May 25th 2016


With our annual St Colman's '5K Race and Family Fun Run/Walk' just around the corner, it was wonderful to see such a huge turnout once again at our weekly W.O.W. (Walk on Wednesday) event. Fitness levels are definitely improving as many are now running the laps instead of walking. Keep up the good work everyone!

w.o.w. - fourth event b

w.o.w. - fourth event


May 24th 2016

Tennis in the Sun

Tennis lessons began today for our First and Second Classes. This was the first of four weekly lessons and what a glorious day it was to start a new sport. The children really enjoyed the brisk walk to the tennis club, but after one hour of activity in the sun, the walk home was a little slower!

tennis in the sun


May 24th 2016

Walk a Mile with a Smile... and a Buddy!


Many of our Junior Classes partnered up with a 'Buddy' from our senior Classes today and enjoyed walking a mile with a smile! Walking along the canal in the sunshine was a lovely start to the day. Friendships were forged and the fresh air and exercise set everyone up for the days work ahead!

walk a mile with a smile and a buddy

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class partnered with Ms Maher's Sixth Class


May 23rd 2016

Party Time!

Yesterday, our second class students had a wonderful day with their families as they celebrated their First Holy Communion. Today, they arrived in school in all their finery to begin a new celebration with their classmates. After having their official photographs taken in St Paul's Church, the boys and girls changed into their party clothes and headed to the school hall. Once again, the hall was turned into 'Party Central'and there was food and drink waiting for them. The children really enjoyed themselves and it was a fitting end to their First Holy Communion celebrations.

party time - communion 2016 a

party time - communion 2016 b


May 23rd 2016

Ready to Plant Outside

Five weeks ago, the children in Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class planted pea seeds. After much care and lots of sunshine the plants were ready to go home with the children today. The boys and girls can transfer their plants into their gardens and watch while they grow larger by the day. Very soon they will be ready to eat!

ready to plant outside


May 22nd 2016

First Holy Communion


first holy communion 2016 a

Congratulations to the 52 boys and girls from Mrs Shiel's and Ms Hamill's Second Classes who received their First Holy Communion today in St Paul's Church. We hope you all had a lovely day with your family. 


May 19th 2016

Scores on Doors


Our Active School 'Scores on Doors' competition is in full swing this week, as all classes on the senior corridor battle it out running laps on the school running track during their lunch break. The class that amasses the highest number of laps between them over the next four weeks will win an afternoon of fun at Shamrock's G.F.C. astro pitch. Some of the Active School committee are pictured below keeping a very close eye on proceedings at lunchtime today. It's fantastic to see classes running over 300 laps on average each day this week so far. Keep it up everyone!

scores on doors


May 19th 2016

As the 'Special Day' Approaches...


The boys and girls from Mrs Shiel's and Ms Hamill's Second Class have had a busy few months as they prepare for their special First Holy Communion Day. In recent weeks, many visits have been made to the church to ensure that every child knows exactly what to do on Sunday coming.

To make their day extra special and one they will never forget, the children have been making keepsakes and mementos to remind them. They created little paper figures of themselves. Some chose to dress them in their favourite football team rig outs while others designed communion dresses and suits.

The children also created First Holy Communion Scrapbooks. Each child decorated the covers in their own way. The book documents their year in second class thus far and all the planning that they put in place for their special day. I have no doubt that the children will enjoy their day on Sunday and in years to come when they look at the mementos they made with such care, the memories will come flooding back.

as the special day approaches mrs shiels class

Mrs Sliel's Second Class

as the special day approaches ms hamills day

Ms Hamill's Second Class


May 18th 2016

Making Ice Cream


Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been learning about materials and change in their Science lessons. They have been experimenting with heating and cooling, and today, they got to make their very own chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

making ice cream


May 18th 2016


National Walk to School Week

We woke this morning to a dry, sunny day. Just what we needed for our third W.O.W. event! We hoped for our biggest crowd yet and that's what we got! Students, parents, teachers, grandparents, babies in buggies and pets all came out in force and today we joined schools all over Ireland in trying to reach the target of 20,000 people walking to school, as part of National Walk to School Week.

w.o.w. national walk to school week 1 

w.o.w. national walk to school week 2


May 17th 2016

Choose Time Reward

Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been working very hard this term and were very pleased to gain the required stamps to be rewarded with a 'Choose Time' of their choice. Their chioce - A walk to the town park and a good time was had by all!

choose time reward


May 17th 2016

Station Workouts


It's wonderful when the weather is fine and we can have our P.E. classes outside. Ms Mc Loughlin's Fifth Class took advantage of the fine weather yesterday to enjoy station workouts in the sun!

 station workouts


May 16th 2016

National Walk to School Week



walk to school week 2016 bNational Walk to School Week is taking place from today, Monday May 16th, to Friday May 20th. As a 'Green School' we know that walking to school whenever possible helps to create a healthier environment for all. As an 'Active School' we are also very much aware of the benefits of walking to our well being. Our Active School committee have been running 'WOW' (Walk on Wednesday) events for the past two weeks and have been delighted with the huge turnout each day. walking shoesThis Wednesday, as part of National Walk to School Week, we hope to see the biggest turnout yet to join with other schools in helping to reach the target of 20,000 people walking to school all over Ireland! So get your walking shoes ready and join in if you can.


