May 24th 2021

Fun making Butter!

Have you ever made butter? Last week, the boys and girls in Mrs Deane's/Mrs Slevin's First Class did, and all they needed was cream and some clean glass jars! 

Each pod was given a glass jar, which they filled half way with cream. Then for the fun part! Every child took it in turns to shake the jar as vigorously as possible. Cream is made of tiny drops of water mixed with fat droplets and protein. By shaking the cream, the fat droplets stick together. After about ten minutes of shaking, the butter is formed. Some leftover liquid from the cream, called buttermilk, is also in the jar and this can be used to make bread.

Mrs Slevin separated the butter from the buttermilk. The children then tasted their end product on some crackers. The consensus among the children was that they loved their homemade butter!

fun making butter 2021