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October 9th 2019

Plants and Flowers


The boys and girls in Ms Hamill's Senior Infant Class are learning all about plants and flowers and they're loving every minute. Student teacher, Ms Allan, first introduced the subject during their Science lesson. She told them exactly what a plant needs to grow ie: sunlight, air, water and soil containing nutrients. She also explained the structure of a plant. Above ground, there is a stem, leaves and a bud which blossoms into a flower. Below ground, there are the roots.

Ms Allan also got the children to decorate yogurt pots and they planted cress seeds in them. Over the coming weeks, the children will water their plants when needed and will watch the seeds grow into a hairy plant! What better way to learn about nature, than to see it happen before your eyes. To complement all this learning, every morning during Aistear, the subject continues. At the creative table, the boys and girls designed and made the most beautiful flowers, which now decorate their classroom. Over in the role play section, they are running their very own flower shop, all the while sharing all the information they have learned.

plants and flowers


October 4th 2019

Houdini Visits First Class!

Over the last few weeks, the boys and girls in Mrs Gavin's First Class have been learning about and researching 'the war on plastic'. They learned that plastic waste is a major problem in our oceans and seas. Turtles often eat plastic waste and the simple reason for this is because plastic bags floating in water can look like jelly fish or algae, which makes up for a large part of a turtle's diet. It can make the turtles very sick or even kill them.

One of the students, Lexcy Connolly Kavanagh, told the class that although she hasn't seen a turtle, she has seen a tortoise that belongs to her Grandad, Mr George Connolly. Turtles and tortoises are closely related. They are both reptiles from the same family and the main difference between them is that turtles are water-dwellers, while tortoises are land-dwellers. This morning, the children were so excited to welcome George and his tortoise Houdini into the class. Harry Houdini was a famous escape artist who had the ability to escape from chains, handcuffs or straitjackets. George thought Houdini was an apt name for his tortoise who constantly tried to escape when he first got him!

Houdini is a Hermann's tortoise. He is an endangered species and George bought him from a known breeder in Germany. George was given photos of when Houdini hatched and all the necessary documents to prove that everything is above board. Houdini eats vegetation, which includes carrots and lettuce or dandelions and clover from the garden. They have claws to help them dig. Tortoises are cold blooded so they need sun and when that's not available, a basking light can be used. You need to be careful not to overheat them though or they could begin foaming at the mouth. George explained that the hard shell is used for protection and if you count the ring marks on the shell, it will tell you the age of the tortoise. Houdini is around 8 years old and Hermann's tortoises have the potential to live until they are 80 or 90 years old. The children used Houdini as inspiration for their art lesson this week and created some beautiful pictures.

A huge thank you to George for visiting with Houdini and for passing on his extensive knowledge to the children.

houdini visits first class

houdini visits first class b


October 3rd 2019

Preparation for First Holy Communion Begins...


This morning, the pupils from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's and Mr O'Reilly's Second Classes attended 9.15am Mass in St Paul's Church, officiated by Fr Joe Campbell. This is in preparation for their First Holy Communion which will take place next May. Of course the children have been learning all their prayers and Mass responses since September, but today, the preparations began in earnest when they attended Mass and said the prayers and responses at the correct time and with a loud clear voice. They will attend Mass weekly for the rest of the school year.

After Mass finished, Fr Joe very kindly spoke to the children. He pointed out many important items in the church, for example: the altar, ambo, sacristy, tabernacle, crucifix and pews. There are many more important aspects of the church that the children will learn about over the coming months. Before he left, Fr Joe said a prayer with everyone.

The children would like to thank Fr Joe for taking time out of his busy day to share his knowledge with them.

preparation for first holy communion begins


September 17th 2019

An Autumn Nature Walk


The weather has been quite changeable since we came back to school, so, with a forecast for good weather this week, it was time for a nature walk. And that's exactly what the boys and girls from Ms Nugent's First class and Mr O'Reilly's Second Class did yesterday. They set off in pairs armed with a list of items to look out for. They saw many birds and found many insects. They collected leaves, berries and acorns. They were fascinated to see a spider right in the middle of the web he had just woven and a snail hiding under the sill of a wall. There was plenty to see and find and the children had no problems ticking off each item on their list.

 an autumn nature walk 2019


September 13th 2019

Settling in Well

The first two weeks of school have passed very quickly and by now, everyone has settled into their new routine. Our junior infants are really enjoying their new experience in 'Big School'. Although their days have ended at noon so far, they have still managed to pack plenty of work, play and fun into each day! From Monday, they will begin their longer days, ending at 1.30pm, but I don't think that this will be a problem for this hard working group. Pictured below are some of the students from Ms Kelly's and Ms Mc Laughlin's Junior Infant Classes.

settling in well 2019

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