparked off many class discussions around the subject of health and fitness. Healthy eating, why exercise, where can you exercise, favourite type of exercise and how much exercise does a child need are just some of the topics that were up for discussion. Mrs Connaughton's First Class got very involved and during their art lesson they designed their 'Dream Park'. They even came up with some cool names for their parks. My favourite is 'Park of Happiness'.

design your dream park


May 25th 2015

Still Keeping Active!

Two weeks ago we had our first 'Active School Week' and last week three of our teams won in the Cumann na mBunscoil finals. But of course this sporting activity isn't confined to school. Many of our students are members of local clubs and take part in a wide range of activities keeping them fit and active. Just this morning, five children came to tell me about their recent achievements.

A Family of Boxers


p1040301 - copy

Patrick O'Herron from Mrs Farrell's Second Class began boxing with Rochfortbridge Boxing Club two years ago. He was enjoying himself so much that his sister Arlene from Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class decided to join too! Yesterday, they took part in a Boxing Tournament in St Joseph's Boxing Club, Edenderry. Patrick came away with his first trophy and Arlene won a medal. Well done!

Hip Hop Competition

p1040304 - copy

Krispin Krzywanski from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class loves 'Hip Hop' dancing and thinks it's a great way to keep fit. He takes part in 'Fit Kids/Teens' dance class and his teachers, Donna and Matthew  show him the moves. In a recent competition, Krispin was delighted to win a medal. Well Done Krispin!

G.A.A. Success

p1040307 - copy


Two students, Ciaran Gowran and Rian Adamson, from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class took part in an U11 Gaelic Football Tournament yesterday in Kilmacud Crokes Football Club in Dublin. Representing Shamrocks F.C., Ciaran played in goals, while Rian was a defender and they were very happy to finish in first place. Congratulations boys!



May 21st 2015

Three in a Row

p1040290 - copyThe scene of jubilation in Cusack Park today was a fitting end to our participation in the Cumann na mBunscoil Competition 2015. On Monday, our girls' camogie team played against Rathwire N.S. and defeated them in a thrilling game. On Wednesday afternoon, it was the turn of our girls' football team, playing against Kinnegad N.S. and once again St Colman's were victorious in a very tough game. Then this evening at 5 o'clock our boys' football team took to the pitch in a game against Kinnegad N.S. At half time it looked like our winning streak was over but after a rousing pep talk by Mr Geraghty, the players returned to the game with a new found strength and sailed through to another win. We are very proud of all our players, not only for their wonderful successes but also for the way in which they conducted themselves in a fair and honourable way throughout the entire Cumann na mBunscoil competition. Congratulations to you all and to your hard-working coaches.

cumann na mbunscoil finals


May 19th 2015

Poster Competition


As part of 'Active School Week', Mr Beehan held an art competition. The theme was 'Getting Active'. He was absolutely delighted with the response and very impressed with the standard of work entered. The task of choosing winners was a difficult one, so Mr Beehan enlisted the help of some of his fellow teachers and together they managed to whittle the entries down to twelve winners. The winning artists are pictured below with their work. Well done to you all.

poster comp winners - asw


May 18th 2015

Puss in Boots

puss-in-bootsThis much loved fairy tale is known the world over as a story, pantomine and movie. Today, the children in our senior infants and first classes were invited along to the Mullingar Arts Centre to see a performance of Puss in Boots by Lyngo Theatre. This one man show was brought to life by Patrick Lynch, who some of the children might have recognised from Cbeebies. Using smoke and mirrors, hidden trapdoors, wonderful costumes and a host of puppets, this recreation of an original fable entertained the audience from beginning to end.

puss in boots - ms costelloes class

Ms Costelloe's Senior Infants looking forward to the show


May 17th 2015

Road to the Finals


We have reached the end of the road of the Cumann na mBunscoil competition and we are proud to say that our girls' Camogie and Football teams and boys' Football team have made it through to the finals which take place this week. The schedule for the finals is below and we hope to see as many students and parents as possible in Cusack Park on each of the three evenings to support our teams.







Monday 18th May




Cusack Park



St Colman’s v Rathwire NS


Wednesday 20th May




Cusack Park


Girls' Football

St Colman’s v Kinnegad NS


Thursday 21st May




Cusack Park


Boys' Football

St Colman’s v Kinnegad NS


We wish all our teams the best of luck!


