Third/Fourth Classes

June 20th 2022

Walk a Mile in the Sunshine


Active School Week may be over but that doesn't stop us being active! The beautiful weather today was a great opportunity to get out for a walk and the boys and girls in Ms Nugent's and Ms Clarke's Fourth Classes did just that! With the canal bank so close, it was an ideal location for an early morning walk.

walk a mile in the sunshine 2022


March 11th 2022

Part of our History

St Colman's was established in 1979. Back then, there were just 8 classrooms, which were sited on what we now call the junior corridor. Roll on 5 years and St Colman's welcomed a new member of staff, Mrs Mary Garvey. At that time, there were many more children than could be accommodated and so a decision was made to build another 8 classrooms, to be sited on what we now call the senior corridor.

The quantity surveyor on that project was the late Mr Brendan O'Reilly. Brendan's granddaughter Aoibhinn, is currently in Ms Nugent's Fourth Class. Just last week, Aoibhinn brought in a book, that her grandmother came across, to show Mrs Garvey. This book from 1984, contained the total costings for the construction of an additional 8 classrooms, right down to the last light bulb. This was a blast from the past for Mrs Garvey, but one she enjoyed remembering. Thank you to Aoibhinn and her family for allowing us to see this wonderful piece of St Colman's history.

part of our history