May 16th 2016

Enjoying the Sunshine!

The glorious sunshine had everyone smiling today. Our Junior and Senior Infant Classes were certainly smiling as they enjoyed their break outside.

enjoying the sunshine 1

enjoying the sunshine 2


May 13th 2016

Fun Activities in the Sun

Everyone enjoyed the good weather today. The photos below are just a sample of the varied outdoor activities that kept the children busy today. What a great way to end the week!

fun activities in the sun 



May 11th 2016


In spite of the inclement weather this morning, we were once again delighted to see a huge crowd taking part in our second W.O.W. (Walk on Wednesday) event.

second wow day


May 10th 2016

Loving Gymnastics!

Niamh Cassidy and Kelly Flynn from Ms Brennan's Fourth Class love gymnastics! They both began the sport about five years ago. They train with the 'Bounce' club in Loreto Gym every Monday evening. They have learned handstands, bridges, cartwheels, front walkovers and back walkovers and over the last five years have won many awards. At the moment, the girls are at 'Gymstart level five' standard but they have plans to make it all the way up to level ten! Keep up the good work girls.

p1050912 - copy 


April 29th 2016

Remembering 1916


Over four days, all class groups from third to sixth travelled to Dublin to visit various locations associated with the 1916 Rising.

The children from our sixth classes took a guided tour of Dublin City, stopping off at many places of interest dating back to 1916 eg: the O'Connell Statue (with lots of bullet holes), the Larkin Statue and the GPO which was the headquarters during the Rising. Afterwards they took a guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery, where many of the heroes who participated in Ireland's fight for independence were laid to rest.

Our fifth classes visited the Hugh Lane Gallery accompanied by local artist, Kevin Flood, who worked with the boys and girls earlier in the year. Kevin took the children on a guided tour of the gallery and pointed out many paintings which were painted 100 years ago. The children also had sketching classes. Next was a visit to the Garden of Remembrance. Their trip finished with a visit to the exhibition in the GPO, where they viewed a number of original artifacts like guns, medals and clothing. They also enjoyed playing the interactive touchscreen games.

The students from our third and fourth classes visited the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks to see the exciting new exhibition that marks the centenary of the 1916 Rising. Afterwards they travelled to the military cemetery at Arbour Hill where fourteen of the executed leaders of the Rising are buried. They also finished their trip with a visit to the exhibition at the GPO.

All the children and accompanying adults returned to the school tired but with a renewed interest in Irish history.

6th class history tour 2016


Sixth Class Tour

5th class history tour

Fifth Class Tour

4th class history tour

Fourth Class Tour

3rd class history tour

Third Class Tour


April 28th 2016

They've Hatched!


Our nesting swallows have hatched! Just last week we saw the mother swallow sitting on her eggs, in her nest, hidden on a windowsill and now we have five baby chicks. Once again the photos were taken from above through the window while the mum was away.

As you can see from the photos, the chicks are hatched naked, with only a few tufts of down. The eyes are closed and do not fully open for up to 10 days. The feathers will begin to sprout in a few days. It can take up to three weeks for the young birds to 'Fledge'. This is when the feathers and wing muscles are sufficiently developed for flight.

It's exciting to see nature at work right on our own doorstep! (or windowsill in this case!)

theyve hatched


April 27th 2016

A Great Turnout!

It was great to see such a  wonderful turnout this morning at our first W.O.W. (walk on Wednesday) event. Well done everyone and we hope to see you and many more on Wednesday May 11th when we do it all again.

a great turnout 1

a great turnout 2


April 27th 2016



Mr Beehan's Sixth Class are cooking again! As their geography investigations continue, they're now learning all about Nigeria. Luckily they have an in-house expert in Ololade Ayorinde. Ololade has been filling them in on Nigerian customs and food. She even prepared a beautiful African dish called Asaro for her classmates to sample. This was the first time most of her class (including her teacher) had ever tasted the vegetable 'Yam' and by all accounts, it went down very well indeed. Thank you to Ololade and her mother from all her classmates for this delicious treat.



April 26th 2016



walk on wednesday - copyReminder that all parents are invited to join us tomorrow morning for our first W.O.W. (Walk on Wednesday) event from 8.45am - 9.05am. This is a great opportunity for the whole school community to come together each week and show the children the importance of physical activity for life.

parents and children walking

Looking forward to seeing you there!


April 25th 2016

Mark this on your Calendar


st.colmansnsposter - copy
The annual St Colman's N.S. '5K Race & Family Fun Run/Walk' takes place on Sunday June 19th, starting at 1.30pm. The Fun Run/Walk, organised mark this on your calendarby St Colman's N.S. Parents Association, promises to be a very enjoyable event. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to get the whole family out for some exercise in the fresh air and have a relaxing chat and cuppa afterwards in the school with friends. So please mark the date in your calendar and spread the word to family, friends and neighbours - everyone is welcome!