May 15th 2015

'Fun Friday'


Today was the finale of 'Active School Week' and it lived up to it's title - 'Fun Friday'. Throughout the week the school was buzzing with activity, whether it was in the classroom, in the school hall or outside in the playgrounds. The children learned new dances, used the hoola hoops, ran countless laps, took part in soccer, Gaelic or basketball games, practiced their penalty kicks, took part in Tug of War and much more...... All the children without exception enjoyed this special week. They looked forward to their 'active' break when they were studying in class and after they had their 'active' break from study, they were energised and ready for more work! The boys and girls were very excited today because all events were against the adults!

'Penalty Shoot out' was the first event this morning. During the week, every class had their own penalty shoot out and the top two boys and girls in each class competed against, Mrs Garvey, Mrs Skittles and many of our teachers. As you can imagine, the cheers, when goals were scored were deafening!

We then had some dodgeball games - Teachers versus Fourth Class. Thankfully the balls were made of sponge as some of the participants were very competitive.

Finally this afternoon, we had  basketball - Teachers versus Fifth Class. This was a very sporting finish to a wonderful week of events.

fun friday - penalty shoot winners



The winners of the 'Penalty Shoot Out' from each class group 


May 14th 2015

Get the Party Started.....

Using a police siren to announce her entrance, Mrs Skittles visited every class today and got the children up on their feet and moving! First she taught the children some dance moves and then she led the way as everyone got dancing. This fun interlude in the middle of our working day was exciting and enjoyable and I'm very sure the children would love it every day!

get the party started - mrs skittles


May 13th 2015

Miles More Smiles

Quite a few of our classes took advantage of the beautiful weather today and completed their 'Walk a Mile With a Smile' along the canal. The children saw no less than five swans in the canal and were amused when some of them did 'handstands' in the water!!

miles of smiles


May 13th 2015

Tug of War Masterclass


In February 2014, the World Indoor Tug of War Championships took place in Castlebar and our very own Ms Healy was a participant. Today, she invited one of her team mates, Cathy Sheerin along to the school to give our students some tips on Tug of War and an opportunity to take part in a contest. With Ms Healy co-ordinating the classes, Cathy had a constant flow of children eager to learn all about Tug of War. Cathy began by showing the children the correct shoes to wear. Heavy boots with spikes in the heels for outdoor contests and rubber soled footwear for indoors. She tied two belts around her waist and explained that these are to support and protect your back. The top belt has a special flap to hold the rope. The jersey Cathy wore had a thicker padded panel down the right side which is also for protection as the rope is always on the right hand side and the panel prevents rope burns. There are eight members on a team and the last person in line is called the Anchor. The children were shown how to hold the rope correctly on the right hip, keeping feet close together and how the team all move at the same time, moving the right foot, left foot, right foot etc. A rope was tied to a pole for practice pulls and when everyone was ready, the contests began. Cathy as Ref asked the teams to pick up the rope, take the strain and pull. This event was enjoyed by everyone and we would like to thank Ms Healy and Cathy for sharing their expertise with us today.

tug of war masterclass


May 12th 2015

'Walk a Mile With a Smile'

As part of 'Active School Week', the children and staff of St Colman's are going to 'Walk a Mile With a Smile'. For safety reasons it was decided to use a 'Buddy' system with our infants, which means they will walk with a student from the senior end of the

First up was Ms Healy's Junior Infants, Ms Morris' Senior Infants and Mrs Walters' & Mr Geraghty's Fourth Classes. The boys and girls from fourth class were paired up with the children from junior and senior infants. Introductions were made and the walk began. They walked along the canal towards Loreto Colege meeting many walkers on the way. When the rain fell, our very kind fourth class students took great care of the infants, fixing coats and hoods to ensure they were well covered. In spite of the inclement weather, friendships were forged and fun was had by all. The children returned to the school by the tunnel. For some, it was their first time to see and walk through the tunnel, so excitement was high, as were the shouts! Before the week is out, the rest of the school will have also 'Walked a Mile With a Smile'.

walk a mile with a smile


Not Tired Yet ??

