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April 12th 2018

Incredible Edibles


The boys and girls in Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class are taking part in a very exciting project called 'Incredible Edibles'. Plant pots, soil, seeds, watering cans and fun activity sheets were sent to the school and Ms Hamill got down to work straight away with her students. The children planted spinach, carrots, chives, tulips and strawberries and thoroughly enjoyed their planting experience. They are now eagerly awaiting the first sign of growth.

incredible edibles


February 14th 2018

St Valentine's Day


Love was in the air today as the boys and girls in Mrs Gavin's Junior Infant Class put the final touches to their St Valentine's Day art. The finished art work was wonderful and I'm sure it will bring a great deal of joy to that special someone in their lives.

valentines day 2018


February 13th 2018

Pancake Tuesday


The wonderful aroma of tasty pancakes wafted along the corridors of St Colman's today as many classes treated themselves to a Pancake party, to celebrate 'Shrove Tuesday' or Pancake Tuesday as it is more commonly known. Traditionally, today is the day when we feast on rich foods before Lent begins tomorrow. The range of fillings varied from class to class - sugar and lemon, jam, butter, maple syrup, fresh fruit and of course chocolate spread. So, whatever filling you choose for your pancakes tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

pancake tuesday 2018

pancake tuesday 2018 b

Children from Ms Mulcair's, Ms Hamill's and Mrs Gavin's Junior Infants Classes and Ms Kiernan's Senior Infant Class enjoying their pancakes!


January 18th 2018

When I grow up I want to be.....


At some point in our school life we will hear the question - What do you want to be when you grow up? For most it can be a tricky question but not so for the children in Mrs Gavin's Junior Infant Class. The boys and girls knew straight away what they want to be. Firefighter, vet, hairdresser, doctor, teacher, postman, builder and nurse were just some of the answers that were given. What an ambitious bunch they are. During their art lesson this week, the children coloured in Lego men and women showing what they would look like in their dream job. I hope that when the time comes, they all manage to achieve their dream career.

when i grow up i want to bea

when i grow up i want to beb


December 13th 2017

Christmas Season Begins...


The St Colman's Christmas season got off to a flying start this morning with our first Christmas Play. The boys and girls in Mrs Gavin's Junior Infant Class performed 'Shine Star Shine' for family and friends. Despite missing a day's rehearsal on Monday due to the snow and many coughs and colds among the cast, the children did a wonderful job!

This was just one of many plays that will be performed in the coming days. We also have our Christmas Fair on Sunday coming and the annual Carol Service next Thursday, so there will be plenty to keep us busy and in the festive spirit in the run up to getting our Christmas holidays.

christmas season begins 2017

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