June 20th 2017

Learning about Poland


What better way to learn about another European country than to speak to a person from that country. Today, the boys and girls in Ms Kiernan's Second Class had a very special visitor. Kasia Lachowska, mum to Karol from Ms Kiernan's Class and Jacob from Mrs Shiel's First Class came to talk to the children about her home country Poland. Kasia, who has been living in Ireland for ten years, told the children many interesting facts about Poland. Some were surprised to learn that although Poland is a member of the European Union, they have a different currency called Zloty. In 2017, the population of Poland was 38.5 million, which is considerably greater than Ireland's 4.7 million. The Polish climate also differs hugely to Ireland. The highest temperature recorded in Poland was 39.9 Celsius in August 2012. The lowest temperature was -38.8 Celsius recorded in January 2017. Other topics such as the history and geography of the country, tourist attractions, animals native to Poland, food, celebrations, the flag and school were all discussed. There were quite a few shrieks of astonishment when the children learned that if they were attending school in Poland instead of Ireland, not only would they have homework from Monday to Thursday, but they would get twice as much on Friday as they have the weekend to get it done! To finish up her presentation, Kasia brought some traditional Polish sweets for the boys and girls to taste. Ms Kiernan and the children would like to thank Kasia for taking the time to share her extensive knowledge of Poland with them.

learning about poland