Instead of feeling tired when they came back from their walk, our fourth class boys and girls were energised and looking for more! Zumba exercises were the way to go. Mrs Walters very quickly sourced some Zumba Classes on-line and the children had great fun following them. Then to wind up their day, they tried out some brain exercises. Can you tap your head while rubbing your tummy?

zumba and brain training  


May 11th 2015

Active School Week

May 11th - 15th 2015

St Colman's has always been a very 'active' school. Throughout the school year, our students take part in an array of activities - dance, drama, soccer, football, hurling, rugby, swimming, tennis and cycling. And as if that's not enough, this week we are having our very first 'Active School Week' (ASW).active-schools-flag

At 9.30am this morning, Mrs Garvey's voice came over the intercom inviting all staff and students to the playgrounds for the 'Opening Ceremony' and the first 'Wake up, Shake up' call of the week. The children from the junior corridor quickly gathered in the lower playground while the children from the senior corridor gathered in the upper playground. Excitement was in the air as everyone waited for the 'off'. Very soon the 'Macarena' could be heard and the dancing began! Although most of the boys and girls only heard the music and learned the dance moves last week, they all did a terrific job. The dancing was followed by keep fit exercises and leap frog - just to make sure everyone was awake! For the remainder of the week, everytime the children hear the 'Macarena' over the intercom, they will drop everything and dance. This was just a couple of the new activities arranged for ASW and you'll hear about other fun events as the week progresses.

active school week - first day


May 6th 2015

Getting Ready...


The beautiful sound of sweet singing voices could be heard around the school this afternoon as the school choir rehearsed for their next performance. Under the careful guidance of Ms Morris, the choir are preparing for 12 0'Clock Mass in St Paul's Church on Sunday May 10th, when our second class students will receive their First Holy Communion. And from what I heard today, anyone who is attending that Mass is in for a musical treat!

choir rehersal - communion 2015


May 5th 2015

Put this on your Calendar


I hope you will all keep put this on your calendar 1June 14th free and join us for the first St Colman's N.S. '5K race & Family Fun Run/Walk'. The event, organised by St Colman's N.S. Parents Association, promises to be a very enjoyable event. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, than to get the whole family out for a run/walk in the fresh air and have a relaxing chat and cuppa afterwards in the school with friends. Please spread the word to family, friends and neighbours - everyone is welcome!



March 27th 2015

'Turn Your School Yellow'

Last year's 'Turn Your School Yellow' was such a huge success that we decided to turn it into an annual event. Coinciding with the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day, we asked everyone to come to school dressed in the yellow or green of the 'Daffodil' and to make a small donation to the Irish Cancer Society. Bunches of cut daffodils were on sale for parents/guardians and students in front of the school before and after school.

 turn your school yellow 1

turn your school yellow 2


March 27th 2015

Easter Raffle

Our annual Easter raffle was a great success and there were plenty of happy children leaving the school today with an Easter egg in their hands.

easter raffle 2015


March 27th 2015

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


The West Midlands' Touring Children's Theatre paid a visit to the school today and staged two performances of the 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' in the school hall. At 9.15am, the hall began filling up with the children from our junior corridor and very soon after that the show began. The excitement was plain to see on the children's faces and they were not disappointed. There was fun and laughter and audience participation as some children were invited to the stage to join the cast. No sooner was the first show over than the hall filled again with the children from our senior corridor and the fun continued. It was a great end to the term!

the sorcerers apprentice


March 26th 2015

Musical Performance


dsc 0341 - copyToday, we were treated to a musical extravaganza in St Paul's Church. The Garda Band, took time out of their busy schedule to pay us a visit. Under the direction of Inspector Pat Kenny, they played a number of pieces to the delight of their audience. At intervals throughout the performance, our school orchestra, choir and three class groups learning the recorder had the privilege to perform alongside the professional Garda Band. Many familiar pieces were played and were recognised by the children. We were introduced to all the instruments in the band from the smallest, the piccalo to the largest which was the tuba. The children really enjoyed taking part in the theme song from the much loved cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, but the loudest cheers came when all the teaching staff were asked to join the band on the altar to sing along and perform the actions to 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'. We are very grateful to the Garda Band for performing and entertaining us so well today. Thanks also to Ms Emer Morris, Mrs Helen Hassett, Mr Bob Batty, Mr Gerry Lacey and Mr Lorcan Daly for preparing the children for this performance.

garada band 1

garda band 2


March 24th 2015

Active School Committee


active-schools-flagThe Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community by awarding them the Active School Flag (ASF). St Colman's has recently entered the process towards obtaining this award and we are planning to hold our first Active School Week (ASW) in May 2015. The ASW initiative is about providing fun and inclusive physical activity opportunities for all members of the school community. Our first Active School Committee has been elected and they are eager to get started on this new venture. Keep an eye on the school notice board and here on the school website for regular updates over the coming months.

img 0039 - copy

Active School Committee

L-R Niamh Mc Kenna, Ava Donoghue, Ben Mc Grath, Áine Mc Kenna, Brock Igbomma and Matthew Clinton 


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