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January 29th 2018

Cathloic Schools Week


catholic schools week 2018Catholic Schools Week 2018 runs from Sunday January 28th until Saturday February 3rd. The theme this year is 'Catholic Schools : Called to be a family of families'. Today and every day this week, students will read prayers over the intercom at a chosen time and the entire school will be joined together in prayer.


December 21st 2017


Christmas Carol Service 



A hush fell over St Paul's Church at 11am this morning, as the annual St Colman's Christmas Carol Service began. The entire school body, family and friends and Fr Paul gathered to celebrate the Christmas Season in song and prayer. Children representing every class group read the story of Jesus' birth, while members of the living crib gathered on the altar. The readings were interspersed with Christmas hymns sung beautifully by our school choir. The children from our second classes, who will make their First Holy Communion next year, took part in The Procession of Light and decorated the Christmas Tree with symbols of Christmas. 

At this time of the year, when one can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the materialistic side of Christmas, it's nice to slow down and take a quiet moment to reflect and remember the true meaning of Christmas. This morning's service gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that.


christmas carol service 2017


September 28th 2017 


A Back to School Service


At 11.30am this morning, every class attended a very special service in St Paul's Church, officiated by Fr Paul Crosby. Fr Paul spoke to the children about returning to school and the importance of their lunch boxes and schoolbags, explaining that we need fuel for our bodies and brains. He reminded them that in many parts of the world, there are children who are not so lucky. He led the children in prayers of thanks for all that they have and the children also prayed for people less fortunate than themselves. He asked the boys and girls to remember the importance of the Bible and spoke of all the wonderful stories that it contains. Fr Paul finished the service by blessing the school bags and expressing his wish that they all have a successful school year. 


a back to school service


May 3rd 2017

Ceremony of Light


lit candle 1Our second class students are deep in preparations for their upcoming First Holy Communion. As part of these preparations, a Ceremony of Light was held in St Paul's Church at 7pm tonight. The ceremony began with the children carrying a lighted candle to the altar. Fr Paul told the boys and girls that at their Baptism, a candle was lit from the Pascal candle to represent the light of Christ and this light will guide them through life. He asked them to keep the light shining brightly in their lives by doing good and remembering to live as Jesus would want. The children were then invited to make their second confession. As the ceremony was drawing to an end, the children gathered on the altar and said the Our Father with actions and sang the hymn Zacchaeus. We wish the children well in their ongoing preparations for their special day.


April 1st 2017



confirmation class 2017

Congratulations to the 55 boys and girls from St Colman's who were confirmed in the Cathedral today. We hope you all had an enjoyable day with your family.


March 10th 2017

Grandparents Day


happy grandparents day 2017The St Colman's Calendar of events is certainly a very busy one! One of the most special and enjoyable events has to be Grandparents Day. For a number of weeks now, Ms Healy has been busy organising this wonderful occasion. Prayers were written, children were chosen to represent every class in the school, phone calls were made to willing grandparents and much more besides. Today, the culmination of all Ms Healy's hard work came to fruition.

At 11am, all children and staff, grandparents, parents and friends gathered in St Paul's Church. Fr Paul began by inviting four students to the altar. Zoe, Dunni, Alfonzo and Lucas welcomed everyone in Irish, Nigerian, Portuguese and Spanish, reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the school. During the Procession of Symbols, pupils accompanied by their grandparent brought symbols of our faith, our time in school and the love we have for each other, to the altar. Students from third to sixth class brought candles to the altar in the Procession of Light. Seventeen candles were brought, one for each class, to remind us of God's light and presence in our lives. Each part of the service was interspersed with beautiful hymns sung by the school choir.

There were some funny moments when some of our younger students spoke of their love for their grandparents and told of the things Granny or Grandad let them do that perhaps Mum and Dad might not know about! There was also a very poignant time when four of our third class students read self penned letters to their grandparents in Heaven. The letters were well written and beautifully read and brought a tear to many eyes. To close the service, the boys and girls from our junior and senior infant classes gathered on the altar to sing a surprise song for all the grandparents present! Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments and a chat. Thanks to Ms Healy for organising this very special event and thanks also to all staff and parents who helped out with teas/coffees, baking and of course the cleaning up. A truly joyous occasion that was enjoyed by all!

grandparents day 2017

grandparents day 2017 c

grandparents day 2017 d

grandparents day 2017 b


March 7th 2017

First Confession

first confession

Congratulations to the 68 boys and girls from First Class and the 3 boys and 1 girl from Second Class who made their First Confession tonight in St Paul's Church. I'm sure they're all pleased to have taken the first step on the road to making their First Holy Communion.

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