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October 16th 2018


Newgrange is a prehistoric tomb located in the Boyne Valley area of Co Meath. It was constructed by Stone Age farmers over 5,200 years ago. It is a large circular mound with a stone passageway and chambers inside. There are 97 kerbstones surrounding the mound and some of them are engraved with symbols called megalithic art. Above the entrance to the tomb, there is an opening called a roof-box. This opening allows sunlight to penetrate the chamber on the shortest day of the year, 21st December. This is called the Winter Solstice.

The students in Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class have been learning all about Newgrange during their geography lessons and they have been fascinated with the subject. Many of them researched at home, asking realitives if they had the pleasure of visiting the site. They drew their own Newgrange but two classmates, Ella-May Ferris and Aisling Kevlihan took it one step further and they created a 3D model. With a little help from Ella-May's mum and using cardboard, play-doh, marla and green velvet material, the girls built a tomb with chambers inside and added kerbstones too. Aisling also found a photo, taken by her Grandfather in 1958, of the Killoe Pioneers on their annual trip to Newgrange.

newgrange 2018


October 12th 2018

Autumnal Art


When it comes to inspiration for Art lessons, we need look no further than Nature. Ms Murphy's Third Class did just that. While enjoying a Nature walk, they collected a multitude of leaves in the various shades of autumnal colours - red, yellow, orange, brown and pink, to name but a few. When the leaves dried, they created wonderful pieces of art using their incredible imaginations. Great work!

autumnal art 2018 


October 9th 2018

Having Fun with iPads

The boys and girls in Ms Mulcair's Senior Infant Class look forward to Friday mornings because that's when they get to work on the school iPads. Over the past few weeks they have been exploring an app called 'Phonics Garden' to help them with their phonics and letter formation. Ms Mulcair is so proud of the children's hard work and how well they have been at sharing and taking turns with the iPads. The children would like to thank Mrs Jones for helping them use the iPads and making it so much fun!

having fun with ipads


October 8th 2018

Summer Star Programme

The importance of reading can never be underestimated. Reading develops the imagination and it's how we discover new things. Reading for pleasure is well known to have long term benefits and children who read regularly have been found to have greater self-esteem and are better at social interaction. 

The Summer Stars reading programme ran in libraries all across the country over the Summer months. The programme encouraged children to keep reading during July and August and to take time to find books that they really enjoy and experience reading as an activity which is fun and a source of entertainment. I'm happy to say that many of our students took part in the Summer Stars programme this year. They all developed a love of reading and they recently received medals to mark their participation. Well done all of you and remember to KEEP READING!

Pictured below are Cian Gavin and Cillian Deane from Ms Hamill's Junior Infant Class and Caoimhe Kevlihan from Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class proudly showing us their medals.

summer stars reading programme 2018


September 25th 2018

A Jungle Story


Anybody passing the office door on a Monday or a Friday for the past couple of weeks will have heard some very familiar and uplifting songs. Our Fifth Class students are taking part in a very exciting project in association with Mullingar Arts Centre. They will be performing 'The Jungle Book' next February in the Arts Centre and rehearsals are already in full swing. This will be a full scale musical and the children are working really hard to make it a success. We can't wait to see the fruits of their labour! A huge thank you to Mullingar Arts Centre for all their support and guidance.

a jungle story a 2018

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