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October 18th 2020

I am Special


The boys and girls in Ms Kelly's Junior Infant Class are covering the topic 'All About Me' in SPHE. They have discussed the many ways that they are different from each other and the many similarities they have too. The most important thing they agreed on was that they are all special in their own way. During their art lesson last week, the children painted self-portraits and displayed them in their classroom.

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October 16th 2020



While many of us were wondering what to do with ourselves during the lockdown, one young student in Ms Hamill's First Class found a novel way (excuse the pun) to keep herself busy. Grace Farry put pen to paper and wrote not one, but three books! Each book was also illustrated by Grace. Today, she read one of her books called 'Pinkalicious' for Mrs Garvey, Ms Hamill and her classmates. The book is about a little girl called Pinkalicious who loved everything about the colour pink. Later, she read the book over the intercom for the entire school. Well done Grace. A great achievement and one I hope you will repeat many more times.



October 8th 2020

Leaf Creatures


Despite the forecast for rain this week, we were delighted to have several crisp, autumnal days. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ms Hamill took advantage of good weather and took her first class students on a nature walk. The boys and girls collected leaves of many colours and today, they used them in their art lesson to create their very own 'Leaf Creatures'!

leaf creatures 

leaf creatures b


September 25th 2020

Party Time


The boys and girls from our third classes had a treat in store for them today. Mrs Mulcair worked her magic in the school hall once again and prepared a party for each class. In line with the new Covid-19 regulations, the children from Mrs Healy Donoghue's class were first to go to the hall. Sitting in their pods, the children enjoyed a plate of goodies and a drink while they chatted with their friends. Afterwards, Mrs Mulcair sanitised all the tables and chairs and she set up the party for Ms Clarke's Class. As you would expect, the children had no trouble devouring the delicious goodies! A huge thank you to Mrs Mulcair for creating such a wonderful party atmosphere for our young Communicants. The children really enjoyed themselves and it was a fitting end to their First Holy Communion celebrations!

party time 2020 b

party time 2020

party time 2020 c


September 24th 2020

First Holy Communion



first holy communion 2020

Congratulations to the boys and girls from Mrs Healy Donoghue's Third Class who received their First Holy Communion yesterday and to the boys and girls in Ms Clarke's Third Class who received their First Holy Communion today. We hope you all enjoyed celebrating with your families.