April 22nd 2016

North Leinster Soccer Final


Yesterday, our boys' soccer team travelled to MDL Grounds, Navan to take part in the SPAR FAI Primary School 5-a-side competition. The team performed well and qualified for the C Cup final. Unfortunately, they came up against a very strong team from Dunboyne and finished as runners up. Well done lads!

leinster soccer final


April 21st 2016

Swallows are Back!

For a number of years, we have had swallows nesting in the grounds of St Colman's and this year is no different. In the past, they have built their nest above the entrance door beside Kevin's shed. But this year they have moved! Many of you might see our stage, stored when not in use, to the right of Kevin's shed. The swallow has managed to get in behind the wooden stage and has built its nest on the windowsill of the ladies toilet.

We usually see the first swallows return to Ireland in April. Swallows travel in families, they pass over deserts and seas and fly through all sorts of weather to come here for the Irish Summer. Birdwatch Ireland has reported that in recent years, the Irish Swallow is on the decline. The Sahara desert is getting wider each year and more arid and fewer swallows can survive the journey.

However, their arrival signals good news for us on the weather front as they only return when it will be warm enough for them to find a plentiful supply of food - they eat hundreds of midges! What you may not realise is that swallows are a protected species and it is illegal to remove their nests from your property.

It is early days for our current nesting swallow though, as the mum is still sitting on her eggs. It was quite difficult to get photos this time due to the location. One photo was taken from above through the window in the ladies toilet! Hopefully in the weeks to come, the eggs will hatch,  all the chicks will survive and with a bit of luck (and some acrobatics!) we will have photos of the baby chicks to show you. Watch this space!!

swallows are back 


April 21st 2016

Teddy Bears Picnic


Today, the boys and girls from Ms Morris' and Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Classes enjoyed a Teddy Bears' Picnic in the sun. We all have a favourite teddy bear and every child brought their favourite one into school today. They came in all shapes and sizes and each one holds a special memory for the owner.

p1050729 - copy

Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class

p1050734 - copy

Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class


April 20th 2016

Has Summer Come Early?

The glorious sunshine today had everyone wondering if Summer had come early. Of course it could be a different story tomorrow, so, the time for action was today. Many classes went for nature walks, some classes on the senior corridor took children from the junior corridor on a 'Buddy Walk' along the canal and many more took advantage of our outdoor classroom to have lessons in the sun.

  has summer come early

Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class enjoying work in the outdoor classroom

has summer come early 2

Some of our Senior Classes take Junior and Senior Infants on a 'Buddy Walk'

p1050731 - copy

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class enjoy storytime in the sun before they go home


April 19th 2016

Making Butter


During a recent History lesson, the children in Ms Owen's First Class learned all about how people lived long ago. They were very interested in how butter was made in the past and decided to make some img 4402 - copythemselves.

The class was split into groups and each group was given a a jar with double cream inside. Then the hard work began. Every child had to shake the jar as hard as they img 4404 - copycould for a few minutes before passing it on to the next person. The jars were checked regularly to monitor the progress.

Before long, they noticed changes as the butter separated from the buttermilk. A colander was used to drain away the buttermilk and after adding some salt, the butter was ready to be tested. It was yummy and such a great success that many of the boys and girls have since made their own butter at home!

making butter


April 18th 2016

It's Planting Time

We all know the importance of vegetables in our diet and this morning, Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class took the first step in growing their own vegetables. There was great excitement when Mrs Slevin opened the box containing the pea, spinach & cress seeds together with the cups and compost. Every child took their turn filling the cups with compost and putting in the seeds. After watering, all the cups were placed on the windowsill in the classroom. Over the coming weeks, the boys and girls will carefully look after their plants and follow their growth progress.

its planting time 2


April 18th 2016

Roscommon Open Feis


p1050676 - copy

Last Saturday, Amy Devanney, a young Irish Dancer from Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class,took part in the Roscommon Open Feis. As you can see from the photo, she did not come home empty handed. Amy won an impressive five trophies and one medal. This is not the first time Amy has featured with her 'wins' and I'm sure it won't be the last. Congratulations Amy!

irish-dance-shoes small


April 15th 2016



The geography investigations are continuing in Mr Beehan's Sixth Class and this week they focused their attention on the European country of Romania. The multicultural celebrations continued too in the form of culinary delights brought to them by their very own Tania Muresan. Tania and her family are originally from Romania. Today, Tania treated the class to a very tasty traditional Romanian dish called Polenta. As you can see from the photos, it was a big hit. The accompanying fresh strawberry sauce was Mr Beehan's favourite! A huge thank you to Tania and her family from all her classmates.



