First/Second Classes

June 19th 2019

Walk a mile with a Smile... and a Buddy!


With only a week left in primary school, the students from Mrs Walters'/Mrs Slevin's Sixth Class decided to make the most of the dry weather today and 'walk a mile with a smile'. They invited along the boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class and after partnering up with a 'Buddy' they walked along the canal in the sunshine.

walk a mile with a smile and a buddy 2019


June 13th 2019

Circuit Training


The boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class got the day off to a great start with circuit training in the lower playground. They completed a number of different exercises - star jumps, squats, jogging on the spot and lunge jumps to name but a few. Despite the cooler temperatures this morning, it wasn't long before the children warmed up!

circuit training


June 12th 2019

Indoor Obstacle Course

Unfortunately the inclement weather forced us to cancel Sports Day today, but that didn't stop us from exercising! Many classes made use of the indoor obstacle course which was set up in the school hall. Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class are pictured below really going for it!

indoor obstacle course 2019


June 12th 2019



At one time, if you entered any housing estate anywhere in Ireland, you would find children skipping away happily. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore. Sadly skipping is a lost art! This year, during Active School Week, we have decided to bring skipping back. Aideen Kevlihan, mother to Aisling in Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class and Caoimhe from Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class, took many of our classes for lessons in the lower playground. Everyone got the chance to skip alone or in pairs. They also used long ropes and with two twirling the rope, one or two got to jump in. Mr Boyle's Second Class are pictured below practising their skipping skills.



June 11th 2019



Orienteering is a competitive international sport. It is a timed race which combines running with navigation. Participants can race as individuals or as part of a team. A map and compass is used to navigate from point to point across unfamilar terrain.

Eoghan Kevlihan, father of Aisling from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class and Caoimhe from Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class, very kindly offered to give the students of St Colman's an introduction to orienteering during Active School Week. Today, the boys and girls from Ms Mc Laughlin's First Class got to try out this sport for the first time. After splitting into teams of three, they took off on their navigational adventure and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


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