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June 18th 2013

Growth in the Garden



The mix of sunshine and rain in the last few weeks has certainly helped growth in the school garden. Kevin our caretaker is kept busy cutting the grass regularly which seems to shoot up overnight and the children are enjoying being able to use the green areas around the school. Our raised vegetable beds are also looking very healthy. The oatleaf lettuce and spinach are ready to be pulled and the onions and potatoes are coming along nicely. Here's hoping for a few more weeks of sunshine this summer!



p1020623  p1020624  p1020625

           Oatleaf Lettuce and Spinach                 Onions                                  Potatoes


May 10th 2013

Busy in the Garden

Our garden was a hive of activity this week as our young junior infants planted some seed potatoes in the raised beds. Over the coming months they will watch for the first signs of the stalk appearing overground and later growing into healthy plants ready for harvest. 

potato planting

To see more photos please click on Pupils Work - Junior/Senior Infants


December 2012

Biodiversity Art Competition


The winners of the recent Art Competition were announced. Congratulations to our winners, Whitney - 6th Class, Andrew - 5th Class, Peter - 4th Class, Danielle - 3rd Class and Jasmine 2nd Class.


copy of p1000574

Winners of the competition with their pictures.


November 2012


We are applying for our fifth Green Flag and the theme for this flag is Biodiversity. To promote awareness on the subject, the committee has decided to run an art competition. The committee put their heads together to come up with a slogan for the competition. The slogan chosen was written by 6th class committee members, Shannon and  Chloe. The winning slogan is

'Remember all that the earth has given

Please preserve it for us to live in'


Shannon and Chloe 


June 2012

Our Vegetable Garden

Our First Raised Bed: In March we planted potatoes. We discovered St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to plant potatoes. We also discovered that the best time to harvest potatoes is after the blossom on the stalk turns black.

Our Second Raised Bed: We planted garlic and onions. We planted them from bulbs in the middle of March. 

Our Third Raised Bed: We planted lettuce, spinach and celery. Lettuce always attracts slugs but we used an organic way of getting rid of them. We also covered the lettuce with net as it was attracting hares.

We also planted strawberries; we had to cover them with net so the birds wouldn’t eat them.

March 2011 

C.O.W. or W.O.W

The Green School's Comittee have been working hard to promote C.O.W or W.O.W. in the school. Posters have been put up in every class and on the corridors and members of the comittee speak to each class on Tuesday to remind students to cycle or walk on Wednesday. 

February 2011

Art  and Slogan Competion

An art and slogan competition was held in the school to promote cycling and walking as a healthy form of exercise and better for the environment than travelling by car. The winning entries are to be displayed in the school. The winning slogan was 'C.O.W. or W.O.W' which stand for Cycle on Wednesday or Walk on Wednesday.  

January 2011 

Sixth Classes Debate

Both Sixth Classes enjoyed a lively debate on 'Better to Walk or Cycle than to Travel By Car'. 

Raising Awareness

The Green School's Comittee have decided to raise awareness in the school and in the local community about the benefits of cycling or walking to school and work. Articles will appear in the Topic Newspaper  this month and in the Westmeath Examiner in February.

Active Travel Cycling Programme

The cycling tuition continues for our 5th class students.


December 2010

New Bike Shelter

The school received a new bike shelter from Westmeath Sports Partnership ( Active Travel ). 

November 2010

Active Travel Cycling Programme

The children from our 5th and 6th Classes have been given the opportunity to take part in a Cycling Programme with The Westmeath Sports Partnership. Five hours Tuition will be provided. It begins this month with  the children from 6th Classes.

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