April 14th 2016

Aspiring Singer


I'm sure many of you are enjoying this year's 'The Voice of Ireland' on RTE. On Sunday April 3rd, Áine Creagh from Mrs Fagan's & Mrs Brennan's Third Class was in the happy position to be sitting in the audience of the show's live knockouts. Áine travelled to the Helix to support Mullingar's own Michaela Hogg who was performing on the night. Before the show started, a group of 'warm up' artists came on stage to entertain the crowd. They looked for four volunteers to go up on stage and Áine immediately put herself forward. Áine was to be Judge Úna and got to sit in her chair! The audience was challenged to sing in front of the 'new' judges and when asked what she thought of the singing, Áine said "they could have been better!". 'Tough judge', I hear you say. I asked Áine if she would one day like to return to the show as a real judge, she quickly told me that she wouldn't. This aspiring young singer wants to return as a contestant!

aspiring singer


April 13th 2016

Buddy Walk

The sun was shining and the temperatures were up, today was the perfect day to take a 'Buddy Walk'! Bright and early, Mr Beehan's Sixth Class teamed up with Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class to get some exercise and make new friends. Every sixth class student partnered up with a junior infant and when introductions were made and coats were put on, the walk began. The children left by the front door and made their way to the canal pathway. As they walked, the signs of Spring were all around with buds on the trees and flowers springing up. There was great excitement when someone spotted some small fish near the first small bridge. The sixth class students jumped into action as they assisted their younger buddies to see over the bridge. Further up, two graceful swans were also seen. As they approached the exit at the Loreto College, Mrs Slevin showed the children the lock and explained how it was used. There were many happy faces as the group returned to the school. Everyone enjoyed the exercise in the sunshine, friendships were forged and everyone got some early practice for the upcoming 'Walk a Mile with a Smile' that will take place during our Active Schools Week. As a very special treat for behaving so well on the walk, Mr Beehan and Mrs Slevin bought some ice cream for all, much to the delight of the tired buddies.

buddy walk - 1

buddy walk - 2


April 11th 2016

Keep it in the Family 

The O'Herron family like to keep fit and their sport of choice is boxing. Patrick from Mrs Fagan's & Mrs Brennan's Third Class, Arlene from Mrs Connaughton's First Class, Carley from Ms Mulcair's Senior Infant Class and Leah from Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class are all members of the Rochfortbridge Boxing Club. They train weekly which keeps them pretty fit! On Saturday last, Patrick and Arlene took part in a boxing competition held in Clara Boxing Club, Co Offaly. Patrick fights in the U10 age group and Arlene in the U7 and they both finished in first place. Well done guys and keep up the good work!

p1050600 - copy


April 8th 2016



Mr Beehan's Sixth Class have been learning about Africa in their Geography lessons this week. Today their focus was on the country of Sudan. While learning all about the geography of the country, they were also treated to a culinary feast! One of the students, Basmallah El Mugtaba, whose family are originally from Sudan, demonstrated to her peers how to cook the traditional Sudanese dish 'Kofta'. As you can see from the photos below, Basmallah's classmates really enjoyed the meal and they all agreed that Sudanese cuisine is very tasty indeed! Luckily, thanks to Basmallah, they all have the recipe and the 'know-how' to cook it for themselves at home. Ms Murphy also got to taste the dish and she loved it! Well done Basmallah and thank you from all your classmates (and Ms Murphy!).




April 7th 2016

Country Music Fan


I'm sure there isn't a person out there that doesn't know the song 'Wagon Wheel'. Penned by Bod Dylan, the song became a huge hit in 2012 when it was released by Nathan Carter and it brought the world of country music to a whole new audience. One young country music fan, Darragh Mc Cabe from Ms Healy's Junior Infant class, has met many of Ireland's country music singers. He told me he got his love of country music from his granddad John. Darragh has been to many country music events with his granddad, the most recent being the Sunday World Country Music Awards 2016, which was held in the Mullingar Park Hotel. Darragh is pictured below with some of his country music idols, Martin Cleary (steel guitar legend), TR Dallas, The Three Amigos- Patrick Feeney, Jimmy Buckley & Robert Mizzell and Darragh's all time favourite, the wonderful Nathan Carter.

country music fan


April 5th 2016

Revolution 1916

p1050599 - copyIn February this year, the  Revolution 1916 Exhibition opened in the Ambassador Theatre, Dublin, as part of the commemorations for the Centenary year of the 1916 Rising. During the Easter break, two of our students, Katie Mc Carthy from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class and her sister Annie from Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class paid a visit to this exhibition and were very impressed with what they saw. Katie, who has a keen interest in History, thoroughly enjoyed researching for the 1916 Rising project with her class in preparation for Proclamation Day. She was delighted when her family decided to visit the exhibition. There were people dressed in the uniforms that were worn in 1916. There was a display of many guns from that time as well as the Casserly car used by Michael Collins. An actor read the Proclamation inside a replica set of the GPO. The part that Katie enjoyed most was entering a replica street and hearing gunshots which gave her an idea of what it must have been like to be a child at that time. Katie and Annie are pictured holding the Centenary Medal 1916-2016, a keepsake from their visit.




