Junior/Senior Classes

June 11th 2018

Tug of War


We were very happy to once again welcome Cathy Sheerin to the school to impart some of her extensive knowledge of 'Tug of War' to the children. Below the children from Ms Kiernan's Senior Infant Class try out some of their newly acquired skills!

tug of war asw 2018


May 24th 2018

Parachute Fun in the Sun

The boys and girls from Mrs Gavin's Junior Infant Class took advantage of the bright, sunny weather today and had some fun outside with a parachute!

20180523 132852 - copy


May 22nd 2018

New to Gymnastics


20180522 093908 - copy

Ella Beehan from Ms Kiernan's Senior Infant Class has just recently joined Bounce Gymnastic Club. She passed her Level 1 gym award. The first of many I'm sure. 


May 18th 2018

The Salmon of Knowledge


Irish Folklore has been passed down from generation to generation. There are many stories about Fionn Mc Cumhaill, one of which is the Salmon of Knowledge. An old man called Finnegas catches the Salmon of Knowledge and its scales were the colours of the rainbow. He tells Fionn that who so ever eats the salmon will gain all the knowledge in the world. When the fish is cooking, a bubble appears on the skin and Fionn bursts it with his finger. He burns his finger and puts it in his mouth and sucked the burned spot. From that day forward, if Fionn needed to know anything, all he had to do was put his thumb in his mouth.

The boys and girls in Mrs Granahan's Senior Infant Class have been learning all about this wonderful story this week. During their art lesson today, they created their own 'Salmon of Knowledge' and hung them outside their classroom for everyone to admire.

the salmon of knowledge


April 24th 2018

Bear Snores On


'Story time' has always been a firm favourite in our infant classes. The boys and girls in Mrs Gavin's Junior Infant Class are reading 'Bear Snores on' by Karma Wilson at the moment and they love it! In the story, a host of different animals and birds visit Bear's cave to warm up. But even after tea is brewed and popcorn is popped, Bear just snores on! The photos below show some of the children with their 'sleepy bear' which they made during their Art lesson.

bear snores on

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