March 16th 2016

Chocolate Easter Treats

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class had a very successful term. As a reward for all their hard work, today, Ms Healy showed the children how to make some chocolate treats for Easter. Using chocolate, shredded wheat and small chocolate eggs, the boys and girls made edible nests with eggs inside. Not only did they look very cute, but they were very tasty into the bargain!

chocolate easter treats - 2016


March 16th 2016

Flash Mob


announcement-speakers-and-peopleAt 10am this morning, Mrs Garvey announced over the intercom that all classes from junior infants to second class should gather in the upper playground! There was great excitement as everyone made their way to the yard and some questions too! What's going on? Why have we to go to the playground? Well they soon got their answer!p1050561 - copy

On arrival in the yard, students from third to sixth class could be seen lined up in four rows. Very soon, the song Uptown Funk could be heard and all of a sudden, the back row of sixth class students began dancing. Then the row of fifth class students joined in followed quickly by the fourth class students and lastly by the third class students. For the remainder of the popular song, the boys and girls danced in sync together while the audience clapped and sang along to the funky music. This wonderful flash mob was put together by Ms Sinead Mc Greevey from Magic of Music. Sinead visits the school weekly to teach music and movement to the children and taught the routine to each individual class and today they came together to perform for us. This was a great end to the school term and it put everbody in good form as we begin our Easter holidays. Well done to Sinead and all the dancing students!

flash mob 1

flash mob 2


March 15th 2016

Proclamation Day


centenary symbol 2016Schools, colleges and government offices across Ireland held ceremonies today to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising and St Colman's was no different. For a number of months, our senior classes have been gathering information on the events of 1916 and the important people involved and created projects that adorn the walls of our school hall. Ms Brennan's Fourth Class prepared and rehearsed a play surrounding the events. Our junior classes also studied the 1916 Rising and in preparation for today, many made Irish flags.

This morning at 9.45am, the first showing of Ms Brennan's Fourth Class re-enactment play took place in the school hall. p1050497 - copyLater at 11am, the entire school gathered in the upper playground to begin the St Colman's Proclamation Ceremony. Mr Geraghty opened the proceedings by welcoming everyone and reminding us about the importance of the 1916 events and what they mean to us as a nation. A number of sixth class students then read sections of the Proclamation. A student from third class read a poem written by Padraig Pearse called 'The Mother'. Next up were three brothers, Daniel, Jack and Sam Connaughton, who read an ancestry piece that they researched about their great, great grandfather and his role in the 1916 Rising.

p1050508 - copyDaniel Byrne was next with an amusing story about his great grand-uncle James Kiernan who had a horse called 'All Sorts'. The horse ran in the Irish Grand National on Easter Sunday 1916 and won. Unfortunately, because of the Rising, the trains were not running and All Sorts had to walk 50 miles home. Ms Morris and two sixth class students then played 'Ag Críost an Síol' on the violin. This piece was originally a poem and was written in 1916 by Fr Michael Sheehan.

Three pupils from Ms Mc Laughlin's Fifth Classp1050525 - copy spoke about some important women during the Rising. Following this were two young Irish Dancers from Mr Geraghty's Fourth Class. Next, the audience were treated to a Sean-nós step brush dance by staff member, Ms June Shanley. A poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett, 'I See His Blood Upon the Rose', was then read by three fifth class students.

p1050528 - copyBefore the raising of the flag, Conor Mahon from Ms Hamill's Second Class read a piece about the significance of the National Flag. Mrs Garvey and Mr Geraghty raised the flag while some of our young trumpeters played the Royal Salute.

To end the ceremony, Ms Morris played the National Anthem on the violin while we all proudly sang along.

proclamation day 1

proclamation day 2


March 14th 2016

Spring Nature Walk


Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, Ms Owens' and Mrs Connaughton's First Classes went for a Spring Nature walk around the school and along the canal. The children saw daffodils and crocus and of course the many buds that have appeared on the trees.

spring nature walk


March 14th 2016

Sean-Nós Dancing


The Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations continue this week. Ms Rosario Clinton visits the school weekly to teach Sean-nós dancing to our second, third and fourth classes. This morning, Rosario and seven of her third class dancers put on a short performance for our junior and senior infant classes. They danced 2 two-hand dances - 'Keel Row' followed by 'Pat-a-Cake Polka'. Afterwards, much to the delight of the audience, Rosario invited the boys and girls from junior and senior infants to take part in a lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed this brief introduction to Sean-nós dancing and look forward to taking part in dance lessons when they progress to second class.

sean-ns dancing


March 12th 2016



confirmation dove

Congratulations to the 58 boys and girls from St Colman's who were confirmed in the Cathedral today. We hope you all had an enjoyable day with your family.


March 11th 2016

'Turn Your School Yellow'


Today we held our annual 'Turn Your School Yellow' charity fundraiser. Coinciding with the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day, all students and staff arrived in school dressed in the yellow or green of the 'Daffodil'. Bunches of fresh daffodils, pens and daffodil pins were on sale for pupils, parents and guardians before and after school. As always everyone supported this venture 100% - some even turned their hair green! All funds raised today will be split between St John's Childrens Cancer Ward, the Local Hospice and the Irish Cancer Society.

turn your school yellow 2016 a

turn your school yellow 2016 c

turn your school yellow 2016 b


March 11th 2016

Ceremony of Light

candle light 1Our second class students are deep in preparations for their upcoming First Holy Communion. As part of those preparations, a 'Ceremony of Light' was held in the school hall last night for the students and their parents. Fr Paul Crosbie spoke to the children about the history behind the Paschal candle and the signifance of light in the Catholic religion. He told the children that at their Baptism, a candle was lit from the Paschal candle to represent the light of Christ and this light will guide them through life. He then invited them to light their baptismal candle once again. We wish the children well in their ongoing preparations for their special day.


March 10th 2016

An Haka Gaelach

All of you Rugby followers out there will have heard the Haka many times before the New Zealand All Blacks play. But did you ever hear it 'As Gaeilge'? Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class learned 'An Haka Gaelach' for Seachtain na Gaeilge and today they visited all classes on the junior corridor to perform it with actions. Well done guys!

an haka gaelach


March 10th 2016

Michaela Visits St Colman's


Our school hall was the setting for a surprise musical performance today. Michaela Hogg, who is through to the live shows in 'The Voice of Ireland' on RTE, paid us a visit and sang for the children. Michaela was accompanied on guitar by past pupil Robert Arnold. She sang many favourites and at one point had a group of our sixth class boys as her backing singers and dancers! We wish Michaela the best of luck in the live shows.

michaela visits


March 10th 2016

Keep the Date


Ms Brennan's Fourth Class has issued a dramatic invitation to a 1916 re-enactment which will take place next week in the school hall. Remember to keep the dates open!



March 9th 2016

Seachtain na Gaeilge


As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, two of our young Irish dancers visited every classroom today to perform for the students. Katie Martin and Rania Connell from Mr Geraghty's Fourth class are members of the Emerald Lakes Academy of Irish Dance. They dressed in their competition costumes and danced a reel and a treble jig to great applause.

 s na g - irish dancers


March 6th 2016

Happy Mother's Day

motherchild holding hands 2016

March 4th 2016

Mother's Day Art 

With a very important day coming up on Sunday, there's no prizes for guessing what the theme for art lessons in most classes was this week - Mother's Day of course. Poems and cards were written and pictures were drawn and coloured and all to surprise that very special person in our lives. One group, Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class, went one step further with their surprise. They walked to the post box across the road from the school and posted their hand-made and carefully written cards.

mothers day 2016

Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class Post their Mother's Day Cards

img 1354 - copy

Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class


March 3rd 2016

Literary Visit


As part of our World Book Day celebrations, successful local author and artist Dolores Keaveney visited the boys and girls from our first classes. Dolores, who is grand-aunt to Emily Mc Sherry in Ms Owen's First Class, told the children that she began writing at the age of 60. She is now the proud author of nine books. Dolores read from a selection of her books and told the children where the ideas for each book came from. She also spoke about Bee Keeping which she enjoys. The children also had the opportunity to draw their favourite character from Dolores' books. Rolls of paper were placed lengthways on their tables and off they went. The children and their teachers would like to thank Dolores for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit and share her literary knowledge.

literary visit


March 3rd 2016

World Book Day



Numerous book related activities took place around the school today to celebrate World Book Day. Many  of the children brought their favourite book into class to read and share with friends.

world book day 2016


March 3rd 2016

Skiing Success


p1050259 - copy

Maciej and Mateusz Zarebski from Mr Geraghty's and Ms Brennan's fourth classes, recently visited Poland to enjoy a skiing holiday. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are pictured holding medals they received when they completed their ski course. Well done boys.

skiing gear


March 2nd 2016

St Colman's Book Fair

The importance of reading should never be reading quoteunderestimated! Here in St Colman's we encourage the children to read as much as possible. Time is set aside in all classes for D.E.A.R. time, which is Drop Everything and Read. This year, to coincide with World Book Day, which falls on Thursday March 3rd, we are hosting a Book Fair. The fair will run until Wednesday next, March 9th.

p1050311All classes will have the opportunity to view the collection of books before purchasing. Parents/Guardians can view and purchase books before school and after 1.30pm each day of the fair. Books range in price from €3.75 to €10.

World Book Day Tokens will be distributed to all classes this week and can be used in local book shops.


March 2nd 2016

Internet Safety

internet safety for familiesIn recent years, we have all been horrified and frightened by the many incidents of cyberbullying of school-going children in this country, which resulted in some tragic circumstances. For this reason we feel it is vitally important to provide an informative, educational series of workshops for pupils, teachers and parents.

Tomorrow, March 3rd, during the school day, we will have specially trained tutors from Zeeko to talk to all pupils from third to sixth class. They will cover a range of internet safety areas such as cyberbullying, excessive internet use, digital footprint, stranger danger and empowering be smart on the internetpupils to act responsibly and protect themselves when using the wide range of media.

At 7pm, an hour long informative seminar on this important topic will take place in the school hall for parents/guardians. We feel that it is  a vitally important area and ask that at least one parent/guardian from each home make an effort to attend.

zeeko - i s g

The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide provides advice on a range of internet safety areas such as cyberbullying, excessive internet use, digital footprint, stranger danger and a specific chapter on how to make digital devices safer.

To read the guide please CLICK HERE 


March 1st 2016

Confirmation Memento


With their Confirmation just around the corner, the pupils from our sixth classes are being kept very busy. They were visited recently by artist, Andrina Finch, who helped them to create a painted plate to keep as a memento of their special day. Using acrylic paints, the boys and girls painted a church with stained glass windows and the surrounding greenery. They added a dove to represent the Holy Spirit. To finish, they painted their name and the date of their Confirmation. This beautiful keepsake is one I'm sure they'll all treasure for many years to come.

confirmation memento 2016


February 29th 2016

Leinster Boxing Championships

p1050256 - copy

The Leinster Boxing Championships took place in Portlaoise on Saturday and Sunday last. Congratulations to Jack Geoghegan from Mrs Deane's Sixth Class who came first in the 44Kg weight category. Jack is now through to the All Ireland Championship which will take place on March 24th, in the National Stadium, Dublin. Well done Jack and we wish you the best of luck in the All Ireland Championships. 

boxing gloves and logo


February 25th 2016

First Confession

first confession

Congratulations to the 62 boys and girls from First Class and the boy from Second Class who made their First Confession tonight in St Paul's Church. I'm sure they're all pleased to have taken the first step on the road to making their First Holy Communion.


February 25th 2016

Grandparents Day


grandparents dayToday was a very special day in St Colman's N.S.! All pupils and staff gathered with family and friends in St Paul's Church to celebrate Grandparents Day.

The church was filled to bursting and the excitement was palpable. Mrs Garvey began the service by welcoming everyone who travelled from near and far to celebrate with us. There were many funny moments during the service, like when Catherine let it slip that her granny allowed her stay up late on a sleepover and her mum and dad didn't know about it, or when Amy told us that she likes to call her grandmother - 'nana banana' and when Rachel told us that her grandad snores very loudly!

There were a few poignant moments also as we remembered those grandparents who have died. Leaves were placed on the Tree of Remembrance and p1050184 - copyquite a few people were left teary eyed when children read self penned letters to their grandparents in Heaven.

Throughout the service, our choir and orchestra sang and played beautifully to the delight of the congregation.

To draw the service to a close, the boys and girls from our p1050177 - copyjunior and senior infant classes assembled on the altar to sing a surprise song especially for their grannies and grandads.p1050168 - copy

Afterwards everyone was invited back to the school, where our school hall was transformed into an attractive old-fashioned 'Tea Room' and tea & cakes were in abundance.

A huge thank you to Ms Healy for once again organising a truly wonderful family event that was enjoyed by the young and not so young in the St Colman's Community.

grandparents poem

grandparents day 2016 a

grandparents day 2016 b

grandparents day 2016 c


February 22nd 2016

Collage Art 

Our junior and senior infant classes had a visit from artist Cara Gorman last week. Cara, who is mum to Charlie in Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class and Melody from Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class, helped the children create class collages. Each class chose their own theme based on work they have completed or books they have read in class recently. Many different items were used - torn paper from old magazines, crepe paper and card, buttons, wool and ribbon. The boys and girls had great fun and were very proud of the wonderful results!

collage art


February 15th 2016

Mullingar Open Feis

p1050130 - copy

The 'Mullingar Open Feis' was held in the Mullingar Park Hotel on Saturday last. Two young Irish dancing buddies, Amy Devanney from Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class and Molly O'Brien from Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class took part. Once again, the girls danced very well and came away with an array of trophies and medals. Congratulations girls!


February 14th 2016

St Valentine's Day

happy valentines day 2016Love was certainly in the air last week in our junior and senior infant classes, as the boys and girls prepared for St Valentine's Day. hearts sparklingOver a number of days, clay hearts were cut, dried & painted, Valentine cards were designed & written and egg cartons were transformed into bouquets of flowers. After creating Valentine cards for their parents on Thursday, Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class walked to the post box across the road from the school and posted them. All our junior and senior infants worked really hard, but all that hard work will have been worth it when they see the smiles of happiness on their parents' faces.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

valentines - mrs slevin 2016

Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class

valentines - ms geraghty 2016

Ms Geraghty's Senior Infant Class

valentines - ms healy 2016

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class

valentines - ms morris 2016

Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class

valentines - ms mulcair 2016

Ms Mulcair's Senior Infant Class


February 12th 2016

Still Life

p1050064 - copyLocal artist, Kevin Flood, was in school for the past week giving art lessons to our fifth and sixth classes. The theme was 'Still Life' and Kevin had arranged a number of scenes for the pupils to work from. Over the course of the week, Kevin explained the elements of composition, colour families, p1050073 - copythe importance of simple shapes, how shading can bring an object to life, how overlapping can give a sense of depth and how to create new colours by the use of shading and overlapping of colours. He also spoke about pointillism and cubism. Kevin brought the children step by step through the process - sketching in pencil, adding details and finally adding the colour. Most of the students used the medium of watercolours, although some of the more adventurous used the mixed medium of watercolours and pastelles. Once again the finished products were amazing and will grace the walls of many homes I'm sure!

still life 2016

kevin flood - still life 2016


February 11th 2016

Spring Scene


The students in Ms Owens First Class enjoyed a very special art lesson yesterday. Local artist Andrina Finch paid a visit to their class to pass on some of her knowledge and to help the children create a 'Spring Scene'. This was no ordinary spring scene though, because they were painting on ceramic tiles using acrylic paint. The finished products were fantastic! The photos below show the young artists at work and proudly posing for a photo with their artwork.

spring scene


February 9th 2016

Shrove Tuesday


The mouth-watering aroma of freshly cooked pancakes wafted through the corridors of St Colman's today, as everyone celebrated 'Shrove Tuesday' or 'Pancake Tuesday' as it is more commonly known. Today is the day when we feast on rich foods before Lent begins tomorrow. From junior infants to sixth class, everyone got involved and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

shrove tuesday 2016

Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class Enjoying Their Pancakes

pancake tuesday

Ms Healy's Junior Infant Class Having Fun!

Pancake Party

Ms Hamill's Second Class had a very special 'Pancake Tuesday' treat today! Not only did they get pancakes with a filling of their choice, but they were served by the students of Mr Beehan's Sixth Class. This was of course the prize that Brandon won for his class when he was chosen as the winner in the Active Schools slogan competition. Congratulations once again to Brandon and well done to the budding chefs and 'silver service' serving staff from Mr Beehan's class.

pancake party    


February 8th 2016

Slogan Competition Winner


Our Active Schools Committee held a slogan competition recently. They wanted to find a slogan that represents them and encourages everyone in the school to get active. The prize - a 'pancake party' for the winner's class. The committee was delighted with the huge response from all classes in the school and after much deliberation, chose a winner. Brandon Campbell from Ms Hamill's Second Class wrote the winning slogan and tomorrow his class will enjoy freshly made pancakes served to them by Mr Beehan's Sixth Class students. The winning slogan is

Walk, Run, Jump, Skip - Come on St Colman's, Let's Get Fit!!

p1040985 - copy


February 8th 2016

Run Forest Run

p1040983 - copyYesterday, the Midland Triathlon Club held a 'Run Forest Run' event in Lough Ennell Caravan and Camping Park, Tudenham, Mullingar. Following in her Dad's footsteps, Ella May Ferris from Ms Morris' Senior Infant Class was one of the participants. Ella May who took part in the U8 age group, told me she first had to run around the edge of a field, then cycle the same distance and then run again. She received a medal for her efforts and although she was very tired after the event, she enjoyed herself immensely and will definitely be taking part in many more triathlons!


February 8th 2016

Chinese New Year


year of the monkeyThis year, Chinese New Year - The Year of the Monkey - begins today and will last until January 27th 2017. With that in mind, Mrs Slevin's Junior Infant Class have been learning all about China. They were amazed by the huge population and fascinated when they saw pictures of the Terracotta Warriors. They loved that each year was named after an animal. Most of the children had tasted Chinese food at some point, but none of them had used chopsticks. Mrs Slevin brought chopsticks for the children to practice with and there was plenty of laughs as they tried to master the art.

chinese new year


February 5th 2016

Irish Dancing Success

p1040976 - copy

Lucas Vaskelis from Mrs Deane's Sixth Class took an Irish Dancing Grade 1 exam recently and was delighted to be awarded 1st class honours. Lucas has been dancing for a number of years and this is only one of the many awards he has won. Congratulations Lucas! 


February 4th 2016

Fish Farmers


Our sixth class students are enjoying their new role as young fish farmers. Before Christmas, Dermot Broughan of Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) paid a visit to the school. He spoke to the pupils about the work of the IFI and how they protect Ireland's fish stocks and he also explained the life-cycles of the brown trout and salmon. Dermot returned straight after Christmas with some brown trout eggs that have been harvested from Lough Owel. These have been placed in our fish tank with a specially made tray to hold the eggs safely which is located in Kevin's shed. The tank was filled with fresh rainwater gathered by the children. Daily checks are made on the temperature and progress of the eggs. In the past week, all the eggs have hatched. The children have been very excited visiting the young alevin and watching them swim happily around the tank. Over the coming weeks, the alevin will develop into young fry and will be ready to be released into the wild again. In the mean-time, the children will continue to enjoy the experience of watching them grow before their eyes.

fish farmers


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